ERA Radio News Bulletin (Oct.9)

News in English 9-10-13

This is our news bulletin in English by the free Hellenic Radio, still broadcasting for almost  4 months after the unconstitutional closing by the government, – 11th of June 2013 – and by ERT employees and those in solidarity that  undertook the restoration of legality and the defense of the Greek people’s constitutional right to access public media.

Ert news

One more unconstitutional action of the government is the non-conduct of voting in parliament on the issue of ratification of the Legislative act by which the black screen of ERT was applied. In an announcement issued from the Prime Minister’s office in the House, it was stated that the scheduled voting on the ratification of the Legislative act by which ERT was closed will not be held today. After a request of PASOK, all issues relating to ERT’s closure will be approved by the body of the Parliament, through amendments in a bill of the Ministry of Justice. The party of DIMAR, in their announcement requested the immediate admission for voting of the joint proposal of PASOK and DIMAR for the non-ratification of the Act and the immediate implementation of the decision of the Council of State of June 17th., while they are highlighting the political and legal consequences of the ongoing non-compliance to it.

Aegean Airlines and Olympic airways got the green light for merger by the European Commission, a deal that, both Aegean Airlines and Olympic air, try to achieve long time now. The official announcement of the approval of the purchase of the 100% shareholding of Olympic air by Aegean Airlines was issued today. Aegean would emerge as the sole Greek domestic carrier anyway because Olympic was likely to close in the near future, the EU said in an e-mailed statement.

A prosecution order, by which the University administrations are called to provide the lists and information within the time limit set, followed the relevant circular sent by the Ministry of Education and the letter of Minister Konstantinos Arvanitopoulos to the administration of the Universities. However, the long lasting strike of the administrative employees which is undergoing, did not allow for the data required to be collected in order to be sent to ASEP. The Rector authorities of the eight universities, ask for the Joint ministerial Decision to be withdrawn and then to find a mutually accepted method of assessing university structures, in cooperation with the Ministry.

The three students of the 1st vocational high school of Lamia, who had staged an occupation of their school have been sentenced to 20 days of imprisonment each, by the Flagrant Court of Lamia, while four months of imprisonment is imposed to another three youngsters. Against this court decision, students and teachers organized a protest march in the center of Lamia, while the president of the Teachers Union of Fthiotida, Thymios Paletsos, spoke of an «unprecedented court decision».

The strikers, administrative employees, organize a reception event at Propylaia, in order to inform the freshmen, while earlier today, similar events took place at the Polytechnic campus at Zografou.

The deadline for submission to ASEP, by the Administration of 8 Universities of the lists with names of 1.349 administrative University employees who will be suspended, expires today.

The employees of Coca-Cola of Thessaloniki continue their 24 hour rolling strikes until Saturday, asking for the revocation of their thirty three colleagues’ layoffs.

On a 48 hour strike today and tomorrow are the employees of INMADE company, a subsidiary of ITRACOM; a 24 hour strike today by employees of WIND telecommunications’ company and on Friday by employees of VODAPHONE; rolling work stoppages today and tomorrow by employees at the Management and Development unit of the Ministry of Development; a strike blockade, at the sorting centre of the ACS courier company at Petrou Ralli street, until 10 pm tonight in protest against the unpaid layoffs from franchise branches of the company.

The protest gathering of workers at Skaramagkas Shipyards outside the Ministry of Defence is over and traffic at Mesogeion Avenue is back to normal. The workers protested against the non-payment of accrued, for the last 18 months, asked for the continuance of operation of the shipyards, and their working problem to be solved.

A large scale police operation took place yesterday, in Acharnes municipality at Roma settlements. A lawsuit filed by the Mayor of Acharnes, Sotiris Ntouros last July, on escalation of delinquency and crime in the region, preceded the operation. During the intervention, 155 people and 125 vehicles were checked, 45 people were arrested and 18 of them were detained, for outstanding arrest warrants on drug trafficking, robberies, and snatching children, convictions for possession of drugs, traffic code violations, and one person for violation of health regulations.

The thirty two year old Giannis Kazantzoglou, who is accused of complicity in the murder of Pavlos Fyssas being one of the co-passengers of Roupakias the night of the murder, took time to submit his confession before the investigating magistrate of Pireaus on Monday.The murderer of Pavlos Fyssas, Giorgos Roupakias, will appear before the investigating magistrate, again tomorrow, to submit his confession on the accusation of being a member of a criminal organization.

The request of the judicial authorities for waiver of parliamentary immunity of the Golden Dawn MPs, Mr. Germenis, Eliopoulos, and Mpoukouras will also be discussed in the ethics committee of the House tomorrow.

