ERA Radio News Bulletin (Sep.10)

News in English 10-9-13

The chairmen of middle education teachers’ unions and members of the board of OLME, the secondary school union, decided during their marathon conference to stage back-to-back five-day strikes starting on the 16th of September. The teachers will re-examine their position after each five-day strike. Education Minister, Kostas Arvanitopoulos, has declared that the government will not proceed with a civil mobilisation of teachers.

The Board of the Federation of Secondary Education servants, OLME, met today at noon, with the Board of the Confederation of Greek Teachers, since yesterday’s meeting of the confederation representatives, with the deputy minister of Education, Simeon Kedikoglou, was barren.

A protest demonstration at Propylaia, by workers at the Kapodistrian University of Athens, the National Metsovion University and the Panteion University, who protest against the policy the government attempts to implement for the Public Education. This afternoon the Federation of Servants of Secondary Education, OLME, has scheduled a protest rally at Syntagma square, at the time of the voting of the bill for the new High School in the parliament. The party of Syriza also, calls to a protest rally outside the Parliament this afternoon.

At the same time there is confusion at institutions of higher learning in the middle of student enrolments due to the upcoming lay-offs of 1,600 administrative employees until the 20th of September. In protest, the faculty senate decided to postpone the operation of Athens University for a week. The faculty of the National Technical University will be striking until the 16th of the month. The administrative assistants of the Aristoteleian University and the Technical University of Thessaloniki have decided to escalate their protests.

The unions of employees of LARKO, are on a 24 hour strike.
Earlier, they held a protest rally, in Omonoia, with a central slogan «It’s not LARKO that is on sale , the whole  GREECE is ON SALE.»  The unions went on strike, so to keep the company open and secure the job positions.

After the meetings held at the Ministry of Finance, for the future of the three defence industries, the proposal that was selected, includes, the splitting of EAS and ELVO and keeping only the military wings of the two companies, and acceleration of the privatization of LARKO. The Answer of the Greek Government to the European Commission on the issue of Greek Defence industries will be ready on Friday.

The chairman of the Independent Greeks Party, Panos Kammenos, described the closing of defence industries as a threat to the country after a meeting with employee representatives from ELVO. A short while ago Kammenos completed a press conference at the Vellidio building, which was aired live by ET-3 and the ERA network. Kammenos will give a press conference at ET-3 at 6 o’clock in the afternoon. The chairman of the Independent Greeks will remain in Greece’s second largest city until Thursday, meeting with representatives of various industries.

The process of integrating spas under TAIPED, the Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund, is beginning. The government-appointed fund in charge of privatizations announced the launch of an international tender for 4 spa properties located in the province of Fthiotida. These include: 1) The Thermal Springs of Ypati property located within the Ypati city of hot springs. 2) Spa property at Thermopylae, which is adjacent the historic town of Thermopylae. The hot spring with five buildings are the largest part of the property. 3) Hot spring spas at Koniaviti, Kamena Vourla , to the west of the city of Kamena Vourla and stretches from the sea to the foot of Mount Knimis . It consists of three sections, of which the largest (with a camping site) includes an approximately 800-meter-long beach.  4) Hot spring spas at Loutropolis, Kamena Vourla, stretching from inside the town of Kamena Vourla to the slopes of Mount Knimis. It comprises five sections, one of which includes five buildings. Alpha Bank will be TAIPED’s financial consultant for the venture.

The bank tasked with preserving Greece’s biodiversity is being dismantled under a legal initiative undertaken by the Ministry of Rural Development and Food. According to the ministry’s plan, the rural institutions subject to the National Agricultural Research Foundation are to merge or be dissolved, throwing to the wind 30 years of efforts according to the VIOZO and ILESION consumer and environmental organisations. The mission of the Gene Bank was to preserve and protect the plants of Greek biodiversity. From as far back as 1981 it has collected and preserved the precious seeds of 14,500 wild and cultivated plant varieties.

40 people held a symbolic occupation – intervention of a local TV Station of Ioannina yesterday at 20.30pm during the main news program, asking for the broadcast of a video of solidarity to the “Antiviosi” Squat.  A solidarity march for “Antiviosi” squat, and all squats that have been attacked by the police, is scheduled for today at 6pm at the premises of the Prefecture of Ioannina. Over the same issue, an intervention at a local radio station was held today at Patras.

The Headquarters of the Organization of Unemployment, OAED, in Alimos, are occupied since today morning, by the employees of the organization, in protest for the work availability. The president of the Federation of Employees, Giorgos Makrakis, mentioned that the employees are awaiting of the ministerial decrees that will put under the state of availability, mobility, and dismissal 263 of their colleagues, while at the same time, the volume of work to be done by the rest is increasing.

The Board of the Panhellenic Federation of Journalists ( POESY ) denounced the new government plans for the «consolidation» of municipal radio stations. The Government’s intention, according to related publications, is to proceed with 700 redundancies of contract employees, eliminating their organisational positions in municipal radios stations. It is obvious that if such a large number of employees are fired, municipal radio stations will face stagnation. Many of them will be shut down. The Federation’s board emphasises that municipal radio stations highlight everyday problems and keep the community, that is facing hardships objectively and dispassionately informed without hype. Their mission is very important and if the government plans succeed it will be a big blow to pluralism after the «sudden death» of ERT . It will complete the government’s effort to silence any independent journalistic voice. POESY demands that the Government immediately abandon its destructive plans. It also calls upon the Central Union of Municipalities of Greece (KEDE), the mayors and municipal radio station chiefs, to take a stand and condemn any attempt to shrink and ultimately annihilate municipal radio.

An exhibition with works of 34 cartoonists opens tomorrow at ERT’s premises in Agia Paraskevi, on the occasion of completion of three months since the «sudden death» of ERT. The exhibition is curated by Manos Simeonakis, with the help of the Greek Cartoonists Association, the Society of Cartoon Friends, and the International internet platform Cartoon Movement.

The events of support to ERT’s Employees continue daily in ERT’s premises, of Agia Paraskevi. Tonight at 9.30pm the film, “Land and Freedom» by Ken Loach will be screened, in memory of our companion, and friend journalist Achileas Panagoulis.


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