ERA Radio News Bulletin (Oct.7)

News in English 7-10-13

Former Pasok defence minister, Akis Tsochatzopoulos, was found guilty on all charges,- inter alia – guilty of money-laundering and taking kickbacks for armaments’ procurements programmes while in office.This  was announced on the verdict of the Three-Member Felony Appeals Court, after a five-month trial procedure, and more than 60 court meetings. The penalties for Mr. Tsochatzopoulos are expected to be announced tomorrow.

An estimate of 30.000 people attended the unique concert against gold mining in Skouries held yesterday in the former military camp of Pavlos Melas in Thessaloniki. The event was co- organized by the Committees of Struggle of Thessaloniki and Chalkidiki against the Gold mines. «We sing against the plundering of nature, against the criminalization of social struggles, against the «investments at all costs». We sing for the release of our unjustly detained comrades, for the right in life and a better future. We sing for a mining that will never be done», as announced in their call.

A new round of cuts on consumption and investment spending is imposed by the budget of 2014, the draft of which is submitted in Parliament today. The budget of 2014 is under revision in view of the new contacts with troika members and the preparation of the final draft of the budget, which will be submitted to the Parliament in November. In the final version, the goals and policies of the government will be clarified and especially the ways of addressing the financial gaps of pension funds.
The deputy Finance Minister, who presented the draft budget, today, estimated that in 2014 the economy will return in positive growth and that primary surplus of 2.8 billion euros will be recorded in 2014.

A draft law by the Ministry of Finance ratifying the legislation with which ERT was shut down is to be submitted within the next few days to parliament’s Standing Committee on Economic Affairs for editing.
This law will ratify legislation passed on the 10th of June, 2013 that enables each government minister to restructure or close organisations and bodies under his or her area of competence. The legislation, which has a general reach, was initially applied to national television. However, it may be implemented in other cases, notably those of the EAS, LARKO and ELVO defense industries. The government’s objective is for the first channel of the final carrier of public television – namely NERIT – to be operational by the end of December. According to the agreement between the government and the troika, the former ERT employees will not cover more than 656 positions under permanent contract at NERIT to satisfy the creditors’ demands for 2,000 civil servant layoffs. It should be reminded, that the parties of DIMAR and PASOK, have submitted a bill proposal, for the cancellation of the Legislative Act. Demitris Chatzisokratis, member of the Executive committee of DIMAR, threw the gauntlet to PASOK MPs, stressing out that its still to be seen what will the parliamentary members of the party do, since they party has co-signed the proposal of the bill relevant to the repeal of the Legislative act.

The Hellenic Federation of Petrol Station Owners (OVE) has decided not to make diesel available for heating due to what it claims are issues that remain unresolved shortly before the reduced tax for heating oil is to go in effect for the winter. “Consumers do not know at what price they will be buying, who will receive subsidies, how they will receive it and when. Petrol sellers do not know how heating oil will be distributed”, announced OVE. Heating oil is to be made available from the 15th of October. According to the industry, its price is expected to reach approximately 1.3 euros per litre. The Federation is repeating its demand for the reduction of the special consumer tax to 2011 levels, and the abolition of the Hephaestus electronic tracking system for petrol sales.

Trolley buses will stop their routes on Tuesday from 12 noon until 4 in the afternoon, because of the general assembly that will be held by the employees.

The Labour Center of Chios island, participates and calls upon all workers of the island to support the boycott of air routes AThens-Chios-Athens, from 13 to 19 of November which was proposed the the Consumer Association of Chios

“Golden Dawn” news

The probability of the arrest of more Golden Dawn MPs is open, while Elias Kassidiaris, Elias Panagiotaros and Giannis Lagos will be called to submit additional confession to the investigator magistrates, after the testimonies submitted by the protected witnesses, which were held under extreme secrecy.

One of the witnesses broke his oath of silence and described the organisation’s structure in great detail. He claims the hierarchy was changed in 2009, with Ilias Kasidiaris assuming the role of first deputy.
The new key witness did not hesitate to tell all, maintaining that all the MPs representing Attiki knew of Golden Dawn’s criminal activity since they gave it the ‘green light’ themselves. The witness offered revelations into the assassination of Pavlos Fyssas, who he said had been targeted and the outstanding order to kill had been approved by Mihaloliakos.
His revelations about the military training and weapons for members of Golden Dawn were particularly eye-opening. The training of new members who are being prepared to become killing machines was taking place in a shooting range in Haidari under the supervision of a party MP, while the weapons were being stored in a warehouse in Aspropyrgos.

A handwritten document titled «The Golden Dawn Oath» date 30 June 1983 has been found in the home of Christos Pappas in Yiannena. MEGA channel revealed that the document rips apart all the claims by the arrested Golden Dawn members that they have no relation to the nazis and to Hitler. The text concludes with the familiar nazi motto «Hail Victory» – which the shackled Nikos Mihaloliakos called out when leaving the courtroom – and at the end features a large swastika and «A. HITLER» in capital letters.

Solidarity events continue in support of ERT’s Employees, at the premises of Agia Paraskevi. Tonight at 8pm the film of Leonidas Vardaros, «all of us master» will be screened, the film takes us to the middle of 40’s decade in Ikaria Island, trying to unite history and politics. The screening will take place with the presence of the director, and a discussion will follow.


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