The assembly of Appeal’s Judges will decide whether the case of Golden Dawn will be assigned to a special appellate investigator given the importance of the case the voluminous case file and the big number of  testimonies.

This afternoon, students and anti-fascist movements, organize a concert in memory of Pavlos Fyssas, at Propylaia.

A work stoppage from 11am to 3pm tomorrow scheduled by the unions of workers for the conduct of their general assemblies will put metro and electric railway transportation to a standstill.

Members of the organizations «Youth without Frontier» and «Welcome to Europe» held a discussion with reporter’s yesterday afternoon at ERA radio of Aegean. During the discussion, several immigrants that had passed from Lesvos Island and now live and work in European countries, recounted the hardships and adventures they had, in pursuit of their right to Life.

Open Animation Workshop on the history of ERT, will start on Sunday October 13th at 5 pm in the Dubbing studio of ERT in Agia Paraskevi and lessons will be held every Sunday throughout November. The workshop is addressed to youngsters and adults, and no special knowledge is required in order to participate.

The participants will create animation spots which will be broadcasted by ERT OPEN, and will refer to the cultural heritage of ERT and its bright historical presence, contradicting to the black screens of today.

An avant premiere will be held tonight at ERT’s premises of Agia Paraskevi. At 7.30 the film «Engraved Lives» by Spiros Tsekos will be screened – a day before the official commercial screening on cinemas –
A documentary about Truth and lies, a film about Democracy and Fascism in modern Greece. A press conference and discussion with the audience will follow.

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ERA Radio News Bulletin (Oct.8)

News in English 8-10-13

In a historic verdict, an Athens court on Monday passed down a 20-year jail sentence to former Defense Minister Akis Tsochatzopoulos after finding him guilty of laundering millions of euros in kickbacks from defense deals. It also handed heavy terms to another 16 of his co-defendants. Mr. Tsochatzopoulos wife Vicky Stamati and his daughter Areti Tsochatzopoulou were sentenced to 12 years of imprisonment. The three, along with three other co-defendants, did not get suspension on their sentences, and will remain in prison.

Hospital unionist, head of the union representing workers at Sotiria Hospital in Athens has been arrested for blackmail, illegal possession of weapons and resisting arrest, faces prosecutor after being caught accepting bribe to stop protest. The 45-year-old is alleged to have demanded 50,000 euros in cash to call off a protest by workers. He was arrested after a sting operation in which he picked up the cash in marked bills from the hospital director’s home.
The Minister of health, Adonis Georgiades, pointed out at an interview with SKAI television, that the president of the employees of Sotiria hospital will be dismissed from his work position. Moreover, the Health Department of Syriza mentions in an announcement, that Mr. Georgiades, in a hilarious way, tried to connect the particular unionist, with the left wing, while it is widely known that the arrested unionist, was elected as president of the workers union with the votes of Pasok and New Democracy unionists, only five months ago.

Groundbreaking changes in Greece’s pension schemes are on the way as the social insurance funds are about to collapse due to high unemployment and liquidity shortage in the labor market. There are plans for a national pension of just 360 EUR and a ‘compulsory life insurance’ to cover the rest of a pensioners’ needs.

The plan is not new. The idea of a national pension of 350 EUR was announced by former Health Minister Andreas Loverdos (Socialist PASOK) in January 2010 and was supposed to go into effect as of 1.1.2015. In fact, the plan that was put on the rails before Greece sought the “rescue” of the International Monetary Fund in May 2010.

Golden dawn news

Revelations against the Golden Dawn MO, Stathis Boukouras, were disclosed by an old member of organization, Panagiotis Manavis, whom the MP named as a protected witness and he denied it.
In his interview with the newspaper TA NEA, the former Golden Dawn member, claims that the MP of Korinthia region of Golden DAwn, was taking money from the organizations’ fund

In the target of the Internal Affairs Division of Greek Police, are thirty five police stations, in which either interweaving relations were developed, or they were practicing a modulated regime of tolerance in unlawful activities of Golden Dawn.
10 police officers have already been suspended.
The «incorruptible» force of the Greek police, investigate more than 80 cases of racist violence in which police officers are involved.

Thorough investigation of the financial activities and accounts of Golden Dawn, and the accused MPs of the party, was ordered to be conducted by the Financial Crime Authorities by the investigating corruption magistrates, who handle the case file of the criminal organization, in order to determine if the case shows the commission of the offence of money laundering.

From the inquisitorial office, it is expected to be asked to waiver of the banking secrecy, in order to further investigate, the probability of committing other offences of economic nature.

