ERA Radio News Bulletin (Sep.20)


The parents of slain anti-fascist activist Pavlos Fyssas stated today on a private television station show that there is a video footage recording the instant of their son’s death which has been handed to the police by an eyewitness to the scene. They also marked that DIAS police unit members were present at the murder scene and did not react. Finally, they requested yet again, that the name of the individual who phoned the perpetrator, asking him to come to the scene of the crime, to be revealed.

A new Antifascist protest gathering was held last night in Davaki Square in Nikaia, although the scheduled gathering in Golden Dawn’s local office was canceled. The protest march that followed in the streets of Nikaia met a constantly provocative stance by the riot forces of the police. The protesters safeguarded their groups and ignored the provocations. A tension with fascists had occurred earlier, when a group of them was noticed by the protesters and chased away, in the surrounding streets of Perivolaki.

33 out of the 34 people that were arrested for “rioting” during the big protest in Keratsini,  have been gradually released last night. They all are indicted and will appear to court today, charged of disturbing the peace. Only one was detained accused for criminal activities.

In their announcement, sent to alternative media, the defendants, after describing the unprovoked arrests, and the unsubstantiated of the indictments they are charged with, state that many have been abused during their arrest and deny all the charges. They point out, that they will not allow to be used to support the theory of a state that keeps equal distance between fascists and antifascists, so to sustain an image «of orderly management», while the same State keeps on impoverishing more and more people. They also point out, that the “fairy tale” of their arrests is used for the cultivation of fear, but the solidarity among them is strengthening. Finally, they thank the people that came in solidarity and express their support to the family of Pavlos Fyssas.

Following an attack on riot police squads, in Charilaou Trikoupi street, riot police performed extended checks in the streets surrounding the square of Exarchia. A car was set on fire in Arachovis street, while garbage bins were in flames at Benaki. Delta police teams appeared on their bikes on the square while riot police were still there and attacked people in Valtetsiou street. Eyewitnesses speak of beatings on people without any provocation.
The Greek prime minister, Antonis Samaras, has appealed for calm, urging people to settle «differences democratically».  In a letter to supreme court prosecutor Efterpi Koutzamani, the minister of public order and citizen protection requested that all criminal incidents involving Golden Dawn be integrated under the anti-terrorist legislation. The letter is accompanied by a police document listing 32 incidents of indictable offences by members or followers of the party in question. As Mr Dendias noted, they constitute the continuous action of a criminal organization, not isolated incidents. Therefore, he requests coverage under Article 187 of the Penal Code on criminal association and for them to be addressed by the authorities as felonies, and to proceed with the arrests of moral and physical perpetrators. The procedure to be followed in the cases involving MP’s of the Golden Dawn will adhere to provisions in the Constitution. Finally, he announced that the police deployed to guard MP’s of the neo-Nazi party will be withdrawn from their positions until the Supreme Court decides on the Ministry’s request.

The Italian retired naval officer Mateo Simone who pointed a gun towards the protesters in Patras, outside the offices of Golden Dawn, has been convicted to 8 months imprisonment. Guns and ammunition were found in his places of residence.

The Attorney (of First Instance) of Athens, has prosecuted the Highway Fund for financial irregularities, worth over 120.000 euros, after the audit report, of the General Inspector of Public Administration Leandros Rakintzis. The irregularities, relate among others, to wages, overtime, exorbitant amounts for virtual staff travels, personnel transportation expenses, and misappropriation of electronic and other equipment from the premises.

The Felony appeals Court, of Salonica, convicted a 67th year old, retired customs officer, to 22 years of imprisonment and a fine of 50.000 euros, finding him guilty on the charge of illicit trade in antiquities. The accused is one of the 43 gang members who also have been convicted to various convictions. An archaeological treasure of 9.200 ancient coins and objects of various time periods, was found in their possession, which they were selling to international auction houses.

A total of 1655 employees of all administrative positions will be suspended or put under the state of availability, from all Universities, both of permanent or short time contracts. The suspension numbers of employees per University is as follows:
Νational Kapodistrian University of Athens 600 administrative employees, National Metsovion Polytechnic, 438 employees, Aristoteleion University of Salonica, 240 employees, Athens University of Economics 35 employees, University of Patras 153 employees, University of Thessalia 40 employees, University of Ioannina 53 employees and University of Creta 96 employees.

The Teachers’ Federation of Greece, announced a three-hour work stoppage on Monday, from 11am to 2pm, in order for the teachers to participate to the protest rally, organized by the Confederation of secondary grade educators of Greece, along with the Federations of Administrative Personnel of Higher Education, and employees in the Employment Service the Social insurance fund, and Social policy organizations.

Meanwhile, the Secondary Schools Teachers that completed their first 5-days strike, will decide on their stance in their assemblies held today all over Greece.

Riot police forces sealed off the ERT building at the corner of Aggelaki and Stratou streets in Thessaloniki. The evaluation process for job applications submitted to the transitional organization is under way inside the building. Police spokesmen said the riot police forces are there as a preventative measure.

Τhe journalists’ site ThePressProject, revealed yesterday, the interplay of the transitional Public Television DT, with the private company Telmaco, for the supply and rental of equipment that breaks all records of opacity. A situation that is added to the chain of irregularities,  that accompany the establishment of the so called Public Broadcaster. TELMACO, is a company that supplies electronic equipment, that according DIAYGEIA, the webpage where all public expenses are posted, has received from ERT S.A. more than 760.000 euros, during the last three years. According to information of ThePressProject, this same company, is covering the needs of DT, with very high compensations. PressProject concludes, “The financial results of the newly found «Public Television – DT» of Mr. Kapsis and Mr Manalis, will be shown at some point. Until then, the account which is of unknown amount is paid by all taxpayers”.

Summer Cinema tonight in the Garden of ERT. The significant documentary “The Real Face of Fasicm” directed by Mikhail Romm, will be screened at 9 p.m. The Workers of ERT dedicate this night to the activist and musician Pavlos Fyssas.


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