ERA Radio News Bulletin (Sep.25)

News in English 25-9-13

Unions of both public and private sectors will hold a joint antifascist protest rally today at 6 pm in Syntagma Square. The Antifascist coordination of committees, collectives, initiatives of Athens and Piraeus calls to a massive antifascist gathering at 5pm at Propylaea. The march will head towards the offices of Golden Dawn at Mesogeion Street.

The self-managed hangout of the Serres Technical Vocational Institute has issued a call for an anti-fascist gathering at Kroniou Square at 5:30 pm. The Anti-fascist movement of Magnisia calls upon all workers youth and all people for a massive and unifying antifascist rally in Volos at 6pm in Eleftherias Square. The antifascist protest rally in Katerini will be held in memory of the murdered activist and anti-fascist Pavlos Fyssas at 7pm in Eleftherias Square. The Movement against racism and the fascistic threat call to an all-workers’ antifascist protest rally in Agoras Square in Chania Crete, at 6.30 pm. Anarchists of Heraklion Crete, call to Antifascist anti regime march in Heraklion, at 7 pm. At 6.30pm at Venizelos Statue, the call of the Antifascist solidarity assembly in Salonica. An all-workers’ antifascist rally will be held in Ioannina at 6pm outside the old building of the Prefecture.

A new Pan-Educational demonstration rally is underway in Syntagma square. Metro Stations of Syntagma, Evangelismos, and Panepistimio are closed since this morning. A students’ demonstration rally against fascism, is also underway, Panepistimiou Street is closed for traffic.

Ηospitals, health-care centres, welfare units and the emergency ambulance services, operate with security personnel due to the participation of the Panhellenic Federation of employees in public hospitals in ADEDY’s mobilization. Teachers, judicial servants, tax services employees and the employees of the Ministry of Culture also participate at the strike. Navigation services at most of the country’s ports will be operating with minimum staff required for safety as well. Employees at public insurance funds are on 48hour rolling strikes.

The Executive Committee of the Confederation of Public sector employees, ADEDY, will convene tomorrow together with the presidents of their member federations to evaluate the developments and decide on their next steps.

The administrative employees of Universities and Technological Institutions are on strike up until Friday while the University of Athens, the Polytechnic, the Aristoteleio University of Thessaloniki and the University of Patras have suspended their operation.

27 more residents from Ierissos, Megali Panagia and Thessaloniki were subpoenaed to appear on Friday to issue unsworn statements at Thessaloniki police headquarters. The very serious criminal charges they face – which include conspiracy to establish “criminal organization” – refer to all the events that have taken place in the general area of Ierissos against the gold mines of “Hellas Gold” in Skouries between early May and the 25th of August 2013.

Six people who have contacted with Giorgos Roupakias by phone just before the murder of Pavlos Fyssas have been identified by the police and they will be summoned to testify to the Prosecutor of Piraeus. Meanwhile, the key witness for the progress of the investigation on the activity of Golden Dawn, Charalampos Vourliotis, appeared to the Deputy Prosecutor General of Areios Pagos. The self-confessed murderer of Pavlos Fyssas, Giorgos Roupakias, has been transferred to Malandrino prison early today under very tight security measures. At the same time, the revelations on the illegal activities of members of Golden Dawn continue.

The Police officers union has reacted strongly against the Minister of Public Order’s expulsion of numerous police officers who held key positions in the Greek police force. At the same time, the Internal Affairs agency is conducting investigations in the police departments of Nikaia, Rentis, Kaminia, for which there are complaints about racist incidents by the Movement against Racism and the Fascist Threat.

Nikos Dendias sent to the Prosecutor General supplemental documentation folder for offences by members of Golden Dawn. The folder contains the case file of the recent attack against members of the Communist Party of Greece in Perama as well as a chronological list of attacks by members or supporters of Golden Dawn which was handed to Mr. Dendias by the mp of Syriza, Manolis Glezos.

The trial of the three neo-nazis in Chalkida (Evoia) was postponed for December, so the defendants who are members of Golden Dawn may appoint a lawyer. Strong police forces and riot police squads were at the courts’ premises. The three defendants were arrested early Friday morning September 20th outside their offices in Chalkida, where helmets batons / clubs and shields were found.