A request for the waiver of the immunity of Golden Dawn MP, Elias Panagiotaros was sent to the Parliament by the Deputy Public Prosecutor of the Supreme Court, Mr. Pliotas, after the order issued by the Prosecutor of the Supreme Court, Eyterpi Koutzamani. The MP is charged with the crime of staging, which was committed in April 2010 in Larissa, after a scuffle with police. Four other members of Golden Dawn, are prosecuted along with Mr. Panagiotaros on the same offence.

Other news

The Prime Minister, Antonis Samaras, is in Israel today, accompanied by eight ministers and a group of business men.

His meeting with the Israeli Prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu is underway. At the same time, meetings of Greek and Israeli Ministers will be held while the signing of ten agreements and cooperation protocols will follow.

The Prime Minister will return to AThens tonight, while Mr. Venizelos will stay, to travel to Ramallah tomorrow, where he will meet with the Head of the Palestinian Authority

The trial of the journalist and publisher of the HOT DOC magazine, Kostas Vaxevanis, regarding the disclosure of Lagarde list names, started today, . The journalist, who was initially arrested for publishing the list, was acquitted by the court but theprosecutor appealed against the initial decision and the journalist is on trial again.
The tragicomic in the case is that while Kostas Vaxevanis is being tried for publishing the list, the former minister Giorgos Papakonstantinou, who had the list, is facing the possibility to be tried, for the cover-up of Lagarde list, by a Special Court, after the the Investigator’s Commission proposal, .

The president of Syriza, Alexis Tsipras, mentions a «political crime against Greek tax payers, and an economic scandal, in Skaramangas SHipyards, in his question submitted in the Parliament to the Minister of National Defence.

Mr. Tsipras accuses the owner of holding the Shipyards as a «collateral», and keeps the unpaid workers hostages in it

As mentioned inter alia, the Shipyards were given as a «gift» to a company whose direct contracts of 3 billion euros, were secured, and an astronomical advance amount of over 1 bilion euros was handed, thus violating any known principle, practice and methodology for the implementation of projects and contracts, and it resulted, for the NAvy today not to have the submarines that were ordered ordered, and are necessary for the defencive design and the employees of the shipyards are left without jobs literally on the street..

Nearly one third of the IMF’s Board of Governors, representing more than 40 non-European countries, strongly objected to Greece’s first bailout plan, the Wall Street Journal reports.

The countdown for the completion of the privatization of OPAP has started, and before the bourse opens on Friday Greek-Czech fund Emma Delta will have completed the acquisition of 105 million shares in the gaming company and paid state privatization fund TAIPED 622 million euros. As soon as the transaction is completed, OPAP’s governing board will hold a meeting during which 10 out of its 11 members will tender their resignations. The new board – including three Greeks and eight foreigners, possibly Czech – will be appointed and convene on the same day.

The eurozone will take a decision on how to cover Greece’s funding gap shortly before the end of the year, a senior official told journalists in Brussels on Tuesday. The official also said that the issue of further debt relief will only be discussed by the Eurogroup if Eurostat confirms that Greece produced a primary surplus in 2013. Confirmation is expected after April 2014

The public will face problems in transportation by metro, and the electric railways, next Thursday, October 10th, from 11am to 3pm, due to a four hour work stoppage of the employees, who claim the immediate cancellation of the measure of civil enlistment

Solidarity events continue at the ERT headquarters in Agia Paraskevi. Nikos Filippidis and his clarinet will keep us company this evening with traditional music and songs. He will appear with notable musicians such as Kostas Filippidis on lute and vocals, Andreas Pappas on percussion, Nikos Karatasos on santouri, Kostas Kikilis on violin, and others.

ERA Radio News Bulletin (Oct.7)

News in English 7-10-13

Former Pasok defence minister, Akis Tsochatzopoulos, was found guilty on all charges,- inter alia – guilty of money-laundering and taking kickbacks for armaments’ procurements programmes while in office.This  was announced on the verdict of the Three-Member Felony Appeals Court, after a five-month trial procedure, and more than 60 court meetings. The penalties for Mr. Tsochatzopoulos are expected to be announced tomorrow.

An estimate of 30.000 people attended the unique concert against gold mining in Skouries held yesterday in the former military camp of Pavlos Melas in Thessaloniki. The event was co- organized by the Committees of Struggle of Thessaloniki and Chalkidiki against the Gold mines. «We sing against the plundering of nature, against the criminalization of social struggles, against the «investments at all costs». We sing for the release of our unjustly detained comrades, for the right in life and a better future. We sing for a mining that will never be done», as announced in their call.

