ERA Radio News Bulletin (Sep. 21)


The brutal murder of Pavlos Fissas is still on the news. The neo-nazi Golden Dawn party postponed all their scheduled events in Nikaia, Drama, and Kavala this weekend. On the other hand, all the anti-fascist demonstrations have taken place and will take place as scheduled.

Many anti-fascist protests took place yesterday in Athens neighborhoods and in several cities across the country. In the suburb of Daphne, an off-duty special guard threatened protesters with his service pistol and then fired warning shots in the air. Tension followed and the police used tear gas and flash-bangs. The march continued normally after the event.

In Pangrati, tension rose when riot police forces surrounded demonstrators asking to detain individuals for identification purposes. The hangout of the Vironas, Kaisariani and Pangrati Citizens’ Assembly was also briefly blocked off by police forces.

The murderous action is being condemned by all the political parties, organizations, unions and citizen bodies. According to NET sources, the head of the leading opposition party Mr. Alexis Tsipras will ask the President of the Republic for a meeting of all political leaders to discuss society’s turn to fascism and how to confront it.

On the legal front: Giorgos Roupakias was taken today before the prosecutor, who ordered he be remanded to pre-trial custody. His wife and another woman charged with disappearing evidence from the home of the accused were released. All anti-fascist demonstrators who were facing charges for clashes during a march in Keratsini have been released without restrictions, with the exception of an individual facing felony accusations. In an announcement concerning this individual, the Movement United Against Racism and the Fascist Threat stated that the police had framed him in order to cover up the brutal treatment they had subjected him to during his arrest. They demand all charges against him be dropped.

The murder of Pavlos Fyssas by Golden Dawn member G. Roupakias is reverberating across Europe. Anti-fascist demonstrations were held yesterday in Spain, France and Bosnia-Herzegovina. Dynamic antifascist protests are taking place today in Britain (London, Edinburgh, and Bristol), the Netherlands (Amsterdam), and Austria (Vienna). Today’s protest in Italy took place in Florence, while an antifascist rally was held yesterday in Milan.

Members of the Golden Dawn Party have been arrested since yesterday evening in several parts of the country following investigations carried out by police. Evidence of objects leading to charges of weapons possession were either found on them or in their offices.

Workers and police forces clashed on at least two occasions yesterday. The first was on the national road, where LARKO workers staged a symbolic occupation of the highway pavement. According to their reports, they were attacked by riot police without cause, even though they had given notice of the time and duration of their action. A second clash took place in Halkida between members of PAME and police forces called by the management of a Carrefour supermarket. The PAME group were blockading the supermarket, demanding a fired employee be re-hired.

Teachers will continue their protests with a 48-hour strike on Monday and Tuesday next week. The announcement comes after a meeting of the presidents of the secondary teachers’ unions, and the assemblies held yesterday throughout Greece.

According to press reports, the government is oriented towards the concession of the ERT headquarters property in Agia Paraskevi for sale by the TAIPED privatization authority. Yesterday riot police forces blocked one of ERT’s buildings in Thessaloniki.

Tonight in the Garden of ERT :
The program begins with a documentary on the Greek music group «Encardia», titled «The dancing stone» at 8:00 p.m. A live of the popular band will follow that screening.


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