ERA Radio News Bulletin (Sep.13)

News in English 13-9-13

An accident that posed a grave environmental risk occurred in Redina, in the municipality of Volvi. The truck was transporting dangerous metal concentrates in the Thessaloniki Industrial Zone. Problems with the tires of the truck belonging to the “Hellas Gold” company caused the load to shift, resulting in a spill of some of the material. The police sealed off the area while area residents and representatives of the Volvi municipality came to the scene. It should be noted that the arsenopyrites the truck was transporting are hazardous materials subject to the provisions of the SEVEZO II Directive concerning industrial wastes and the contamination of populations and large areas of land. According to information provided to a reporter of ET-3 by the mayor of Volvi, all the hazardous material had been removed from the road surface. All necessary actions on the control of the transport license of the material by Hellas Gold, and whether the company adhered to safety measures, will be initiated tomorrow.

The temporary orders issued by  the President of the Court of Appeals of Athens, under which the appeals of two secondary education teachers, asking for the suspension of their lay-offs in the absence of their evaluation, opens the road for a wave of court appeals, on behalf of thousands of teachers who have been laid off. The picture is completed by the Council of State’s decision to return to the Ministry of Education the Presidential decree on teacher evaluations due to its untimely submission.

The government Council of Administrative Reform will convene today to sign joint ministerial decisions abolishing 2,500 positions across 11 ministries, which must be completed by Monday. This is in order to achieve the government target of 12,500 layoffs by the end of September. In Athens, meanwhile, teams of troika technocrats arrived yesterday to prepare for the arrival of lender representatives on the 17th and 22nd of September. The technocrats of the IMF, the European Commission, and the ECB will visit the ministries of the interior, public administration, labour and health, and the General Accounting Office.

According to an article in the Austrian newspaper “Der Standard” the deposits of Greek account holders in Swiss banks total approximately 200 billion euros. The newspaper credits research conducted by the French-German television channel ARTE -titled «Tax evasion, a ticking time bomb» – as its source for the article.

The European MP’s gave the green light, to a new system of supervision of the European Banking system, which will bring 6000 banks of Eurozone under the supervision of the European Central Bank, thus making the first step towards the Banking Union. The issue will be discussed today by the ministers of Finance of EU in Vilnius.

Greece is not included in the agenda of the informal meeting of Eurogroup, that is held today in Vilnious of Lithuania, according to statements of a senior official of Eurozone. As mentioned by the same official, the reason Greece is not included in the official agenda of Eurogroup discussions is that the country is amidst two evaluations by the TROIKA.

The Teachers Federation of Greece, decided to proceed with a 48 hour strike on 18th and 19th of September, joining the protests of ADEDI.
The Teachers Federation organized a protest today at  noon outside the building of the Prefecture of Attica

The Federation of Private Educators of Greece OIELE, has announced a 48 hour strike on September the 17th and 18th, while the Board of the Panhellenic Federation of employees in Local Authorities POE OTA, have decided the participation of their members in the 48 hour strike that has been announced by the Confederation of Public employees, ADEDI, for the 18th and 19th of September.

The Confederation of Secondary Education servants, has announced five-day long rolling strikes as of next Monday. Teachers of secondary education, organize joint strike rally on Monday at 12 noon at Proplylaia along with the Federation of Administrative personnel of Higher Education, the Federation of Workers in the Employment Service, the Panhellenic Federation of Employees of Social Security organization, and the Panhellenic Federation of Personnel at Social Policy Institutions.

A protest gathering and march was held yesterday in the streets of Patisia area, in protest against the closure of public Hospitals. Representatives of the employees from the General Hospital of  Patisia and the 7th Infirmary, that have already closed, and from Amalia Fleming and other public hospitals which are due to be closed in the immediate future, participated at the demonstrations.

The legal entity of «Sismanogleio – Amalia Fleming hospitals» lost 337 positions, of various specialties, after abolishing 466 positions in total (300 staff positions from Amalia Fleming and 166 positions from Sismanogleio), with the implementation of the state of availability and the establishment of only 129 positions of the new chart.

The Management of the Panhellenic Federation of Employees of Social policy institutions, (POPOKP) unanimously decided to call a 5 day strike, starting on Monday the 16th until Friday the 20th of September for the employees of Social Security Institutions, of EOPYY, OPAD and former OEK and OEE, to express their opposition to lay-offs and the forced transfer ‘mobility scheme’, as well as to the new charts and the new organisation charts.