A new round of cuts on consumption and investment spending is imposed by the budget of 2014, the draft of which is submitted in Parliament today. The budget of 2014 is under revision in view of the new contacts with troika members and the preparation of the final draft of the budget, which will be submitted to the Parliament in November. In the final version, the goals and policies of the government will be clarified and especially the ways of addressing the financial gaps of pension funds.
The deputy Finance Minister, who presented the draft budget, today, estimated that in 2014 the economy will return in positive growth and that primary surplus of 2.8 billion euros will be recorded in 2014.

A draft law by the Ministry of Finance ratifying the legislation with which ERT was shut down is to be submitted within the next few days to parliament’s Standing Committee on Economic Affairs for editing.
This law will ratify legislation passed on the 10th of June, 2013 that enables each government minister to restructure or close organisations and bodies under his or her area of competence. The legislation, which has a general reach, was initially applied to national television. However, it may be implemented in other cases, notably those of the EAS, LARKO and ELVO defense industries. The government’s objective is for the first channel of the final carrier of public television – namely NERIT – to be operational by the end of December. According to the agreement between the government and the troika, the former ERT employees will not cover more than 656 positions under permanent contract at NERIT to satisfy the creditors’ demands for 2,000 civil servant layoffs. It should be reminded, that the parties of DIMAR and PASOK, have submitted a bill proposal, for the cancellation of the Legislative Act. Demitris Chatzisokratis, member of the Executive committee of DIMAR, threw the gauntlet to PASOK MPs, stressing out that its still to be seen what will the parliamentary members of the party do, since they party has co-signed the proposal of the bill relevant to the repeal of the Legislative act.

The Hellenic Federation of Petrol Station Owners (OVE) has decided not to make diesel available for heating due to what it claims are issues that remain unresolved shortly before the reduced tax for heating oil is to go in effect for the winter. “Consumers do not know at what price they will be buying, who will receive subsidies, how they will receive it and when. Petrol sellers do not know how heating oil will be distributed”, announced OVE. Heating oil is to be made available from the 15th of October. According to the industry, its price is expected to reach approximately 1.3 euros per litre. The Federation is repeating its demand for the reduction of the special consumer tax to 2011 levels, and the abolition of the Hephaestus electronic tracking system for petrol sales.

Trolley buses will stop their routes on Tuesday from 12 noon until 4 in the afternoon, because of the general assembly that will be held by the employees.

The Labour Center of Chios island, participates and calls upon all workers of the island to support the boycott of air routes AThens-Chios-Athens, from 13 to 19 of November which was proposed the the Consumer Association of Chios

“Golden Dawn” news

The probability of the arrest of more Golden Dawn MPs is open, while Elias Kassidiaris, Elias Panagiotaros and Giannis Lagos will be called to submit additional confession to the investigator magistrates, after the testimonies submitted by the protected witnesses, which were held under extreme secrecy.

One of the witnesses broke his oath of silence and described the organisation’s structure in great detail. He claims the hierarchy was changed in 2009, with Ilias Kasidiaris assuming the role of first deputy.
The new key witness did not hesitate to tell all, maintaining that all the MPs representing Attiki knew of Golden Dawn’s criminal activity since they gave it the ‘green light’ themselves. The witness offered revelations into the assassination of Pavlos Fyssas, who he said had been targeted and the outstanding order to kill had been approved by Mihaloliakos.
His revelations about the military training and weapons for members of Golden Dawn were particularly eye-opening. The training of new members who are being prepared to become killing machines was taking place in a shooting range in Haidari under the supervision of a party MP, while the weapons were being stored in a warehouse in Aspropyrgos.

A handwritten document titled «The Golden Dawn Oath» date 30 June 1983 has been found in the home of Christos Pappas in Yiannena. MEGA channel revealed that the document rips apart all the claims by the arrested Golden Dawn members that they have no relation to the nazis and to Hitler. The text concludes with the familiar nazi motto «Hail Victory» – which the shackled Nikos Mihaloliakos called out when leaving the courtroom – and at the end features a large swastika and «A. HITLER» in capital letters.

Solidarity events continue in support of ERT’s Employees, at the premises of Agia Paraskevi. Tonight at 8pm the film of Leonidas Vardaros, «all of us master» will be screened, the film takes us to the middle of 40’s decade in Ikaria Island, trying to unite history and politics. The screening will take place with the presence of the director, and a discussion will follow.

ERA Radio News Bulletin (Oct.6)

News in English 6-10-13

Golden dawn news

Two more Golden Dawn’s MPs, according to information are involved in unlawful activities of the organization, as recorded by the testimonies who have been under the protected witness status, and who submitted their testimonies yesterday to the investigating magistrate that is handling the case.

