ERA Radio News Bulletin (Sep.12)

Photo by Marios Lolos.

News in English 12-9-13

All Universities of the Country are oriented towards a common front against the Government’s education policies.
Following the University of Athens and the Technical University that have already shut their doors in protest, the University of Patras suspends its operation for today, protesting for the impending availability of administrative employees.

The Senate of the University of Patras decided to request the coordination of all university actions in the country to reverse the horizontal staff cuts in institutions, which will dramatically worsen their efficiency and operation.
Registrations of freshmen that would normally have started today were postponed indefinitely, due to the strike by administrators. The Ministry of Education directs students to communicate with the institutions, in order to learn whether or not enrolments are taking place.
Institutions are expected to announce new examination dates, due to the backlog in the September examination period.
The Administrative assistants yesterday marched in protest from the Ministry of Administrative Reform in opposition to the government decision to lay off 1,765 employees.

The first functional squat in an Elementary school, was decided yesterday, by parents of the 7th Primary and Nursery schools of Pallini, after their urgent general meeting.
There will be a functional squat at the hours and days of the schools operation next week.
In their announcement they state their total refusal of “the retraction of the three sections of the kindergarten into two, in order to cut off educational costs; the abolition of the second section of the first grade, which will result into the reduction of classes each year; the shrinkage of the classes remaining, along with the non timely operation of school buses.” They also denounce “the failure to start the all-day school program, due to lack of teachers, which results into children to be put in lottery, and leave behind them an ideal school environment, heading towards a completely inappropriate and incomparably degraded school.”

The Confederation of Greek Workers, GSEE, mention in their announcement that they support the struggle for Water in both local and European level, against the privatization of water.
The Federation of employees at the Greek Water supply Company, EYDAP, has gathered thousands of signatures from Greek citizens, who expressed their unequivocal position, that the key physical commodity of water, cannot become a product, as a part of the campaign for WATER by the European Citizens Initiative, which is implemented with the assistance of the European Federation of Public Services Unions (EPSU),
Those signatures will be delivered to the Greek Government, in order to establish a dialogue, aiming for the access to clean, non expensive, and of good quality water for all citizens. The submission of the signature in our country was scheduled for today at 11.30 am at the Ministry of Interior Affairs.
It is noted that more than 2 million signatures have been gathered in total from all across Europe.

A total of 20,254 people joined the dole queues in June, bringing the total number out of work to 1,403,698. For the third month running, unemployment rose to a new record high of 27.9% in June, leaving almost three in five of young people without a job, the Hellenic Statistics Authority (Elstat). The jobless rate rose from 27.6% in May and 24.6% in June last year. Young people were by far the worst affected, with unemployment among job-seekers aged 15 to 24 standing at 58.8%. The figures showed the total number of people employed in June at 3,628,421, the unemployed at 1,403,698 and economically inactive at 3,334,690. This means that the country’s unemployment figures have grown by more than a million in five years.

Hospitals, Health Centers, Hospital of Chronic Diseases and Welfare Services, will operate with security personnel today, due to the 4hour work stoppage, from 11pm to 3am, scheduled by the Panhellenic Federation of Employees at Public Hospitals (POEDIN).
At the same time, at 12 noon, and open protest gathering will be held at the Ministry of Health, in Attica, while in the rest of the country, similar open events, are scheduled to be held at the Headquarters of the Ministry of Health(YPE)

The Association of Loaned Personnel of the Banking sector will hold a protest gathering today at 4pm, outside the building of the National Bank of Greece.
The members of the association work in firms that lend staff, to banks and insurance organizations, with completely different work and economic conditions from their colleagues, while they produce the same work.
They demand the reinstatement of their colleagues, who were fired for no reason, during the summer period. As pointed out on ERA radio the case of dismissal of female colleagues immediately after their return from maternity leave is not an isolated incident.

The manager of the Belgian Central Bank, and member of the Board of the Central  European Bank, Luc Cohen, expressed the assessment that Greece will need further support, and for a longer time than the expected. As he highlighted, Greece will need not only a third, but perhaps a fourth aid package.

