ERA Radio News Bulletin (Sep.29)

News in English 29-9-13

Christos Pappas, Golden Dawn MP and parliamentary representative, who had a warrant issued for his arrest, has turned himself in to authorities a short while ago. According to legal authorities, Mr. Pappas is the deputy leader of the alleged criminal organization.

All the arrested MPs, party officials and members of Golden Dawn have been transferred to the Court of Evelpidon with their large case files.
Meanwhile, the accused Golden Dawn MPs and three of the 21 defendants have requested and were granted an extension until Tuesday to submit their pleas by two special prosecutors on corruption, the accused MPs of Golden Dawn, as well as three of the total of 21 arrested members, while the rest have been granted deadline to testify before the court on Wednesday. The defendants, were taken to detention at the police headquarters late last night, and will remain there until the day of their appearance to testify to the court.

The charges against them are on the grounds of the formation of a criminal organization, and their participation in it. The prosecution will be personalized by the investigators who are appointed to handle this case. Information in the ten-page report issued by the Deputy Prosecutor of the Supreme Court, points to evidence concerning 10 felonies, and the party’s connection to homicides, extortion, and money laundering.

Shortly before midnight, 3 people were arrested near the offices of Golden Dawn in Loutsa. According to police, they were transporting in their car, 9 helmets, 70 wooden clubs and flags, 11 shields, and a metal baton.

The transfer of 14 more arrestees to the courts, including two police officers, is expected today. 12 more arrest warrants are pending, without having been specified if they are against simple members or MPs of Golden Dawn. Another 20 arrest warrants of police officers are expected according to sources.

A Greek police spokesman has announced that during a search of the house of the sergeant serving in Pireaus police department, apart from his official pistol, a flare gun, an electric discharge device, pocket knives, a long knife, brass knuckles, smoke grenades, and a leaflet of Golden Dawn were also found. The police sergeant was arrested on charges of involvement in criminal activities allegedly carried out by Golden Dawn.

After his meeting with Antonis Samaras in New York, Pasok leader, Evangelos Venizelos, told the press, the government is ready to propose legislative regulatory acts, in order to avoid snap elections in the in the event that Golden Dawn MPs resign. The deputy prime minister categorically ruled out the possibility of general elections.

An emergency meeting was held earlier in Maximou Mansion (prime minister’s residence) under the Prime Minister, with the participation of Nikos Dendias, and the Minister of Justice, Charalambos Athanasiou. «Justice, Stability, no Elections», stated Mr. Samaras to the reporters just before he departed for his trip to the United States.

The minister of Public Order, Nikos Dendias, spoke about “a historic day for Greece and Europe, that proves to everyone, that justice is not «naked and helpless» against the vulgar threat of irrational violence.” The minister added, that the investigations both for Golden Dawn MP, Christos Papas, and other party members on whom arrest warrants have been issued continue.

A decrease of the «election rates» of Golden Dawn by a 2.3% is recorded in a poll conducted by MRB, and published in Rearlnews newspaper. The Political Secretariat of SYRIZA, states that Mr. Samaras and his government, «at last are doing the obvious». The statement points out that there is no «statute of limitations for the apparent culpability of Μr. Samaras’ government» and that «a decisive blow to the fascist threat is the people’s verdict».

Moreover, Alexis Tsipras, stressed during an interview with a private television station that «the monster of Golden Dawn did not flare up by itself but was nurtured by the memorandum’s fertilizer»

BBC and Reuters are reporting the unprecedented dismantling of a political party, amidst the anger over the murder of Pavlos Fyssas. The Associated Press notes that MPs have been arrested for the first time since the fall of the junta in 1974, and the New York Times is reporting the dissolution of the Greek neo-fascist party. El Pais and Deutche Welle, refer to an unprecedented number of arrests – and Spiegal has published their article under the headline: «Greece Resists ‘Prince Fuhrer’. Corriere della Sera, sees a “MAT” move against the Golden Dawn party.

Other news

The ministry of Finance has nominated Konstantinos Maniatopoulos as president of the Hellenic Republic Asset Developement Fund (TAIPED).
Prior to the nomination, Mr. Maniatopoulos was Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Company of Public Assets.

The examination of all unresolved matters regarding the disbursement of the 1billion euros tranche will take place after the Eurogroup meeting of 14 October. The representatives of our creditors are leaving the country, having reached an agreement with the Minister of Finance on the primary surplus for 2013.
A senior official of the Ministry of Finance stated after Mr. Stournaras’ meeting with the troika that negotiations will continue via correspondence over the next few weeks since the troika wants to offer the government some «political time».

Figures released by the Greek Statistical Authority show dramatic wage cuts, due to the austerity measures being forced on Greece by the troika of foreign lenders. During the second quarter of 2013, salaries dropped below 2006 levels, and Greece recorded the steepest wage cuts in Europe.

The Court of First Instance prosecution Chief, Panayiota Fakou, has ordered on Friday a preliminary investigation of university institutions that have suspended their operations, after a lawsuit was filed on the issue by the competent minister Konstantinos Arvanitopoulos to the Supreme Court prosecutor’s office. The investigation will be conducted by the General Police Directorate under the prosecutor’s oversight. The objective of the preliminary investigation is to determine whether the suspension of university operations has resulted in crimes having been committed, such as the dereliction of duty.

A note about a bomb recently placed at the offices of New Democracy in Charilaou, Salonica, was posted anonymously on a website. «Regarding Pavlos Fyssas’ murder by a member of Golden Dawn, and also because all political party offices will be targeted, we have placed the incendiary device at the offices of New Democracy,» the note stated, and also refers to Golden Dawn as «the naughty child of New Democracy»

A support gathering was held outside the Thessaloniki courthouse this morning in solidarity with the people who were arrested during the re-occupation of the Orphanage squat. All were released and the date of their court hearing was set for 16 December. They are accused of disturbing the domestic peace and for contravention of the royal decree against occupation of public property.
A man was killed this morning in Kypseli, during a scuffle between 4 immigrants.

A 43 year old man met a tragic end yesterday afternoon, in the village of Panagia on the island of Limnos when fire broke out in his house.

Ert news

Athletiki Kyriaki, the longest-running sports programme of the Greek Television, is returning to ERT. Today, after the main news programme, ERT sports reporters will keep you updated on all the action in the Super League, European soccer fields, and Basketball League.

Solidarity events continue on the grounds of the ERT headquarters at the same time. With us tonight will be the Kollektiva band –  Erasmia Manou and Akros Aporriton – who will be playing songs from their personal work.


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