ERA Radio News Bulletin (Sep.16)

News in English 16-9-13

An amazing participation rate of teachers in today’s strikes, of over 90% announced the Federation of Public Educators for all schools in the country. Meanwhile, the number of occupations of schools by students and parents in protest for their closure or abolishment is increasing. The five-day rolling strikes of Teachers on secondary grade, started today, along with the employees of social security funds, and employees at the Employment Services, OAED, and the departments of the Ministry of Labour.

A week of strike mobilizations started today in the public sector, on the issue of availability. Massive strike protest gatherings were held today in Athens and Thessaloniki.

Three people were transferred to the hospital with severe breathing problems, due to the use of chemicals from the riot police squats against the school guards that held an occupation at the Ministry of Administrative reform. The tension continued on the street of Vasilisis Sofias, as the school guards held a sit-in protest, with police forces surrounding them, during the meeting of their representatives with the minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis.
The Greek police characterize the use of teargas against the school guards that were gathered outside the Ministry of Administrative reform, as «absolutely necessary and limited».
According to the police officials, the police forces had repeatedly called upon the gathered protesters, and gave them time to unblock the entrance and move to the pavement.

The publication of the list with names of employees at 11 Ministries that will be suspended is expected today.

Teachers, employees in social security funds, and public Hospitals are on coordinated strike, against the plans of the government and Troika for the suspension / availability of 12.500 public servants.
A work stoppage in all Attica has been announced by the Confederation of public servants, until the end of the working hours.

According to information posted on social media this morning, employees of the agency responsible for privatizations – the Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund (TAIPED) – escorted by police, sealed off the historic “EBROS” theatre in Psyri. The building is under a functioning occupation and hosts significant – strictly non-commercial – cultural and social solidarity functions on a daily basis. Attempts to seal off the historic theatre have taken place on previous occasions. They were met with dynamic responses from the residents of Psyri and the open assembly that manages the space.

Shops are closed today throughout the country by decision of the General Confederation of Professionals and Merchants of Greece.
The merchants are protesting at this hour outside the Ministry of Labour.

Hospital doctors will stage a three-day strike from Tuesday. The General Confederation of Greek Workers has announced a four-hour work stoppage for Wednesday.

The protests will peak on Wednesday and Thursday with a 48-hour strike by the public sector employee union. The public sector teachers will be on strike on Wednesday and Thursday, while on Tuesday and Wednesday the private sector teachers will join them on strike.

Moreover, most Universities and Technological Institutions have suspended their operation, and as noted by Senates and presidents of Technological institutions, there are no administrative employees abound, and if the availability is realized, the sections of the institutions will not be able to function.

Lawyers will also be joining the protest circle. They have announced they will be abstaining from their duties tomorrow and the following day, when the new Lawyers’ Code will be up for voting.

The operation to free a 14 year old child, who had fallen into a cave at Attiko grove in Polygono, had a happy ending.
The child leaned to reach his bag, and lost his balance, falling into a steep point of about 9 meters deep. The child is good in health, but was admitted to hospital as a precautionary measure
There were new provocations yesterday by the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn at the memorial service for the victims of Pigada at Meligalas. Party members and MP’s verbally abused the mayor of Oihalia who was at the podium, interrupted his speech, attacked relatives of the victims, and passed the microphone to their MP who continued the tirade. The police did not intervene and the mayor and the relatives of the victims departed from the scene in protest

Mr. Tsipras during his press conference in the International Trade Fair of Thessaloniki, pointed out that SYRIZA, will not compromise, and that the dilemma, of the next elections will be, either to continue with memoranda or a change of the country’s course.
He unleashed a severe attack against the Prime Minister, whom he accused of «Ovidian transformations», stressing that the government will fall by the people’s mobilizations and that the memorandum can be abolished only by the people’s vote.The president of SYRIZA, committed that, once he takes office in the country, he will reinstate by law, the minimum wage to 751 euros, he will support the collective negotiations and he will review all privatizations one by one.

The president of SYRIZA, Alexis Tsipras, highlighted during his speech in Thessaloniki that ERT will open again, and will be competitive, because it is a matter of Democracy. The prime minister will not be able to call the news director and order what stories to broadcast any more.

Meanwhile, an electrician employee of ERT filed an appeal with the Council of State, demanding that ERT’s shutdown be nullified as unconstitutional, illegal and contrary to the European Convention of Human Rights.The applicant was employed at ERT, after a notice of interest, since June 1989 under a permanent work contract.

The support events continue at the premises of ERT in Agia Paraskevi, Thanasis Gaifilias will be with us tonight, coming all the way from Komotini especially to support ERT’s employees.


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