ERA Radio News Bulletin (Sep.17)

News in English 17-9-13

Tension occurred earlier outside the Ministry of Labour in Stadiou Street. A group of employees of the Social Insurance Fund, tried to enter the ministry, despite the police blockade. The employees reacted when they were proposed to meet with the general secretary of the minister instead with the Minister of Labour Giannis Vroutsis. “The Minister of Labour refuses to see the workers in social insurance funds”, stated the president of the Panhellenic Federation of IKA employees’ unions, Giorgos Kyriakopoulos.

The joint ministerial decisions for the abolishment of 1.929 staff positions from nine ministries have finally been signed. The Ministerial decision regarding the Ministry of Education is missing from the list, since the issue of the administrative employees of the Universities and the Technological Institutions is not yet resolved.

In the ministry of Finance, the job cuts begun from the sanitation department. The joint Ministerial Decision of the Minister of Finance, Giannis Stournaras and the Minister of Administrative Reform, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, provides the abolition of 595 organic and temporary staff positions (empty or covered) by private contracts of indefinite duration of part time jobs, in the ministry of Finance.

To the arrest of seven students preceded the police in the island of Zakynthos. One of the arrested is 12 years old, the rest are students aged 15 to 17 years and two of the arrested students of 19 and 20 years are studding at the Evening School.
The students are assigned with accusations for damage to school facilities of the 2nd and 3rd High Schools of Zakynthos Island in the centre of the town. The misdemeanours Prosecutor of Zakynthos, decided to release all the arrested.

Employees of the public sector are on the warpath against the ‘availability’ measure. As of today, the public hospital doctors, joined the circle of strike mobilizations with a three day long strike, while the employees at public hospitals have announced a 48 hour strike as of tomorrow.

The employees at Skaramangas shipyard, who have been unpaid for 18 month now, held a protest gathering outside the ministry of National Defence.

Indignant motorcyclists have scheduled a motorcycle protest ride, in support to the struggle of the educators and to the Federation of secondary grade educators, against the complete dismantling of public education and of welfare state services for the citizens. The gathering will be in Kafthmonos Square at 6pm.

The mobilizations will escalate tomorrow and the day after, with the 48 hour strike of the Confederation of public servants, in all public sectors. In the mobilization the General confederation of Greek Workers GSEE will participate, with a four-hour work stoppage, in the private sector tomorrow, from 11am to 3pm. The Panhellenic Federation of Railway employees, the Federation of employees in communication services, and the Syndicate of the electricity company will also participate to the work stoppage of GSEE.

A three-hour work stoppage, from 9am to 12 noon, has also been announced by the federations of employees in the media. As announced by the Panhellenic Federation of Journalists POESY, exempted from the stoppage will only be the journalists that will cover the strike gatherings and demonstrations.

The Confederation of Public Servants ADEDY, has also scheduled a protest gathering at Klafthmonos square for tomorrow at 11.30am, and at 10.30 a separate gathering of PAME will be held in Omonoia square.

Concerning the historic EMBROS theater, the Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund – Greece’s privatization authority – announced it proceeded to seal it off because “it was being used without a license from the Public Properties Company and did not meet requisite safety and fire regulations, endangering any citizens visiting the property”. It also mentions that its purpose is to “develop the property through legal procedures that will secure the public interest and contribute to highlighting its historic value, and to upgrade the general area”. Questions regarding the announcement are raised by the fact that daily cultural and social solidarity functions have been taking place all this time at the EMBROS theatre, without the slightest issue of public safety having arisen. Additional questions are raised by the electronic auctioning of the building by the privatization authority despite the building’s listing in the restoration register, and its designation as a historic monument since 1989.The open assembly which operated the space until its shutdown will decide on their response at an open meeting at 7pm this evening at Agion Anargiron Square.

Two new earthquakes have been recorded today morning, with a magnitude of 3.9 and 4.2 on the Richter Scale. A meeting of the responsible coordinating body, with the participation of seismologists and members of the Organization for earthquake protection OASP will be held in the City Hall of Amfiklia. Mr. Efthimios Lekkas, professor of Geology in Athens University, stated that the two tremors of 4.5 and 4.8 on the Richter scale, that occurred yesterday afternoon in the area of Amfiklia, are considered to be part of the aftershock sequence of the earthquake of August the 7th. The two new tremors in Fthiotida, caused further damages to buildings previously affected by the earthquakes of August and cracks in other buildings. Damages are also reported in Regkini, Drimaia, and Xylikous.