The defendant considered key figure on the murder case of Pavlos Fyssas has been remanded to custody yesterday with the consent of both the investigating magistrate and the prosecutor. The defendant is the 37 year old Giannis Aggos, who surrendered voluntarily to the Counterterrorism authorities on Friday. From the evidence included in the case file, it is shown that Aggos was in the same coffee shop with Pavlos Fyssas, the night of his murder. According to the recorded telephone calls – made by his wife’s phone- it was him that alerted the rest who are involved in the case, at the critical time of the incident.

Other news

The draft budget for 2014 will be submitted to the Parliament on Monday. It will include, according to information of Kathimerini newspaper, more taxes and less state expenses.
The primary expenditure will shrink by 3.2 billion to the amount of 41,1 billion euros, while revenue is estimated to increase by 1.5 billion Euros, and reach 45.1 billion, after the multiple interventions in income tax, and the new tax on real estate.
The expenditure reduce will come from reducing the funds for salaries, pensions, social security, health care, public investments and consumer spending.
With these data, it is estimated that the primary surplus will reach 2.8 billion euros from 300 million euros of this year, while the fiscal deficit will remain under 3%.
However, the additional austerity measures that will be required for the budget of 2014 to be realised. remain a thorn for the government.
A literal storm of confiscation papers, for bank accounts of debtors, by tax authorities, custom’s authorities, public services, municipalities, insurance funds etc. is coming upon the citizens. According to a publication of Ethnos newspaper, banks receive more than 500 requests to freeze bank accounts , even for amounts ranging from 120 to 150 euros, related to debts by water bills, electricity bills, even fines by municipal police.

Large increase in depression cases is recorded in the last two years in Greece, due to the economic austerity crisis.
Specifically, a research by the Research Institute of Mental Health of AThens University indicated that a considerable increase of serious depression episodes has been recorded from 2011 until today, in a rate that exceeds 50%.

Monthly prevalence of major depression reaches a rate of 12.3% of the Greek population

The administrative employees of the Universities, decided upon a new five-day strike mobilization, against the measure of availability, while the decision on the appeal of Rectors to the Council of the State, for the annulment of the relevant joint ministerial decision is pending.
By the announcement of their new strike mobilization, administrative employees, enter as of Monday, the fifth week of strikes. On the same day however, it is expected that some classes will be held in Universities. The Rectorate Authorities have called the first-year students to attend classes despite the fact that their records and enrollments are not updated, due to the administrative employees strike.

The Government’s attack against Alexis Tsipras comes at a time when the president of SYRIZA expands his presence in Europe, and publications show him as the new leader of the European Left. “Le monde” refers to the desire of the European Left Party for Mr Tsipras to be the successor of Jose Barosso in The European Commission, mentioning the enormous electoral rise and the leading role of SYRIZA in politics. «Mr. Tsipras dared to impose a new dynamic, against the political class which is dominated by nepotism, and profit relations, and the exchange of governing power between PASOK and Nea Dimokratia, parties that are both responsible for the economic crisis that plagues the country. SYRIZA has become the first choice party, at population groups under 40 years of age, as published in “Le Monde.”

The trade union of ERT employees, POSPERT, condemns the behaviour of Golden Dawn’s members that were temporarily released under restrictive terms, attacking against press and media employees.
”The violent actions, the spitting to the employees that try to do their job properly, and inform the Greek people, reveals their fascist nature and character,” stated POSPERT.

ERA Radio News Bulletin (Oct.5)

“Golden Dawn” news – Antifascist rallys and festivals.

The involvement of other MPs of the party in the pyramid that specified the hierarchy of the paramilitary section of Golden Dawn with criminal action is expected to be revealed by the ongoing investigation, according to press information that became public. Violent incidents, assaults and bombing attacks in Volos which are already included in the voluminous case file are under thorough investigation.

The active member of Golden Dawn and candidate of the party during the last parliamentary election, Themis Skordeli, is expected to appear before the court for trial on Monday. The 50 year old Themis Skordeli is known as “an indignant resident of Agios Panteleimonas” and is accused of racist attacks against Afghan immigrants. Her trial has been postponed a total of eight times!!!!

An antifascist gathering was held at 12 noon in Thiseio, Athens and a march to Propylaia until 3 p.m with the presence of 1,000-1,500 people, as estimated. At the same time a solidarity march in support of the squats took place in Thessaloniki. At 6pm a protest gathering is scheduled to be held in Agios Nikolaos square of Volos.

The three-day festival in solidarity of “Parartima Squat” is ongoing in Patras. Today a bicycle protest ride was held in the centre of the city. The antifascist documentary, “Stories for extremists”, will be screened in Keratsini today at 8 pm in the framework of promoting the call of the antifascist march organised for the 11 of October. A three-day Anti-racist festival is being held in Arta until tomorrow. The festival is being held in the summer cinema “Orpheus”, with free entrance and main moto “Because we want to sing freely”. Music Bands and Artists from Arta are participating to the festival that is organized by the Friends of Music Society “Avlos”.

