ERA Radio News Bulletin (Oct.2)

News in English 2-10-13

«Golden Dawn» news

Released under restrictive conditions are the members of Golden Dawn, Elias Kassidiaris, Elias Panagiotaros and Nickos Michos. Giannis Lagos has been remanded to custody. The cameras of several news organisations have recorded the attack of Elias Kassidiaris against a camera operator, at the time of his departure from the Court premises. Specifically, he attacked the Reuters’ television crew, and kicked a photographer. Only Yiannis Lagos was remanded to custody by unanimous decision of prosecutors and magistrates as it appears significant evidence against him exists. More specifically, Ilias Kasidiaris was ordered not to leave the country and was granted bail of 50,000 euros. Mihos and Panayiotaros were only ordered not to leave the country

Golden Dawn MPs Kasidiaris, Panayiotaros, Lagos and Mihos were taken to the Evelpidon courts yesterday to enter pleas before magistrates handling the case of their participation in a criminal organisation. A leadership role is being attributed to all four. Two of the Golden Dawn regional members who submitted pleas to the magistrate were released on bail earlier.

The General Secretary of the neo-Nazi party, Nikos Michaloliakos, is submitting his confession to the investigating magistrate today, while Christos Pappas, the party’s spokesman, will submit his confession tomorrow

Very serious questions are posed by the disclosure of the identity of the witness who testified under protection in the case of Golden Dawn. On behalf of the authorities, it is stated that the document with the personal data of the protected witness, was accidentally included in the case file that was distributed to about 50 lawyers.

Meanwhile, a deputy director officer of Greek police, who was the former commander of the police station of Agios Panteleimonas, was arrested, charged with collaborating with Golden Dawn. He already has been suspended and an official investigation has been ordered.

Moreover, the police officer part of Greek Police, charged for illegal gun possession and trafficking of arms, alleged to be a supporter of Golden Dawn, will be tried today to the Flagrant Misdemeanor Court of Thessaloniki

The President of SYRIZA highlighted the need of reconstruction and democratization of Greek Police, in a statement after the meeting he had today with Unions and Federations of Police Force.

News of the three Golden Dawn MPs being released under restrictive terms following their depositions made headlines around the world. Reuters mentions a surprise decision complicating the government’s efforts to suppress the party after one of its supporters stabbed an antifascist rapper to death.

“We crush extremism. As a government we have the political will, always respecting the Constitution and laws. The leadership of Golden Dawn, has been jailed», said Antonis Samaras at an event he attended at the Petersen Institute. The Jewish council was the first stop of A. Samaras when he reached the United States, and from which he elicited congratulations for his stance towards the Golden Dawn.

The MP of SYRIZA, mr. Demetris Papadimoulis in a post on his Twitter, wondered on the release of Golden Dawn members: «If they were to be released/set free, what was all the show with the handcuffs about?»

Revealing about what really happen in the narrow environment of the Prime Minister prove to be the statements of Failos Kranidiotis, who is a member of the Political Committee of New Democracy party and is considered a personal friend and advisor of Antonis Samaras.
In his statements mr. Kranidiotis, says inter alia: «I do not belch patriots, not revile nationalists. I save up my «bullets» for the real opponent which is the rabble of Syriza and anti-authoritarians. I don’t curse, because I address to the base of Golden Dawn and because I claim, and I am a Nationalist.”

The lawyer Pavlos Sarakis, member of “Nea Dimokratia”, who has undertaken the defence of the MP of Golden Dawn, Elias Kassidiaris, has been deleted from the register of members of the party. As stated in the announcement of New Democracy, mr. Sarakis, is deleted for «unethical and anti-party, behaviour»

Theodoros Margarites, member of the party of DIMAR, states in an interview «we will vote for the amendment relating to the funding of Golden Dawn and the payment of its MPs, and we will vote for any legislation that prevents us from having snap elections, caused by abusive/improper resignations of MPs».

Other news

The Federation of Secondary education Servants is holding a Panhellenic work stoppage today, from 11am to 2pm for day schools and 2pm to 5pm for evening schools.

The Panhellenic Federation of Public Hospital employees has appealed to the Council of State asking for annulment of the Ministerial Decrees, which are shrinking the Public Health System. According to the Federation, with the specific decision of Adonis Georgiades, 8 hospitals of Attica and Thessaloniki have closed, 770 units and thousands of beds and staff have been abolished, organisations have been merged and 1,815 health care workers have been made redundant.

Greece holds the first position among the 28 countries of the European Union, in unemployment rates. Unemployment rose to a new record high of 27.9% in June, leaving almost three in five young people without a job, the Hellenic Statistics Authority (Elstat). The unemployment rate among youth under 25 years of age, reaches a percentage of 61.5

More than 50% of Europeans consider austerity policies implemented since the beginning of the crisis to have failed according to a Gallup poll. In particular, 51% of EU citizens feel the austerity policies that were implemented to revive fiscal results had no result.

As denounced by the Federation of Educators, «the decision of the Minister to proceed to further increase of the number of students in each classroom of high schools, along with the mergers and closure of school units across the country, attempts to create artificial supernumerary teacher positions and push thousands of colleagues to availability and dismissal».

Ert news

Yesterday’s publications, according to which the special administrator and liquidator of ERT, mr. Gkikas Manalis, was to resign in order to assume the post of CEO of Attica Bank are refuted. According to today’s reports, he will remain in his position, since it was deemed impossible for a new liquidator for ERT to be found, at the time that the so-called Public Television (DT) functions in a very problematic way, and the transition to NERIT is delayed. A significant pressure is raised by the problem of the coverage of Greek Presidency of the European Union, since there is no actual public broadcaster to take over. Among the circles of the government, the possibility of using private companies with relevant experience is being considered, which if it is done will raise serious expense and cost issues, and many legal issues as well.

Solidarity events in support of ERT’s employees in ERT’s premises of Agia Paraskevi, continue. Tonight Giannis LEmpesis, Maria Katinari, and the group «Laiki Strata» are with us, in a performance under the title»: «leave all the fake aside and come to rebetika».

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