The employees of the New Postbank, are ready for dynamic demonstrations, stressing that they are determined not to accept the crime that is being committed, victimizing the People’s savings Bank and at the same time they call for the immediate interruption of the merger procedures with Eurobank.

Clashes of low intensity between police squads and vendors started on the sidewalk and continued in the courtyard of the Athens University of Economics at Patision avenue, around 1pm. One lane of Patision av. remained closed for about an hour.

The Movement against racism and the fascist threat (KEERFA) organizes a protest gathering at Agias Triadas square in Menidi, on Saturday the 14th at 6pm, and then a march to Amygdaleza detention camp, with main motto «Close the Greek Guantanamos»

Anti-racist groups and institutions, along with the local authorities of Lesvos island, have expressed their opposition to the creation of an immigrant detention camp like the camp in Amygdaleza, in their island, stressing out, that “this will not only fail to solve any problems, but on the contrary, there is a risk that the island will return to the years of squalid Containers of Pagani.” This was ascertained by a group of SYRIZA’s MPs, headed by Vasiliki Katrivanou and Giannis Zerdelis, the member of the political secretariat, Mania Mparsefski, and members of the Department of rights, who are  on the island of Lesvos since Tuesday and visited the site of the former children’s camp of PIKPA in Neapolis, where refugees from Syria Afghanistan and Somalia are hosted.
They also visited the Centre of primary Reception at the Moria Camp, which is under construction, while they had the chance to discuss with members of volunteer groups and organizations, engaging under the network «the Village of All Together:»

According to an article published in «Efimerida ton Syntakton», a student who is a member of the antifascist front was the target of an attack that happened a few days ago at a central area of Pyrgos at broad daylight by members of a group of nationalists. This incident is not the first recorded. Last winter, the same student along with his friends had been targeted and attacked by nationalists. A policeman from Hleia was serving as a special safety guard in Athens, allegedly took part in the attack. The perpetrators had not even cared to cover their faces, and according to testimonies, they were hitting the young man, shouting «thief! theif» in order to confuse the witnesses that were present to the incident and prevent them from intervening. The newspaper, contacted the Police Director of Hleia Aristeidies Andrikopoulos, who responded that: «this was the first incident of this kind. The police operated fast, the perpetrator of the attack against the young boy was arrested and taken to the prosecutor. The police is not responsible for any further action».

In the case of the former Minister, Akis Tsochatzopoulos, the prosecutor Mrs Adeilini, during the second day of her speech, asked for a guilty verdict for the majority of the defendants. The prosecutor asked the release for only two of the defendants, expressing doubts on their guilt.

A gift benefit to 500 police guarding the Parliament, the prime minister’s official residence and political party chiefs, was inserted into amendments submitted Tuesday to the Ministry of Education’s bill for the new high school, according to the ETHNOS daily. According to the newspaper, the move was made without the knowledge of the prime minister and the parliament speaker.

The General Secretary of the Communist Party of Greece, Demetris Koutsoumpas, gave a press conference today, during his visit to the International Trade Fair of Salonica. Mr. Koutsoumpas, said that his party does not share, “neither the optimism of the government, nor the scaremongering of SYRIZA. Constant struggle is needed to overthrow the bipolarity.” He ruled out the cooperation with SYRIZA, which as he said before, “has turned over within a year, and opened their doors, to the syndicate leaders.” Regarding last night’s attack on the group of the communist party in Perama, by members of Golden Dawn, he characterized Golden Dawn, a very dangerous ideological construct.
He also expressed the support of the Communist party to the teachers mobilizations.

Alexis Tsipras will speak at 7.30pm this afternoon, in an open gathering, at the White Tower of Salonica. He is expected to present the focal points of the political proposal of SYRIZA.

Employees, students and faculty of the National Technical University of Athens, in the context of their protest demonstrations and on the decisions of the workers’ unions, in collaboration with ERT’s employees, organize a concert dedicated to Education, with the participation of many artists and intellectuals, on Wednesday September 18th, at 8 pm. The concert will be held in the courtyard of the historic Building of the Polytechnic, at Patision street.

The events of support to ERT, continue daily in the premises of Agia Paraskevi. Tonight, an afrocaribbean music night, full of fun and dance, with the group De Traces, will welcome all visitors and supporters of our struggle.


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