The Movement against Racism and the Fascist Threat (KEERFA) is organising a two-day long antifascist event. Tomorrow a protest march is scheduled to be held in Keratsini, in memory of Pavlos Fyssas, who was murdered by members of Golden Dawn.

Other news

The tax retentions, applied on tax receipts for freelancers and self employed will rise to 26% according to the new regulations and tax measures that troika requested to be applied by the Ministry of Finance.

The president of the Federation of Hospital Doctors (EINAP), Matina Pagoni, reported in her interview at a private television station, that about 40 patients are on waiting list for just one bed in the intensive care units of public hospitals.

The Panhellenic Federation of Employees at the Special Education sector organise today an event at Propylaia in order to inform about the problems of the special education sector in Greece. Thematic kiosks and informative activities will be operating at the pedestrian street, Patriarchou Georgiou at Propylaia. The event will conclude with a concert this evening.

The employees of Skaramangka Shipyard, with an extra judicial invitation they sent to the management of the company, ask for the immediate opening the shipyard. The pending obligations to the employees – that are not covered for about 18 months now – will be paid when the payments by the Greek state start.

The only hope is the People’s alliance and the release from the EU, said the General Secretary of the Greek Communist Party, Demetris Koutsoumpas, during the protest march organized by PAME Worker’s Front in Omonoia, and called the class movement to join with the trade unions.

The Nobel laureate Proffessor, Christoforos Pissarides, exerted strong criticism- in an interview published at the European informative publication, «Europolitique»- of the existing fiscal policy in Eurozone, which as he said, is affecting the countries of Southern Europe.

Ert news

The events of solidarity to ERT’s employees continue on a daily basis, at ERT’s premises. Tonight there is a screening of the movie of Julian Eisnembal, «before nightfall» with Javier Bardem and Sean Penn. The film describes the dramatic story of the Cuban poet Reinaldo Arenas.

ERA Radio News Bulletin (Oct.4)

News in English 4-10-13

“Golden Dawn” news – Antifascist rally’s.

In specially adjusted prison cells in women’s prisons of Korydallos are held since yesterday the leader of Golden Dawn, Nikos Michaloliakos, the deputy leader, Christos Pappas, and the MP of the party, Giannis Lagos. The deputy sergeant, Veta Popori, has been transferred to women’s prisons of Elaionas, while the branch leader of Nikaia, Giorgos Patelis, to Malandrino prison where Giorgos Roupakias is already held in custody.

Files concerning the Golden Dawn MPs awaiting trial are being sent to the Parliament by the Supreme Court prosecutors in order to initiate procedures regarding other crimes for which they are being accused and which involve felonies, they were not caught committing. These are offences such as illegal arms possession on which the Special Permanent Committee on Parliamentary Ethics will have to rule as such cases will require the lifting of parliamentary immunity.

To the fifth investigating Magistrate of Piraeus were presented today, two out of the four people that have been identified by members of the Communist Party of Greece and the Trade Union of Metal, as the assailants of the attack with crowbars and rafters in Perama, on September 12.Both of them took time to submit their confession in the presence of their lawyers on October 15.  In the same case, two more people are involved, among which, the leader of the Perama branch of Golden Dawn, who surrendered to the authorities yesterday. The fourth person has not yet appeared to the court. If he does not come voluntarily an arrest warrant will be issued against him, since a notice to appear before the magistrate to submit his confession has already been handed to him.

This morning, the retiree army officer, who is alleged to have a key role in the murder of Pavlos Fyssas, surrendered. According to information, from the records of telephone communications it is indicated that the retired officer has spoken to Roupakias 12 minutes before and three minutes after the murder. The wife and mother in law of Giorgos Roupakias submit their confessions to the magistrate today.

Yesterday the Minister of Justice, Haralambos Athanasiou, has heralded the tabling before parliament of the anti-racist legislation by mid-month in an effort to reconcile the proposals that the parties will submit.

The former Minister of Justice, Antonis Roupakiotis, stated in an interview on “Skai” Tv, that circles from within the Government and Maximou have frozen the anti-racist bill last year in order to bring golden Dawn’s voters back to Nea Dimokratia». Mr Roupakiotis added that the government rushed to exploit politically the case of Golden Dawn. The blood of the unfortunate Pakistani immigrant drowned into oblivion, but society reacted when a Greek was murdered.

«We crushed the neo-nazis», Prime Minister Antonis Samaras said in a speech in New York. He added: «To fight extremism you must make sure that you do not go to extremes yourself».

