ERA Radio News Bulletin (Sep. 23)


The brutal murder of Pavlos Fyssas, activist and musician, continues to raise reactions in Greece and abroad, since new details about the fascist activity of Golden Dawn and their penetration in the police and the army comes public every day.

Giorgos Roupakias’ transfer to the Prison where he will serve his pre-trial custody, is delayed by reactions of the prisoners in Korydallos, and concerns raised about his safety there.

The Prosecutor of the Supreme Court, Efterpi Gkoutzamani, ordered yesterday an urgent preliminary investigation on the case of the 32 briefs, that concern attacks by members of Golden Dawn.

Today, Alexis Tsipras, and Fotis Kouvelis, in successive meetings they had with the President of the Republic, they asked him to convene the political leaders council, on the issue of handling fascism.

The Ministries of Public Order and Internal Affairs, will submit in the parliament a joint legislative act for the suspension of the state funding on political parties, whose leaders or mp’s, or members of their central bodies are referred for offences, criminal actions or felonies.

 In Kalamata, for the first time, today a Unified Antifascist Protest Gathering by all the Unions of the city is underway.

On Wednesday, an Antifascist Gathering will be held at 5 p.m. in Syntagma Square.

The barrage of gatherings and rallies, that took place today in the center of Athens, opens one more week of strikes and demonstrations. Today and tomorrow the employees at the local authorities are on strike, and the teachers of secondary education too. The teachers will reconsider their stance in assemblies that will be held tomorrow and on Wednesday.

The Teachers Confederation of Greece, held a three-hour work stoppage today. The administrative employees of Universities and Technical Institutions stared a new five-day strike today. 

The employees at the insurance funds will proceed to 48 hour rolling strikes. A 48 hour strike of ADEDY, starts tomorrow, Teachers, Hospital doctors, and employees at the tax services participate in it.

As mentioned in an announcement issued, the Greek Public Cervants’ Confederation is in talks with the Confederation of Greek workers, for a General Strike on Tuesday. 

The European Commission, insists on the return of all state aids, that have been given to the two State-owned defence industries of the country, EAS and ELVO as well as these given to LARKO, which results for the companies to display in debt and problematic, a fact that makes the restructure of all three industries difficult. Displaying those grants as loans, the three industries will be sold at ridiculous prices, just as happened with Olympic airways some time ago. From their side, the Troika, mentions that the sale of the Defence industries of the country, is one of the four prerequisites for the disbursement of the Trance of 1 billion euros.

 Issues of delimitation of maritime zones between Greece, Cyprus, and Egypt, were discussed this morning during a meeting of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the three countries on the sideline of the 68th Session of the General Assembly of the United Nations.

The events of support to the free employees of ERT continue.
Tonight in ERT’s courtyard the composer Stavros Lantsias, will present his new work «DREAM DIARIES» and other music loved by the audience.


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