An innovative work ‘hard hat’ has been created for the CERN Large Hadron Collider by the Prisma Electronica Company based in northern Greece. The hard hat will not only provide safety to technicians working beneath the earth’s surface and in the CERN sensors and accelerator. It is constructed with an extremely advanced high-tech mechanism capable of transferring reliable data in real time from the operations being carried out inside giant cylinders built of tons of metal, hundreds of meters below ground level, to control rooms located on the surface. This way, security technicians can receive an image in real time and immediately interact and intervene when necessary.

The prime Minister, send a message to the Syndicates and the opposition parties» this is the last chance for populism and extremism, to try and lead to derailment» he said, and he added» they will try to undermine every achievement. So the coming months are critical”

The reactions on the aftermath, of yesterday’s announcement of Viochalko, for moving the company’s headquarters from Athens to Belgium, through absorption by the parent company, continue.
A strongly worded announcement has been issued on this matter by the Federation of Greek Industries, SEV, who accuse the government for «dealing, in full body for a year now with the issue of VAT in restaurants» and has completely neglected the Greek Industry.

The president of the Federal Council of Russia, Mrs Matvienko, announced to the Prime Minister the return of the Russian Gazprom to the process of buying and selling the public gas company, as well as the interest of Moscow for buying the Greek Railways OSE along with the port of Salonica.

The president of the party of Anexartitoi Ellines, appears in a video released on the internet, urging citizens of Salonica to lynch Mr. Pachtas the Mayor of Aristoteles of Chalkidiki, who is involved on the matter of gold mining in Skouries. Explaining this statement, at Star Channel TV, Mr. Kammenos mentioned that the mayor knew beforehand that the water of the area was contaminated with arsenic, asking «if your children drank water with arsenic, and the responsible Mayor knew about it what would your reaction be?» He further clarified, that the Party of Anexartitoi Ellines, is a party that does not endorse violence, and calls people to a peaceful uprising, and that the lynching he referred to was political. «I call the district attorney, to lynch me, I waive any immunity but I also ask the prosecutor to investigate what happens with the water in Skouries» added the President of Anexartiti Ellines.

A raise in public transportation ticket prices is highly possible to be imposed since it is also provided in the memorandum. The minister of Infrastructures, Michalis Chrysochoides, said that despite the efforts made to avoid such a raise on transportation fees, the data shows it is very difficult to be avoided.

Yesterday morning a representative of a metal trading firm appeared at ERT’s shortwave radio broadcast facilities in Avlida. He photographed the shortwave antenna systems. Questioned by ERT colleagues working at the site, he replied that his company is in contact with the Ministry of Finance to bid on the decommissioning of the 39 antenna webs, their removal from the site, and the sale of the metal as scrap after the metal installations have been destroyed. The impunity of the government and of Stournaras, Kapsis and Manalis knows no limits, the ERT journalists’ union POSPERT states in an announcement. We note that in Avlida, across an area of 1,160 stremmata, there are 39 metal webs, each ranging from 39 to 100 meters height, which contain the shortwave antennas broadcasting the ‘Voice of Greece’, ERA5, to every corner of the planet, to every continent and ocean. The shortwave radio facilities began operating in 1938, broadcasting the voice of the fatherland to the Albanian front. The only ones who dared silence them were the Nazis, during their occupation of our country. And the POSPERT announcement concludes: We won’t let them. Will the competent authorities? The public prosecutors? The politicians?

The collection of signatures from all around the world, in protest about EBU’s discontinuance to transmit ERT’s programs on August the 21st.Up until now there are more than 15.000 signatures gathered. You can reach the page of signatures, and add yours, through the special icon that can be found at the web-site of

A screening of the award winning film «WELCOME», tonight at 9.30 pm at the summer cinema in ERT’s premises,
A French – Iraqi immigration drama, about life and the adventures of young Bilal. An exciting story with simple narration and strong interpretations. The film officially participated at the 59th International Berlin Film Festival, and it won the Award of the Universal / Ecumenical committee. It has also been awarded with the Label of Europa Cinemas, the Cesar Award, the Torino international Award, the Warsaw International Award and others.

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