ERA Radio News Bulletin (Oct.6)

News in English 6-10-13

Golden dawn news

Two more Golden Dawn’s MPs, according to information are involved in unlawful activities of the organization, as recorded by the testimonies who have been under the protected witness status, and who submitted their testimonies yesterday to the investigating magistrate that is handling the case.

The defendant considered key figure on the murder case of Pavlos Fyssas has been remanded to custody yesterday with the consent of both the investigating magistrate and the prosecutor. The defendant is the 37 year old Giannis Aggos, who surrendered voluntarily to the Counterterrorism authorities on Friday. From the evidence included in the case file, it is shown that Aggos was in the same coffee shop with Pavlos Fyssas, the night of his murder. According to the recorded telephone calls – made by his wife’s phone- it was him that alerted the rest who are involved in the case, at the critical time of the incident.

Other news

The draft budget for 2014 will be submitted to the Parliament on Monday. It will include, according to information of Kathimerini newspaper, more taxes and less state expenses.
The primary expenditure will shrink by 3.2 billion to the amount of 41,1 billion euros, while revenue is estimated to increase by 1.5 billion Euros, and reach 45.1 billion, after the multiple interventions in income tax, and the new tax on real estate.
The expenditure reduce will come from reducing the funds for salaries, pensions, social security, health care, public investments and consumer spending.
With these data, it is estimated that the primary surplus will reach 2.8 billion euros from 300 million euros of this year, while the fiscal deficit will remain under 3%.
However, the additional austerity measures that will be required for the budget of 2014 to be realised. remain a thorn for the government.
A literal storm of confiscation papers, for bank accounts of debtors, by tax authorities, custom’s authorities, public services, municipalities, insurance funds etc. is coming upon the citizens. According to a publication of Ethnos newspaper, banks receive more than 500 requests to freeze bank accounts , even for amounts ranging from 120 to 150 euros, related to debts by water bills, electricity bills, even fines by municipal police.

Large increase in depression cases is recorded in the last two years in Greece, due to the economic austerity crisis.
Specifically, a research by the Research Institute of Mental Health of AThens University indicated that a considerable increase of serious depression episodes has been recorded from 2011 until today, in a rate that exceeds 50%.

Monthly prevalence of major depression reaches a rate of 12.3% of the Greek population

The administrative employees of the Universities, decided upon a new five-day strike mobilization, against the measure of availability, while the decision on the appeal of Rectors to the Council of the State, for the annulment of the relevant joint ministerial decision is pending.
By the announcement of their new strike mobilization, administrative employees, enter as of Monday, the fifth week of strikes. On the same day however, it is expected that some classes will be held in Universities. The Rectorate Authorities have called the first-year students to attend classes despite the fact that their records and enrollments are not updated, due to the administrative employees strike.

The Government’s attack against Alexis Tsipras comes at a time when the president of SYRIZA expands his presence in Europe, and publications show him as the new leader of the European Left. “Le monde” refers to the desire of the European Left Party for Mr Tsipras to be the successor of Jose Barosso in The European Commission, mentioning the enormous electoral rise and the leading role of SYRIZA in politics. «Mr. Tsipras dared to impose a new dynamic, against the political class which is dominated by nepotism, and profit relations, and the exchange of governing power between PASOK and Nea Dimokratia, parties that are both responsible for the economic crisis that plagues the country. SYRIZA has become the first choice party, at population groups under 40 years of age, as published in “Le Monde.”

The trade union of ERT employees, POSPERT, condemns the behaviour of Golden Dawn’s members that were temporarily released under restrictive terms, attacking against press and media employees.
”The violent actions, the spitting to the employees that try to do their job properly, and inform the Greek people, reveals their fascist nature and character,” stated POSPERT.


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