According to an announcement issued by the Deputy Finance Minister, Christos Staikouras, the state budget at a central government level, has a primary surplus of 3 billion euros, in the first eight months of this year.
Contrary to that, the report of the Bank of Greece, belies these expectations, referring to a cash deficit of 9 billion Euros, during the first eight months of 2013

Τhe president of the democratic left party of DIMAR, Fotis Kouvelis, ruled out the possibility of cooperation with the party of SYRIZA, at his press conference during his visit to the 78th International Trade Fair of Salonica.
The president of DIMAR, characterized Syriza’s logic as “destructive”, since it expresses the motto «its either them, or us» and said that it promotes, a pale imitation of two-party status, of Nea Dimokratia  and Syriza.
The president of the party of Democratic Left (DIMAR), Fotis Kouvelis, mentioned among others, at his press conference, that the closure of ERT and the black screens were the drop that overflowed the glass, and led his party out, from the coalition government.

The offices of the party of Golden Dawn in Thessaloniki at Kazantzaki street, were attacked by PAOK fans, on Wednesday, after 5pm in the afternoon.
Following the recent sharp announcements of fans associations of PAOK, against the party of Golden Dawn, on the issue of the soccer player Katse, who was photographed wearing an UCK t-shirt, a group of fans of the soccer team of Thessaloniki, attacked the offices of Golden Dawn.
The police proceeded to 46 arrests so far.

The Greek League for Human Rights (NCHR), asserted an explosion of racist violence in Crete, and the inaction of the authorities in addressing them.
As mentioned inter alia: «The recent armed attack against two young immigrants in Heraklion by a group of twenty people, which resulted to the serious injury of the victims, is added to a series of racist violence incidents, that have occurred recently in Crete.
The attack and beating of immigrants in the presence of many people at the Venetian port of Chania by another group had preceded it, but in none of these cases was the blame assigned to the perpetrators, by the responsible authorities, as the members of the Greek League for Human Rights in Crete observed.
The Greek League for Human Rights, notes that the inaction and sometimes the unwillingness of the authorities to investigate such crimes of manifested racist motives, and the subsequent impunity of the perpetrators results to both the increase of racial hatred attacks and the escalation of the their brutality.

A grenade was found this morning at the sea area of Faros Avlidas by a citizen, about 20 meters away from the shore, and at a depth of about two meters. The Port Authorities of Chalkida, prohibited swimming at the area and called the special army squad for weapons.

The Council of State, returned the draft of the Presidential Decree, concerning the evaluation of teachers in primary and secondary Education, to the Ministry of Education, judging it illegal.
The illegality of the contested draft decree is that it should have been issued before the 10th of March, as provided by the applicable law.
The evaluation of teachers has been done under the rules that apply for all public servants and employees of other institutions, according to Article 4 of the Law 4024/2011, because of the fact that it was not submitted at the Council of the State and not published in the Government Gazette until the above date.

A court order for an urgent preliminary investigation, concerning the State Lotteries contract, was issued by the Prosecutor of the Supreme Court, after the complaints that were filed by the investment group of Emma Delta, which was the highest bidder of the Tender of TAIPED, about the buying of the 33% shareholding of OPAP.

Demonstrations of support and in solidarity with the squats continue throughout the country.
Yesterday in Patras, a group of antiauthoritareans intervened and stopped the meeting of the City Council protesting against the police intervention in three of the city squats, while informative activities took place in Karditsa, Corfu, and Kavala.
A solidarity march is scheduled for today at 6 pm in Volos City
An intervention at the Local Radio Station of Xanthi, was held today, with an interruption of the program, and a solidarity message was broadcasted.

Thousands enjoyed the marathon concert which lasted until the early morning hours at the ERT headquarters in Agia Paraskevi, featuring 40 much loved artists. The concert was held in observance of the three-month period since the government decision to shut down ERT. An exhibition of the works of 37 cartoonists inspired by the «black signal» in Greek public radio and television is open on the ERT grounds.

At 9.30pm tonight Andreas Lafis will sing popular songs with his guitar in ERT’s premises of Agia Paraskevi. With him, Demetris Liolios (bouzouki) and George Saltaris (piano).


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