ERA Radio News Bulletin (Sep. 19)


With the presence of thousands of people, was held this morning at 11am at Schisto cemetery the funeral of the 34year-old antifascist musician Pavlos Fyssas, who was stabbed to death by Golden Dawn member, George Roupakis, in Amfiali, Athens.

A massive anti-fascist demonstration was held yesterday night in Amfiali, at the location where the brutal political murder of a 34-year-old member of the extra-parliamentary left, Pavlos Fyssas, by a 45-year-old Golden Dawn member, who has confessed to the crime.

Serious clashes with protesters occurred outside the Police Department of Keratsini, where the police fired teargas and stun grenades. The people gathered, set up barricades and set fire to garbage bins, while a police helicopter flew over the area. A range of groups, including Leftist organizations and workers’ syndicates, participated in the demonstration. The General Secretary of the central committee of the Communist Party of Greece was also present, and referred to Golden Dawn as a criminal mafia organization of neo-Nazi murderers. The president of the political party, Independent Greeks (Anexartitoi Ellines), Panos Kammenos was targeted when he arrived at the gathering in his car, and was treated with slaps on the face by participants, before leaving the area immediately.

Similar demonstrations were being held in all of Greece’s 30 cities (Salonica, Patra,Larissa, Ioannina, Mytilini Island, Trikala, Kozani, Komotini, Rethymno and Agrino etc.) Clashes between police and protesters have occurred near the offices of Golden Dawn in Patras, Xanthi, and Salonica.

Golden Dawn denies the involvement of their members in the murder at Keratsini, and announced their intention to litigate against all those who claim «their involvement in any way to this crime» referring to them as «miserable sycophants».

Showing no respect for the memory of the dead man, Pavlos Fyssas, by a Golden Dawn member, GD leader, Nikos Michaloliakos, noted that «in political assassinations of the past there were no legal procedures initiated against the political parties whose members were perpetrators.» He called upon the members and fans of Golden Dawn to an open gathering at the local offices of the Party, in Nikaia, at 7 pm on Thursday.

The local community organizations and institutions of Piraeus, call workers and all the people of Piraeus, to a protest gathering tomorrow, to condemn the provocation of Golden Dawn, who dare to hold a march in Nikaia. The gathering of the syndicates, trade unions, and other organizations of Piraeus will be held tomorrow Thursday 19 September at 6.30 pm, in Davaki Square at Perivolaki of Nikaia.

Around 130 people were taken to the police station, and 34 were arrested, in Keratsini and Nikaia at the clashes that occurred during and after the end of the anti-fascist demonstration. Clashes also occurred earlier outside the police station of Keratsini in Gregoriou Lambraki Street, with barricades set up by the protesters, some of whom threw Molotov cocktails at police firing tear gas.

During the manhunt that took place at Lambraki Street, a group of 10-20 people entered an apartment building, and escaped to the roof. The police had summoned the prosecutor in order to enter the building. Those arrested were taken to the Central Police Headquarters in Athens.

A demonstrator is at risk of losing one of his eyes from tear gas that was shot directly at him by the cops. He had a surgery at the Tzaneio hospital.

Around 200 people gathered (around 1 am Greek time) outside the head police station in Athens General Headquarters of Police.

The Doctors, Healthcare and Nursing Staff Union, of Tzaneio Hospital, have issued a statement expressing their deep concern about the medical condition of 31 protesters that were admitted to the hospital emergency room last night. The protesters sustained head injuries after the public protest, against the murder of Pavlos Fyssas by a member of Golden Dawn. The injured protesters said they were dealt blows to the head with batons, helmets, shields and kicking, by members of the DELTA and DIAS police units. There have also been complaints about stones being thrown from the side the police were standing on, and aimed directly at the head, by members of Golden Dawn.One of the wounded, who underwent surgery for a ruptured eyeball after a stun grenade was fired directly in his face, is in danger of permanent vision loss from one eye, and has been admitted to the ophthalmology clinic. The Doctors’ statement concludes «We appeal for the immediate cessation of the policy of a heightened state of repression, by the government and police, so as not to mourn more victims.»

The perpetrator confessed to the murder, and according to his wife’s statement to the police, someone called him to go to the scene of the scuffle.

The father of Pavlos Fyssas is demanding that the person who made the lethal telephone call be found. The 45-year old murderer, who has been indicted for murder and violation of the Arms Act, has accepted a deadline to apologise by Saturday morning. Three other people who were arrested – the wife of the offender, a relative of his, and the person in charge of the Local branch of Golden Dawn in Piraeus – have been charged with misdemeanours and are expected to be taken to the Prosecutor of Piraeus today, to give their statements.

The two women are indicted for giving false and concealing information from the police, specifically, Golden Dawn’s printed material, which was allegedly removed from the house of the offender.

The person in charge of the local branch of Golden Dawn in Piraeus, has been charged with violating the Arms Act, since during the police investigation at the offices of Golden Dawn in Piraeus, a baton was found.

The driver of the president of Golden Dawn, Nikos Michaloliakos, has been arrested and detained by the police. During the police investigation at his house, two large firecrackers a butterfly type dagger and an airgun were found in his possession.
The police search of the house and car of the 26-year-old man, who is a member of the youth group of Golden Dawn, was undertaken as part of the preliminary investigation by the Police for the murder of Pavlos Fyssas.

The President of Greek Democracy emphasized in an intervention speech, that institutional vigilance is needed to combat this repulsive phenomenon, and that we all have a duty not to leave the door open to fascism, not even a crack.

The board of POESY, Panhellenic Federation of Journalists´Union, expresses its deep concern and anger of colleagues for the action of Golden Dawn, calling upon all journalists and all workers to resolutely condemn and isolate this criminal organization.
The State must initiate all the proceedings for the punishment of the criminals and the immediate penalization of the fascist and racist bigotry manifestations and actions of Golden Dawn.
POSPERT in their announcement, state that the murder of Pavlos Fyssas is a political crime.

The four-hour work stoppage from 7 am until 1pm  and the protest gathering outside the premises of Vodaphone in Palini that had been announced by the union of employees of the company in protest against the plan for the merger of the mobile telephony companies, of Wind and Vodaphone, through a third company, was successfully held yesterday.

The first five-day long strike of teachers, as well as the strike of administrative employees of Universities and Technological Institutions, ends tomorrow while the Teachers will decide for the escalation of their mobilization today in general assemblies of their local unions. Today, the leadership of the Ministry of Education, is expected to present to the Governing Council of Reform the list of administrative employees of universities that will be suspended until the end of September.

The approval of the proposal of the Ministry of Education will be followed by the issuing of the relevant Joint Ministerial Decision. On the same issue, the Rectors of Higher education Institutes, speak of a shortage of 2.500 administrative employees in a resolution issued yesterday after an urgent meeting they held in Lavrio. The Senate of the Polytechnic Institution decided the suspension of operation of the university until Friday, while the School of fine arts, will remain closed until Monday. Finally, the Federation of Greek Educators, accuse the political leadership of the Ministry of Education for authoritarian and of no planning actions.

In the health field, the hospital doctors are on the third day of their strike protest, and the employees at public hospital started yesterday a 48 hour strike. The employees of the social insurance funds, OAED, and the departments of the Labour Ministry are on five-day rolling strikes, protesting against the inclusion of 618 employees into mobility / suspension status.

Greek traditional and Cretan music tonight at in ERT’s courtyard. Giannis Katsigiannis from Peloponnesus and our colleague and musician Manos Mountakis will be with us.


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