Meanwhile, a political row has broken out after the Prime Minister’s recent statements in which he presents the opposition as the opposite extreme of Golden Dawn. SYRIZA speaks of an effort to divide the Greek people. The Communist Party of Greece calls it a bundling of communism with the far right, while the Democratic Left notes that the government’s contradictions are not helping.

The Movement against Racism and the Fascist Threat (KEERFA) is organising a two-day long antifascist event. On Sunday, the 6th of October, a protest march is scheduled to be held in Keratsini, in memory of Pavlos Fyssas, who was murdered by members of Golden Dawn.
The Movement’s positions on recent developments are as follows: The release of the heads of the neo-Nazi attack battalions of the Golden Dawn is a move driven by the New Democracy government. The hypocrisy became apparent with the Prime Minister’s cries and those of his ministers, for the crushing of the neo-Nazis under the constitutional arc, and with his party’s command. In order to save the mechanisms that promoted the display of power against the Left and the trade unions, together with its racist policies, Samaras’ government opened the doors of its jails and released neo-Nazi criminals. On the other hand, fighters for freedom and human rights can be detained for up to eighteen months, without having been charged or accused of any crimes at all.

Antifascist gathering will be held today afternoon at 6 p.m. in Agia Paraskevi Square. At 8.30 pm, antifascist concert will take place in Peristeri, in the Metro Station square. Antifascist gathering will be held on Saturday at 12 noon in Thiseio, Athens. A solidarity march in support of the squats will be held tomorrow at the same time, in Thessaloniki and at 6pm a protest gathering is scheduled to be held in Agios Nikolaos square of Volos. The three-day festival in solidarity of «Parartima Squat» is ongoing in Patras. The antifascist documentary, «Stories for extremists», will be screened in Keratsini tomorrow at 8 pm in the framework of promoting the call of the antifascist march organised for the 11 of October.

A three-day Anti-racist festival will be held in Arta, starting today, until Sunday, October 6. The festival will be held in the summer cinema Orpheus, with free entrance and main moto «Because we want to sing freely». Music Bands and Artists from Arta will participate in  the festival that is organized by the Friends of Music Society «Avlos».

Other news

Greece has been sentenced by the European Court of Human rights, for the dismissal of an HIV carrier employee, which the Greek courts had accepted as legitimate. In 2005 the HIV positive woman, revealed to her colleagues that she was carrying the virus, and they demanded her dismissal. The employer succumbed to the pressure and his claims were accepted by the Court of Appeals and the decision was upheld by the Supreme Court. The employee appealed to the European Court of Human Rights, which judged the decision of Greek courts contrary to the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights, and sentenced our country to pay a compensation of 14,430 euro to the woman, for moral and material damage.

Unrest continues in education with university officials reacting strongly to the redundancies of administrative employees in institutions of higher learning. At the same time, a barrage of lawsuits is expected by secondary education teachers who have been made redundant in the wake of favourable court rulings for their colleagues. Many schools remain occupied by students and reactions are growing against internships in businesses.

Nine Syriza MPs denounce the dissolution of Universities through the availability measure, applied on their administrative employees, in a relevant question submitted to the Ministers of Education and Administrative Reform, Konstaninos Arvanitopoulos and Kyriakos Mitsotakis. Speaking on ERT, the former Minister of Administrative Reform Antonis Manitakis referred to the redundancy measures in the public sector. Mr Manitakis characterised the abolition of civil servant posts as illegal. His assessment was that those seeking legal recourse will be vindicated in court and he foresaw an institutional dead-end. In fact, he described the decision as paranoid since it has no restructuring characteristics and offers absolutely no fiscal gain whatsoever.

A significant response from press and internet media was caused yesterday when it was noted in an article in a legislative bill by the Ministry of Administrative Reform that it is left to the discretion of each author of a legislative act whether or not it will be posted to the government site ‘Diavgeia’ in order to gain legal effect.
In a statement issued yesterday the ministry categorically denied this fact, but was forced to admit that the article’s wording was open to interpretation. The statement mentions that the relevant provision (Article 20, paragraph 4) that caused so much discussion will be rewritten “in order to dispel any misinterpretation that is in good, or ill, faith”.

500.000 of Property tax notes for 2013 have sent the General Secretariat of Public Revenue. Recipients are owners with property assessed value over 200.000 euros. The Property Tax of 2013 will be paid in four monthly instalments and the first one will have to be paid until October 30.

The Ministry of Administrative Reform is finally withdrawing its ordinance imposing a 1,000 euro fine for not issuing receipts or for issuing them improperly. Ministry of Finance officials had pleaded ignorance concerning the ordinance in question which foresaw the imposition of an on-the-spot fine of 1,000 euros by the taxation service or the police.