An openly declared neo-Nazi, Mr Paraschakis, is the director of one of the nine psychiatric departments of the Psychiatric Hospital of Athens. “Videos exist of his speeches at gatherings of the criminal organization, accompanied by the classic Nazi salute. There is also his Internet correspondence in which he applauds the organization. He participated in the shows at various television channels where he praises Golden Dawn and the junta. There is the issue of firearm licenses which – although investigated by the Board of Directors (very belatedly, a whole year after it was filed) – could not detect the result, due to the way the investigation was conducted, the number, the manner of administering and the recipients of the various mental health certificates for the issuing of licenses to bear arms. We must also certainly not forget that this Nazi construct, both in their web sites and statements by their MPs have advocated for the Nazi eugenics program of “sterilization and euthanasia” for the mentally ill and the disabled”, state the Employees Union of the Psychiatric Hospital of Athens (at Dafni) and ask «How is it possible for a director of a psychiatric department to receive and to bear therapeutic responsibility for mentally ill patients in modern Greece and at the same time to be a member of the neo-nazi construct with these beliefs and practices? »

ANTARSYA of Halandi-Vrillisia-Psychiko denounces the detention of seven of their party members for erasing nazi symbols. According to their statement: «We cannot know how satisfied the local police may feel for managing to deploy on the evening of the 22nd of September two squad cars and four DIAS motorcycles, for ‘ascertaining’ that the seven –  after three hours of detention at the Marousi police station-  members of the local ANTARSYA organization of Halandri-Psychiko-Vrilissia and the Antistasi municipal camp with the citizens of Halandri who went out to erase nazi symbols from school walls, are not murderers, criminals, cutthroats or henchmen».

The court has sentenced a 35-year supporter of the Golden Dawn to 18 months imprisonment with a three-year suspended sentence for attacking a young Albanian in Lamia on Thursday evening – something he denies.
According to the statement of the young Albanian, the Golden Dawn member approached him while he was walking near the party’s offices in Lamia, asked him if he is Albanian, and when the young man responded positively the supporter of the neo-Nazi party began beating him. The young man fell full of blood on the asphalt, from where he used his phone to inform the police of the incident.During the trial which took place yesterday in Lamia before a packed audience, the victim’s lawyer said that «this is an attack of racist violence and not a simple case of bodily injury.»

Members of the Hip-Hop scene yesterday gave a press conference, appearing together for the first time since 1987 in realization of the dream of the murdered Pavlos Fyssas. Fyssas dreamt of seeing again the Greek-speaking Hip-Hop community overcoming its differences. During the interview it was pointed out that ‘Killah P’ did not belong to any political party. He was deeply humanitarian and with his actions stood in solidarity with those in need and coordinated aid actions for the homeless.

The meeting of the TROIKA representatives with the Minister of Development, Kostis Hadjidakis, is underway. The focal points of the meeting are the professional leases, the simplification of the businesses licensing procedures, the public contracts and the removal of barriers to competition

The answer of TROIKA to the Minister of Administrative Reform on the acceptance or not, of the two-month extension period, asked by Kyriakos Mitsotakis to prepare the list of 12.500 additional public sector employees for mobilization – except the 12.500 employees, that already have been under the status of mobilization- is expected on Friday

The General Director of the International Monetary Fund, Christine Lagarde, during her interview on the American television station CNN, stated that the restructuring of Greek debt should have been done earlier but that would have exposed the entire Eurozone to possible danger.

The unions of POSPERT and ERT’s journalists regarding  the convergence of the full body of the Council of State, next Friday the 27th of September, which will decide whether the closure of ERT is unconstitutional, state in their announcement: «we want to have confidence in Greek Justice, and we are certain that the judges of the Council of State will surround with their trust the judgement of the Greek Society and of the Greek citizens». It is noted that the Greek citizens continue to choose the Network of Greek Radio and the programs of the regional stations of ERA for their information and watch the analogue and internet Television program, produced in ERT’s premises of Agia Paraskevi and Salonica, while the number of visitors to the website is unprecedented by Greek standards.

Today’s concert in ERT’s premises with the group «Blues Cargo» is postponed for Friday due to the anti-fascist demonstration organized by the unions today afternoon in Syntagma Square.

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