ERA Radio News Bulletin (Sep.27)

Photo: Marios Lolos

News in English 27-9-13

Talks are continuing between Troika representatives and the top echelon of government ministries. A meeting is currently underway with the minister of administrative reform. The Troika are submitting their response concerning the minister’s request to postpone laying off another 12 500 public sector employees under the availability measure.

According to information from the Ministry of Labour, the meeting between the troika and Giannis Vroutsis will not be held today. The reason given was that the negotiations had been covered at the technical expert’s level.

A lawsuit against all responsible parties for the mismanagement of LARKO has been filed with the Supreme Court’s public prosecutor’s office by Independent Greeks party MPs Vasilios Kapernaros, Terens Nikolaos and Rahil Makri.

Out-of-court complaints were filed against the minister of education and the regional director of primary and secondary education by the Greek Primary Teachers Federation for the «illegal transfer of teachers deemed redundant».

Administrative employees of Universities and Technological institutions, continue their strike today. The University of Athens, the National Technical University of Athens, the Aristoteleion University of Thessaloniki, and the University of Patras have suspended their operation.

Photographs posted on the internet today negate the plea of Giorgos Roupakias, murderer of the activist and musician, Pavlos Fyssas, who claimed that he was not a member of Golden Dawn and he was visiting their offices in Nikaia only during the last three months.
In those photographs, the defendant is shown to participate in the role of team leader in a gathering of Golden Dawn for Imia, early this year.

The lawyer representing the family of Pavlos Fyssas, spoke about significant gaps in the case file concerning the murder of their son.
He noted that «there is no confiscation document of the vehicle of Roupakias, there is no fingerprint report and no written report on the existence of a second passenger in his car.
Four Golden Dawn MPs appeared today at the Supreme Court. On their way out, Christos Papas told journalists that they submitted a file containing evidence against PASOK which, as he declared: «justice already has in its possession and it has been tucked away in a drawer on orders from above». «PASOK is a corrupt party that robbed the people blind», he noted. He also accused the prime minister of covering for PASOK and using it as a crutch in order to remain in power.

Nikos Michaloliakos ( Golden Dawn’s leader) left the possibility open for the resignation of all Golden Dawn MPS, aiming to trigger elections in the 15 regions where their MPs were elected.

According to information – from the investigation carried out by the Deputy Public Prosecutor of The Supreme Court, Charalampos Vourliotis, incriminating evidence have been found for at least three MPs of Golden Dawn. Another four members of Golden Dawn have been arrested yesterday in Chania and Alikarnassos for illegal gun possession.

A query has been submitted by Democratic Left MP, Maria Giannakaki, to the ministers of public order and justice concerning the result of the disciplinary investigation of a 45-year-old police officer who was under suspension since September of 2012 and objects of whose possession had been recently found in the offices of Golden Dawn in Agrinio.

The Greek Police administration ordered an under oath administrative inquiry against the deputy police sergeant, Savvas Spyrides.
The police officer, according to some reports, was allegedly training members of Golden Dawn on the island of Rhodes. The officer has been suspended while the investigation will be conducted by the Department of Internal Affairs.

36 SYRIZA MPs have filed a question and an application for submission of documentation to the Parliament, regarding the existence of extreme right-wing groups within the Security forces. The MPs denounce that «the government’s strategy «to equate the Nazis with the Left parties has emboldened Golden Dawn» and they mention the disseminating of Nazi practices within the Security Forces.

The Supreme Court Public Prosecutor has lifted the phone privacy protection of Golden Dawn MPs according to press reports. The action is meant to assist the investigation of Supreme Court Deputy Public Prosecutor H. Vourliotis in the wake of findings from the conversations of Golden Dawn members recorded by the National Intelligence Service (EYP).This involves evidence implicating Golden Dawn MPs in illegal activities other than the murder of Pavlos Fyssas. It appears the Golden Dawn MPs in question held conversations with party members and other individuals concerning activities subject to the provisions of the Criminal Code. According to the same sources, the Supreme Court Public Prosecutor’s office has at its disposal evidence of ties between business people, police officers and mob figures with the Golden Dawn

Referring to the Golden Dawn, the Greek Communist Party General Secretary, Dimitris Koutsoubas, said: “The beast is growling and any fascist or Nazi constructs are given birth by the violence of capitalism” during an all-inclusive exclusive interview for ERT’s main news bulletin.
Mr. Koutsoubas’ assessment is that the Golden Dawn will not carry out the threat of its MPs resigning. Regarding the internet post by a group of army reserves calling for a national unity government backed by the military he noted that possible connections to fascist organizations must be investigated. “The arsenal with which to counter the criminal activity of Golden Dawn exists”, stressed Mr Koutsoubas. Characteristically he pointed out that the people must respond in their workplaces, their neighbourhoods, their schools. Concerning communication benefits from the climate of polarization he said that in contrast with others the Communist Party does not face the political news scene with an “election mentality”. Yet again he rejected the prospect of cooperation with SYRIZA, saying that even if the Communist Party simply enters into such a discussion it will cease being a guarantor of a leftist direction.
He described the struggle of ERT employees as honourable and a legal both for its duration and for the quality of its demands.

Polymorphous anti-fascist actions are continuing in Athens and in several of the country’s cities. Anti-fascist demonstrations have been scheduled for today in Egaleo, Petralona, Zografou and Thessaloniki. Meanwhile, the 10th Anti-Racist Festival is beginning in Larisa

Scuffle among civilians and police forces occurred earlier today outside the Court of Appeals in Alexandras avenue. According to ERA reportage, the incident began when supporters of soccer teams had conflicted each other and it is associated to a trial that was underway at the time of the incident.

A group of 30 unidentified individuals attacked the offices of the Proto Thema daily on 5 Agrafon Street in Marousi yesterday evening at 8 pm.
They smashed window panes with sledgehammers threw black and red paint and caused damages to cars parked in the area. They fled the scene after throwing printed material in the air and are wanted by the police.
The trial of the 33 defendants, who were arrested during the antifascist march in Keratsini has been postponed for May the 5th of 2014. In today’s hearing, a request was filed for an attorney to attend as civil action, on behalf of a member of the repression forces.

According to government’s spokesman, Simos Kedikoglou, today’s statements made to private Tv channels a group of young people on motorbikes attempted to attack the house of his brother at Strefi Hill last night. He claimed that the attack was prevented by the police. Six suspects were brought in.

The Workers’ Club of Nea Smyrni, in their announcement of today, denounce that the door of their offices has been «decorated» with fascist graffiti last night. The club stated that they will continue their struggle along with both working and unemployed people of their district in a more dynamic way.

Italy honours the famous poet Titos Patrikios for the total of his work tomorrow. He will be awarded with the International award for literature LericiPea, in the outskirts the city of La Spezia.

The discussion of POSPERT’ s Appeal to the plenary session of the Council of State, against the government’s coup decision of June 11th, for ERT’s padlock has been completed. The decision is expected in the near future.

Solidarity activities to the struggle of ERT’ s employees continue. The group BLUES CARGO will be with us tonight at ERT’ s premises of Agia Paraskevi.


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