The Ministry of Labour gave Sprider Stores until Monday to present a payment timetable for their redundant employees’ accrued wages and compensation. The criteria to qualify for unemployment benefits, is changing from 1 January 2014. The total unemployment allowance days within a 4 year period, will be reduced from 450 to 400 days. According to sources in the Ministry of Labour, this is the implementation of Article 11 of the Law 3986 of 2011 that restricts the cumulative amount of unemployment allowances within four years. Meanwhile, on Wednesday night in Crete, the Heraklion branch of Sprider Stores was «looted» when the company attempted to remove products from the store using security guards. When they were stopped at a road block in the area of Messara and their car was searched, the sacks they were carrying which supposedly contained olives were found to contain hidden merchandise from the Sprider Stores shop with anti-theft security tags still attached. The private security company’s employees were arrested.

Defence industry workers in the Hellenic Defence Systems (EAS) the Hellenic Vehicle Industry (ALVO) and the LARCO mining company are also in dire straits given that the government must come up with another 1,000 layoffs by the end of the year. Visiting the defence systems at Egio the leader of the Independent Greeks Pavlos Kammenos said: The handling of the closure of the factory in Egio, and of the Hellenic Defence Systems overall, is not a policy with which we simply disagree. It is a criminal act that is punishable on the basis of the constitution and the laws of the Greek state and we as Independent Greeks will pursue legal action.

Employees of the Hellenic Railways Organisation (OSE) have submitted an appeal to the Council of State requesting cancellation of the transfer of the Hellenic Company for Rolling Stock Maintenance ROSCO to the TAIPED fund for privatisation. The rail workers maintain that the change in ROSCO’s ownership would raise safety issues for the network. They also point out such an action is contrary to national and European legislation.

A ruling by the European Court of Human Rights appears to open the way for claims by Greek nationals on properties seized by the Turkish state. The court unanimously ruled that Turkey should pay damages to the Fokas brothers worth 5 million euros, plus 3% interest for late payment and 15,000 euros for costs and expenses. The case of the Fokas brothers began in 1991 in Istanbul and in 2000 the property they were to inherit was taken over by the Turkish state under a 1964 decree.

Greece may need a new aid package, as it is clear that they will not return to the markets in 2014″ stated the head of the European Support Mechanism (ESM), Klaus Regklingk. In an interview with the German Handelsblatt, he stated that countries that receive support from the mechanism, including Greece, have recorded progress. «Greece started from the most difficult position compared to all other states, and up until now has applied the majority of reforms. “It is quite clear that Greece, will not be able to refinance through the markets with its own bonds, in the next year» and continued, «to this degree, an additional aid package will be probably necessary» explaining that such a decision will be taken by the Finance Ministers of Eurozone”, he added.

No garbage is collected since 3 days now in the Municipality of Hleia, due to the prohibition of use of the Area of Uncontrolled Waste Disposal of Konideika.

Ert news

President and Managing Director of NERIT, was appointed the professor at the National Technical University of Athens, Georgios Prokopakis.
Members of the board of Directors of NERIT S.A., have been appointed, Katerina Evangelakou, Theodoros Karounos, Nikolaos Xanthoulis and Konstantinos Polyzogopoulos, who will cover the position of legal advisor. The president of the Supervisory Board of NERIT, Theodoros Fortsakis, stated: «we had more than 130 remarkable nominations to choose from, for covering the positions of the Board of Directors, and we finally chose based on the criteria set by the law in these independent nominations, in order to reorganize the public television». Immediately after the announcement of the names, the Supervisory Board held its first meeting with the new president and board members.

The government is proceeding to totally wipe clean the slate of 23 years of corruption in the television industry with the comprehensive bill submitted to parliament by the Ministry of the Interior. The tv station operating licenses are abolished in six lines contained in article 43. Under the pretext of granting digital frequencies to network providers, the private television stations that were broadcasting on the 31st of August 2013 were re-baptised as «legal» channels that could henceforth sign legal contracts with the network providers for the digital broadcast of their signal. In this manner the government is navigating past the obstacles of Council of State decisions which ruled that the prolonged extension of temporary legality is unconstitutional.

ERT’s employees continue their dynamic mobilization and invite us today at 9pm at the cinema of ERT’s premises, to watch the screening of the award winning animated film «Persepolis» by  Vincent Paronnaud and  Marjane Satrapi. From Iran, with the start of Islamic Revolution, starts the bizarre adventure, the coming of age of young and fearless Marzan, ending up in Paris of today. With self sarcasm, and sharp humour, images from modern Persia come to life, through the audacious, funny and so real story of Marjane Satrapi.