ERA Radio News Bulletin (Sep.22)


Τhe Front page of PROTO THEMA newspaper raised strong reactions, after publishing a photograph of Pavlos Fyssas, at the moment of his agonizing death in the arms of his girlfriend. The family, of the brutally murdered activist and musician, in a letter, characterizes the publication of their son’s photo an action of «blatant and vulgar insult to the memory of the dead man». They also demand that everyone shows respect for their deep grief, and let them alone to experience the loss of Pavlos in silence and dignity. Their letter is addressed to the Union of Journalists of Daily Newspapers and is also notified to the Prosecutor General asking the Union to proceed to all necessary actions.

Following the letter of the family, the Union of the Journalists of Daily Newspapers, issued an announcement, by which they denounce the publication of the photograph, reminding of the Article 2 of the Code of Ethical principles of journalism, that says «a primary obligation of the journalist, is the tactful and sensitive behaviour, and the respect both to the deceased as well as to their bereaved relatives and friends». Finally ESIEA invites all journalists not to be intimidated by any threats, but to vindicate their mission and role, remaining firmly to the forefront of Press Freedom.

The perpetrator of the murder of Pavlos Fyssas in Keratsini, has been remanded to pre-trial custody. According to information, Giorgos Roupakias, who faces charges of homicide and intentional violation of the weapons law, seems to have claimed he was in self defence. The perpetrator returned to the Police Headquarters from where he will be transferred to Korydallos Prison. The processing of the data taken from the offender’s mobile phone, is expected to be completed tomorrow.

Multiform antifascist events took place yesterday and keep going on today all over Greece and in many European cities. In the city of Mesolongi, Golden Dawn’s office were attacked with 2 molotov bombs during the night, which caused no material damages whatsoever.

The statements of the political leaders, and other political entities, calling upon all the people to defend Democracy in the country, continue.  Following Alexis Tsipras’ statement yesterday, Fotis Kouvelis today, also asked for a convention of all political leaders on this issue under the President of Democracy.

The Ministry of Finance chiefs are presently meeting with the troika heads. Their discussion is centred on covering the fiscal and financial shortfalls during the 2015-2016 period, debt sustainability, the restructuring of the banking system, and privatizations.

The public sector goes on strike on Tuesday and Wednesday. The civil servants’ union ADEDY has declared a new 48-hour strike in reaction to the policies of the Government and the Lenders. The executive committee of the Municipal Employees’ Union decided to stage a new country-wide strike by local authority staff tomorrow and on Tuesday. Teachers will continue protesting with a 48-hour strike tomorrow and the following day. Meanwhile, the Anesthesiology Department of the Xanthi General Hospital is demanding the suspension of regular surgeries from 12 October onwards due to the dramatic staff reductions.

In their announcement the employees of The Greeek Manpower Employment Organization OAED, report that a policeman, on duty, and dressed in civilian clothes, tried to enter the area their general assembly was held, in order as he claimed, to count the participants. The employees, characterize this action unthinkable, pointing out that “we go back to times of prohibition of Public Assembly, and prohibition of Thought”. They call upon the Administration of the Greek Police, the Ministry of Public Order, and the political parties to take a stand concerning this event. They also call upon, the General Confederation of Greek workers, ADEDY, to inform all the syndicates and unions about this event, and take all the necessary precautions for the protection of their members.

Aristoteleio University of Salonica, appeals to justice, against the measure of availability of the administrative employees. A meeting of the Rectors of the 8 Universities affected by the measure, and the Coordinating Body of The Rectors, will be held tomorrow in Athens, in order to discuss common legal appeals and plan joint actions. It is noted, that the list of the Ministry of Administrative Reform with the 12.500 employees that will be put in mobility status has already been finalized, since the proposal of the Ministry of Education for the 1.349 administrative employees in higher education to be suspended has been approved.

The presidents of the country’s teachers’ unions have been meeting since this morning, in order, to find tactics which will mobilize their sector in the coming months. Up until now there is no announcement with their results and resolutions.

The new poll by Metron Analysis published in the Sunday issue of ETHNOS newspaper, shows a marginal lead of a 0.2% of SYRIZA versus the party of New Democracy. In this poll the rates of Golden Dawn recorded a decrease. The percentage of the undecided voters reaches 30.9%. Specifically, in voting intention, SYRIZA gets a percentage of 19.8% compared to a 19.6% of New Democracy.
Golden Dawn follows with a 7.8%, PASOK with 4.8% the Communist Party with a 4.6%, The party of Anexartitoi Ellines a 3.6% and DIMAR a 3.2%.

Events in ERT’s radio manor of Agia Paraskevi continue on a daily basis. Tonight a concert-strike gathering is held at 8 pm during Greek Federation’s of Secondary State School Teachers OLME movement . With an announcement Greek Federation of Secondary State School Teachers calls for a demonstration in Nomismatokopio METRO station and a march to ERT, pointing out distinctively that »we unite our struggle with ERT’s employees’ struggle».
We are honoured by the presents of the artists Tania Kilidi, Pericles Loridas – Erastes tou Oneirou, Yiannis Nikolaou, Natassa Papadopoulou, Andreas Stergiou, Michales Tasinas and the New Rock Times.


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