ERA Radio News Bulletin (Oct.1)

News in English 1-10-13

Aiming to end the deadlock created in higher education by the availability measure, University Deans submitted a proposal to the Ministry of Education. The Deans suggested Ministry of Education suspend the implementation of the Joint Ministerial Decision to layoff of 1,349 administrative employees of eight universities, and instead, to try to find a mutually acceptable assessment method. Universities are expected to file an appeal to the Council of the State today or tomorrow, requesting the cancellation and suspension of the specific Joint Ministerial Decision.
Last Friday, the prosecutor intervened after a lawsuit was filed by the Minister of Education to the Supreme Court, regarding the closure of universities.

“Golden Dawn” News

The arrested MPs of Golden Dawn, Kassidiaris, Lagos and Panagiotaros, accused for directing a criminal organization, will submit their confessions today. Nikos Michaloliakos, is expected to submit his confession tomorrow, while Christos Pappas – in whose house in Ioannina, a whole arsenal was found, will submit his confession on Thursday

Three police officers charged with illegal possession of ammunition and related items have been suspended, and an official investigation has been ordered.

Following investigations by the Internal Affairs Directorate of the Greek Police, the following items were found and confiscated: a metal knuckle in house of the 29-year old constable serving in Attica, an airgun and 160 metal bullets in the house of the 41-year old police officer serving in Volos; and in the house of a 40-year old police officer serving in Attica, 121 45mm calibre cartridges, 15 – 32 mm cartridges, eight 38 millimeter cartridges, pepper spray cans, four firecrackers and a wooden police rod.
The most recent arrestees to be hauled before prosecution authorities were previously serving as security guards to Golden Dawn MPs.

There are ten more arrest warrants pending. Golden Dawn’s alleged hidden weapons arsenal has not been found yet.

An additional testimony before the 5th examining magistrate of Pireaus, are expected to give nine members of the Greek communist party and the Metal Trade Union from Perama Ship-yard, who were injured in an unprovoked attack against them with crowbars and wooden clubs, during putting up posters

Meanwhile, the legislative amendment regarding suspension of State Funding to parties whose leaders or MPs are charged with, or prosecuted for, criminal activities, has been submitted to the parliament. According to the provisions of the legislation, no direct reference to Golden Dawn will be made, since it will address the issue of proper handling of any party or party members in the future, that are found to have committed crimes. The President of the Parliament made contact with all the political parties, and the legislation will be discussed in parliament after 7 October, when the plenary sessions resume.

A classified report of the National Intelligence Service (EYP) published in the ‘Nea’ daily newspaper describes Golden Dawn MP, Yiannis Lagos, as a person with “multifarious activity in the underworld”. The report mentions countless times that the parliamentary representative of the second Pireas district was detained in police stations of Athens and Thessaloniki. Details contained in the MP’s file include weapons, pimping, extortion, nightclub protection, trafficking of women for prostitution and illegal carrying of arms. According to the article, Intelligence analysts had reported and issued warnings concerning the illegal activity of the Golden Dawn MP since 2012, prior to the party’s election to parliament.

Other News

A new case similar to Skouries of Chalkidiki evolves at the village of Sapes in Rhodopi, since the «Sapes Gold Project», as the investment project of gold mining is called, emerged in publicity recently. The reaction of the local community is intense and the Mayor of Maronia – Sapes, Elias Ioannakis, refused to attend the relevant meeting held in the Ministry of Environment Energy and Climate Change.

Twenty-three residents of north-eastern Halkidiki and four from Thessaloniki, members of the movement opposed to gold mining in Skouries, “have been given a deadline until next Thursday and Friday to submit unsworn statements to the Thessaloniki security police as suspects of forming a criminal organisation”. The crimes being investigated by the Poligiros misdemeanors prosecutor are those of establishing and joining a criminal organisation, aggravated intentional bodily harm, serial attempted dangerous bodily harm, explosion, construction, supply and possession of explosives, gross damage to foreign property, unprovoked damage to foreign property, disturbing the peace, and illegal possession and use of weapons. It is obvious that the twenty-seven are being dealt with as terrorists, like their fellow protesters who are in jail for the arson attack against the installations of Hellas Gold in Skouries. According to secure information, one of the pre-trial detainees and a pregnant woman are among the twenty-seven.

A forest fire just above Perdiki village in Ikaria Island has been burning since 2am today. Speaking at the morning news briefing of NET, the Mayor, Mr. Stavrinades, said that fire-fighters are struggling to contain the fire, but due to the foggy weather conditions, aeroplanes cannot be of assistance.

