ERA Radio News Bulletin (Sep.14)

News in English 14-9-13

Most institutions of higher learning in the country have closed down in order to protest layoffs under the “availability” measure. The rectors and chancellors of technical institutes maintain that they have no excess administration employees and if the measure is implemented they will be unable to function.
On the other hand, the Ministry of Education declares it is prepared to generate lists of employees it considers redundant, even if the rectors and chancellors of higher education and technical institutions refuse to evaluate them on their own.
Education Minister, Konstantinos Arvanitopoulos, said that several of the 36 institutions have already submitted self-evaluation reports and that the remainder are expected to follow suit by Monday.

The Confederation of Secondary Education servants, has announced five-day long rolling strikes, as of next Monday.
Teachers of secondary education organize joint strike rally on Monday at  noon at Proplylaia along with the Federation of Administrative personnel of Higher Education, the Federation of Workers in the Employment Service, the Panhellenic Federation of Employees of Social Security organization, and the Panhellenic Federation of Personnel at Social Policy institutions.

Parents and guardians of the children of the 1st and 2nd kindergartens of the island of Ikaria, during their general assembly they held have unanimously decided to proceed to the occupation of the kindergartens.
At the same time, the employees of the local Hospital, call upon their fellow citizens, that live in other areas, especially in Attica, to participate to the mobilizations of Hospital employees in other places, close to their residence, under the logic that the struggle for the defence of Public Health is common and appeals to everyone.

Employees at the courier company ACS along with unions and collectives from the south suburbs, held a protest gathering and a march at noon today at Sourmena, in their struggle with main motto, «against the devaluation of our life and our work».

The General Confederation of Professionals, Craftsmen and Merchants of Greece (GSEBEE) decided for the Shops to remain closed, all across the country on Monday, and for a protest rally to be held in Salonica.
The Thessaloniki Federations of Industrial Enterprises (OBSTH) and of Professionals and Merchants (OEETH) have issued an announcement calling their members to participate in the demonstrations decided by the General Confederation of Professionals, Craftsmen and Merchants of Greece (GSEBEE).

On Tuesday the hospital doctors join the circle of demonstrations, with a three-day strike and lawyers with a 2 day abstinence from their duties.
The General confederation of Greek Workers, GSEE, will hold a 4 hour work stoppage on Wednesday, the same day that the 48 hour strike of the Confederation of public servants ADEDY begins.

The Government stated yesterday, after the completion of the Council for administrative reform at Maximou, regarding the abolition of 2.500 more staff positions in 11 ministries until Monday that the list with the 12.500 civil servants,  that will be put under the state of availability, will be ready on time.

Three people have been identified that participated in the attack against a group of members of the Communist Party, putting up posters at Perama, which resulted to the injury of nine people. Those three, are sought by State security. Thousands of Greeks took to the streets of Athens on Friday to protest against a violent attack on Communist party members by black-shirted supporters of the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party which left nine people in hospital with serious injuries. A report on the protests against the Golden Dawn attack was published today in Guardian daily. According to Guardian “ Greece, whose political faultiness were entrenched by a bloody civil war in the wake of brutal Nazi occupation, is mired in a sixth year of recession that has seen poverty and unemployment soar as it navigates its worst crisis in modern times. Recent opinion polls have shown that no other party has managed to capitalise on the growing levels of desperation and despair as effectively as Golden Dawn. With prominent clerics also voicing support for the group, commentators have begun to ask whether the ruling conservatives should join forces with Golden Dawn, whose views on issues of public order are strikingly similar.”

The Movement against racism and the fascist threat (KEERFA) organizes a protest gathering at Agias Triadas square in Menidi, today at  6pm and then a march to Amygdaleza detention camp, with main motto, «Close the Greek Guantanamos».
The president of the opposition party Syriza, severely attacked the Government during his speech in an open gathering yesterday, at the White Tower of Thessaloniki. He asked for the government’s immediate resignation and an early recourse to elections. He spoke about the reestablishment of Democracy the country needs, and for punishment of those who led the Greek people in misery. Referring to the focal points of Syriza’s program, mr. Tsipras characterized it as “a program of social salvation and halting of the humanitarian crisis we are undergoing.”

At 6.30pm, ERT will broadcast Mr. Tsipras’ speech to the industrial and production sector representatives and tomorrow at noon the press conference at the conference centre “I.Velidis”, whereby the president of Syriza will complete his three day visit in Thessaloniki.
The general secretary of the Greek Communist Party, Demetris Koutsoumpas, is meeting with the employees of ET3m whereas tonight he will speak at the 39th Festival of The Communist Youth.
Yesterday, during his press conference at the International Trade Fair of Thessaloniki,  Mr. Koutsoumpas, accused the coalition government of Nea  Dimokratia and Pasok, as well as the party of Syriza, for :»trading false hopes, fear and phoney dilemmas» and characterized the confrontation of the coalition government and the opposition party, «blank» since they both – like he said – compete, on who will be the best negotiator with the Troika and Brussels.

The court of first instance has upheld an appeal by “Alter Channel” employees to declare bankrupt the channel’s owner, ‘Eleftheri Tileorasi AE’. According to sources, the company intends to appeal the decision. In the event of a final ruling the company will have to return the operating and broadcast license for the channel’s broadcast frequency to the National Council for Radio and Television. It may then be made available pending legal process.

On the occasion of the spectacular concert – protest of last Wednesday, in the yard of ERT’s premises in Agia Paraskevi, ERT’s employees, remain committed to continue more vigorously what they started on June 11, when a black signal fell across our screens. In an announcement issued by POSPERT and the journalists, they note that » this is the loudest and most eloquent response to the ongoing fierce attack by the coalition government of Samaras – Venizelos, against the employees of ERT.” They also raise questions regarding the multitude of appearances of Messrs. Kapsis and Kedikoglou, who insist on stonewalling basic questions about the secret agreements, the costs and the burden to the state budget for supplying a programme, equipment, personnel and services for the non-existent structure of so-called “Public Television”.

The support events at the ERT’s premises in Agia Paraskevi, continue.
Tonight the group :» Mikres Diadromes» will present a concert featuring their new album «As long as there are dreams»  Tomorrow night the composer Demetris Maramis and the performers Korina Legaki and Thodoris Voutsikakis, present «Erotokritos in Blues» in first public performance in Athens.


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