ERA Radio News Bulletin (Oct.9)

News in English 9-10-13

This is our news bulletin in English by the free Hellenic Radio, still broadcasting for almost  4 months after the unconstitutional closing by the government, – 11th of June 2013 – and by ERT employees and those in solidarity that  undertook the restoration of legality and the defense of the Greek people’s constitutional right to access public media.

Ert news

One more unconstitutional action of the government is the non-conduct of voting in parliament on the issue of ratification of the Legislative act by which the black screen of ERT was applied. In an announcement issued from the Prime Minister’s office in the House, it was stated that the scheduled voting on the ratification of the Legislative act by which ERT was closed will not be held today. After a request of PASOK, all issues relating to ERT’s closure will be approved by the body of the Parliament, through amendments in a bill of the Ministry of Justice. The party of DIMAR, in their announcement requested the immediate admission for voting of the joint proposal of PASOK and DIMAR for the non-ratification of the Act and the immediate implementation of the decision of the Council of State of June 17th., while they are highlighting the political and legal consequences of the ongoing non-compliance to it.

Aegean Airlines and Olympic airways got the green light for merger by the European Commission, a deal that, both Aegean Airlines and Olympic air, try to achieve long time now. The official announcement of the approval of the purchase of the 100% shareholding of Olympic air by Aegean Airlines was issued today. Aegean would emerge as the sole Greek domestic carrier anyway because Olympic was likely to close in the near future, the EU said in an e-mailed statement.

A prosecution order, by which the University administrations are called to provide the lists and information within the time limit set, followed the relevant circular sent by the Ministry of Education and the letter of Minister Konstantinos Arvanitopoulos to the administration of the Universities. However, the long lasting strike of the administrative employees which is undergoing, did not allow for the data required to be collected in order to be sent to ASEP. The Rector authorities of the eight universities, ask for the Joint ministerial Decision to be withdrawn and then to find a mutually accepted method of assessing university structures, in cooperation with the Ministry.

The three students of the 1st vocational high school of Lamia, who had staged an occupation of their school have been sentenced to 20 days of imprisonment each, by the Flagrant Court of Lamia, while four months of imprisonment is imposed to another three youngsters. Against this court decision, students and teachers organized a protest march in the center of Lamia, while the president of the Teachers Union of Fthiotida, Thymios Paletsos, spoke of an «unprecedented court decision».

The strikers, administrative employees, organize a reception event at Propylaia, in order to inform the freshmen, while earlier today, similar events took place at the Polytechnic campus at Zografou.

The deadline for submission to ASEP, by the Administration of 8 Universities of the lists with names of 1.349 administrative University employees who will be suspended, expires today.

The employees of Coca-Cola of Thessaloniki continue their 24 hour rolling strikes until Saturday, asking for the revocation of their thirty three colleagues’ layoffs.

On a 48 hour strike today and tomorrow are the employees of INMADE company, a subsidiary of ITRACOM; a 24 hour strike today by employees of WIND telecommunications’ company and on Friday by employees of VODAPHONE; rolling work stoppages today and tomorrow by employees at the Management and Development unit of the Ministry of Development; a strike blockade, at the sorting centre of the ACS courier company at Petrou Ralli street, until 10 pm tonight in protest against the unpaid layoffs from franchise branches of the company.

The protest gathering of workers at Skaramagkas Shipyards outside the Ministry of Defence is over and traffic at Mesogeion Avenue is back to normal. The workers protested against the non-payment of accrued, for the last 18 months, asked for the continuance of operation of the shipyards, and their working problem to be solved.

A large scale police operation took place yesterday, in Acharnes municipality at Roma settlements. A lawsuit filed by the Mayor of Acharnes, Sotiris Ntouros last July, on escalation of delinquency and crime in the region, preceded the operation. During the intervention, 155 people and 125 vehicles were checked, 45 people were arrested and 18 of them were detained, for outstanding arrest warrants on drug trafficking, robberies, and snatching children, convictions for possession of drugs, traffic code violations, and one person for violation of health regulations.

The thirty two year old Giannis Kazantzoglou, who is accused of complicity in the murder of Pavlos Fyssas being one of the co-passengers of Roupakias the night of the murder, took time to submit his confession before the investigating magistrate of Pireaus on Monday.The murderer of Pavlos Fyssas, Giorgos Roupakias, will appear before the investigating magistrate, again tomorrow, to submit his confession on the accusation of being a member of a criminal organization.

The request of the judicial authorities for waiver of parliamentary immunity of the Golden Dawn MPs, Mr. Germenis, Eliopoulos, and Mpoukouras will also be discussed in the ethics committee of the House tomorrow.

The assembly of Appeal’s Judges will decide whether the case of Golden Dawn will be assigned to a special appellate investigator given the importance of the case the voluminous case file and the big number of  testimonies.

This afternoon, students and anti-fascist movements, organize a concert in memory of Pavlos Fyssas, at Propylaia.

A work stoppage from 11am to 3pm tomorrow scheduled by the unions of workers for the conduct of their general assemblies will put metro and electric railway transportation to a standstill.

Members of the organizations «Youth without Frontier» and «Welcome to Europe» held a discussion with reporter’s yesterday afternoon at ERA radio of Aegean. During the discussion, several immigrants that had passed from Lesvos Island and now live and work in European countries, recounted the hardships and adventures they had, in pursuit of their right to Life.

Open Animation Workshop on the history of ERT, will start on Sunday October 13th at 5 pm in the Dubbing studio of ERT in Agia Paraskevi and lessons will be held every Sunday throughout November. The workshop is addressed to youngsters and adults, and no special knowledge is required in order to participate.

The participants will create animation spots which will be broadcasted by ERT OPEN, and will refer to the cultural heritage of ERT and its bright historical presence, contradicting to the black screens of today.

An avant premiere will be held tonight at ERT’s premises of Agia Paraskevi. At 7.30 the film «Engraved Lives» by Spiros Tsekos will be screened – a day before the official commercial screening on cinemas –
A documentary about Truth and lies, a film about Democracy and Fascism in modern Greece. A press conference and discussion with the audience will follow.

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