A heavy downpour caused serious problems in many areas of Western and Central Greece. In Patras, traffic problems resulted from the heavy rainfall, while many calls were made to the fire department, to pump water from flooded homes and remove fallen trees. Damages to houses, shops and basements have been caused by the torrential rainfall in Agrinio. Many vehicles were stuck on Acheloos’ Bridge, as the heavy rain made the crossing impossible. In Arcadia, damages to the electricity supply network were reported, due to lightning strikes, and the area remained without power for an hour.

President of Syriza, Alexis Tsipras, stated during his visit to Perama Shipyard that the Greek Government should terminate the contract and claim damages and compensation through legal appeals, by the company Abu Dhabi Mar, and  should regain the public control of Skaramagas shipyards. Mr. Tsipras highlighted the need for completion of the construction of the submarines, and the preservation of working positions, while he spoke for a crime against the Greek taxpayers, and against the armed forces, since 2.5 billion euros have been already spent for the construction of six submarines with only one delivered so far.

Greece will be called upon to adopt new measures in 2014 to cover missed fiscal objectives. The troika disagrees with the government’s finance officials on the way to achieve the primary surplus target.
The Greek side considers existing policies to be sufficient while the creditors maintain the shortfall must be covered with new fiscal interventions, both as to the scale of revenue and on the health care and insurance fund spending front.

According to the records of pending criminal and disciplinary cases involving public servants, given to publicity by the Ministry of Administrative Reform, public servants who are under disciplinary investigation have reached the 2,113. 226 public servants have been permanently dismissed, due to serious criminal and disciplinary reasons during the period of July 2012 until September 2013

The Federation of Private Educators of Greece – OIELE – state in their announcement, that fascist violence is punished, but wonders when the memoranda violence will be punished as well.

The Federation of Public Educators of Greece is holding a nationwide work stoppage on Wednesday, from 11am to 2pm for day schools, and from 2pm to 4pm for night schools. The Federation is also calling for a protest gathering in Athens and other cities, under their local union’s initiative. Tomorrow at 6 pm teachers who are under the «availability» measure have scheduled an assembly at the 6th vocational high school of Athens, convened by their coordinator body.

All of the «Sprider Store» outlets are closed as of today.
According to an announcement, the main reason for the closure was the intransigence, and refusal of the banks to continue financing the company. The Federation of Private Sector Employees is asking the Ministry of Labor, to intervene, in order to safeguard the rights of all Sprider Store employees.

Coca-cola 3E closed the department of product distribution of Thessaloniki, and fired 33 employees. According to an announcement issued by the company, the layoffs are due to the fact that there have been changes in the way they distribute their products, which from now on will be transported through external partners. The employees of the company are on a 24 hour strike today.

There is a new round of job redundancies in the Lambrakis press organisation. This time the employees were notified about their layoff via telephone.

Ert News

According to an article published by the daily newspaper TA NEA – the handling of the «ERT – the New Public Television and – NERIT» issue is changing hands. According to the newspaper’s sources, the special liquidator – administrator, Mr. Gikas Manalis, who was appointed by the Ministry of Finance to oversee the discontinued ERT and the transitional Public Broadcaster ‘DT’ is alleged to be resigning according to one scenario, and according to another h is being transferred to take over as CEO of Attica Bank.

The Athens journalists’ union issued a press statement regarding the operation of public television a short while ago:
The construct of Simos Kedikoglou, Pantelis Kapsis and Gika Manali the so-called Public Television (framed by the newly-formed Public Radio) already completes two months of existence as a so-called regular mass medium! The supposed public broadcaster has not yet announced the hiring of any colleagues to either the journalists’ funds or social security.
Any journalist colleagues who caved in and signed a two-month ‘seasonal staff’ contract are working uninsured. Portions of their income are not being withheld. Our insurance funds are not aware of how many, who, and under what conditions are working for ‘Public Television’. The Ministry of Labour, the Hellenic Labour Inspectorate and the administrations of welfare and pension funds are called upon to exercise all their rights since the totality of labour and insurance legislation is being violated, as is being proven in the case of ‘Public Television’ ”.

Meanwhile, the solidarity events in support of ERT’s employees continue at ERT’s yard in Agia Paraskevi. Tonight at 9pm the composer and lyricist Christos Giannopoulos will be with us.


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