ERA Radio News Bulletin (Sep.8)

News in English 8-9-13

In a city under siege, with thousands of policemen having taken their positions, since very early yesterday morning  in every corner of Thessaloniki the unions, syndicates, organizations, institutions and movements, attempted to deliver a clear message to the Prime Minister, that the end of his government is near.
They were dealt by an army of repression since very early in the morning.

A 19-year-old and a 26-year-old arrested yesterday during the dynamic protest marches in the streets of Thessaloniki will face the city’s prosecutor charged with «attempted unprovoked bodily injury», «disturbing the peace», «resistance» and «attitude». Another 22-year old was arrested for possession of a firecracker, and will also face the prosecutor. Photos, that from the first moment went viral on the Web, caused a sensation, showing arrestees being from the first moment driven pow-style in police vans with their hands clasped behind their heads.

About  50,000 are the estimates of people protesting  in the city of Thessaloniki. According to preliminary estimates the PAME march had 7,000-8,000 protesters. The same number figures apply to protesters involved in the march called by the movements of BIOME and Chalkidiki protesters  fighting against gold mining , with which those gathered at Kamara by the extra-parliamentary left merged.
The beginning of the protests was made by the employees of local Authorities, who were not permitted to march from the City Hall to the International Trade Fair area. Dozens of riot police men blockaded the people’s gathering, who could not proceed not even a step.
The teachers’ block was impressive, covering the entire length of Venizelou Ave from Nikis Avenue to Egnatia, chanting «And one and two and ten weeks, we will strike until the year 3,000.»
The employees of ELVO asked for Syriza’s support on their struggle, which as they stated, is given in order the company not to be led «to death» and to prevent the dismissal of the 360 employees. At the SYRIZA block on Venizelou, A. Tsipras issued statements demanding that the government be toppled.
The crowd was thickening at the Venizelos statue with a strong pulse under the banners of educators and health care workers.
The gathered crowd at Kamara joined at Agias Sofias with the protesters of VIOME, of the movement against gold mining, and others. The square of Saint Sofia has been filled and the blocks reached  all the way to Egnatia.
Strong safeguarding, at the gathering of PAME, in ARistotelous square in Salonica, by members of the communist youth of Greece and the syndicate of workers at the bottled beverages industries.
Small-scale clashes were reported in the area of Kamara and the Rotonda. There were 3 arrests and 109 detentions according to official sources.
The Hellenic Police helicopter flew continuously  over the city centre.

Yesterday, Thessaloniki lived to the pulse of anti-austerity protests. The focal point was the building of ET-3 where the mass protest march of the main unions and the Thessaloniki Labour Centre converged, and where a massive protest concert was held.
The employees of ERT are giving a battle despite having been laid off more than 80 days ago. They are also protecting property belonging to the Greek people. “You are holding at Thermopylae and are reflecting the image of the entire society. Black is in our souls as well after 3 years of memorandum policy”, Mr Tsipras stated in his interview at ET3.
”The climate of the protest rally is a climate of rage and indignation. We must unite all the fronts into a one and only. We must convince Brussels that this policy cannot be followed and  stressed that a different model of government is possible.
Even if SYRIZA has 160 members of parliament on election night we sill still pursue cooperation. We will reach out to all the parties of the Left. The cancellation of the memorandum will form the basis of cooperation. If the Independent Greeks want to support such a government that wants to cancel the memorandum, we will not say no to them.
The SYRIZA government will restore constitutional legitimacy to the land, and to all who were affected by the memorandum,” the opposition leader promised in his interview in ET 3.


Evangelos Venizelos, addressed today at noon , a speech in full alignment with yesterday’s announcements by the Prime Minster, before the industrial partners, at the 78th International Trade Fair in Salonica.
The Deputy Prime minister, and Minister of Foreign Affairs, fully identified with the «success story» of the prime minister, also focusing, on ‘primary surplus» which is the starting point for the reconstruction.
He revealed that the National plan for reconstruction, does not include a plan B.
During his long speech, he refrained from making any reference to the coming triple padlock at the defence industries.
As he stated, the country is still going uphill, but also is at the final stanza, since we have already passed almost four fifths of the road that leads to the exit from the crisis”, he stated .
Mr. Venizelos, spoke of tough choices, taken out of «patriotic duty» and conscripted, like mr. Samaras did, the theory of the extreme ends, to attack the opposition, while he characterized the publications about early elections, funny.

According to a publication of the newspaper «Realnews» titled, «the sudden death of OSE», the lenders, pose as a prerequisite for the disbursements of the next tranche, the closure of the Greek Railways, following the example of the closure of ERT.
They also ask for acceleration of the restructuring of the tax mechanism, with dismissals of employees from tax offices.
As noted in the publication, the Troika’s agenda, who start the evaluations immediately after the German elections, is expected to be «hot»

The government side is denying the scenario of the “sudden death” of the Greek rail organisation – OSE. We remind that “realnews” was the first to reveal the death of national broadcaster ERT in June, and that the government was constantly denying this scenario until the 11th of June, when it was finally proven to have been lying.

The main pensions, the lump, the supplementary pensions, and all benefits of the social insurance funds, are on the «Procrustean bed» according to the newspaper «Vima tis kyriakis», as the deficits of the social security system are out of control, due to the prolonged recession period, and the unprecedented unemployment raise.

The Troika requires that the Greek government pledges to implement 5 billion Euros worth of new measures during 2015-2016.
The lenders’ «ultimatum» that has already raised great tension amongst the PM’s circle, comes only 15 days before EU, ECB and IMF representatives arrive in Athens in order to stress the fact that
«The next instalment will be made available upon implementation of new (austerity) measures».

According to newspaper “Efimerida ton Sintakton” the above-mentioned measures regard the following:
-Extension of the solidarity contribution until 2016.
-A special consumption tax on juices and refreshments.
-Further increase in the electricity rates.
-An increase in road taxes.
-Re-evaluations on the objective value in real estate.

Mr. Samaras’ lies have been understood and realized, by all the Greek people.
With his statements of today, and facing the reality of the Greek families, its is obvious that the Prime Minister needs psychiatric support» commented the party of the Independent Greeks.
«The country does not need injection of artificial optimism», is the statement of DIMAR, about the Prime Minister’s speech,
The way of a «Greece with primary surplus», opens with the lasting massacre of the people’s rights, and the deprivation of their income» stresses the Communist Party of Greece.

Elections in May, with Alexis Tsipras winning, foresees the «Economist».
However, in the article it is mentioned that Syriza will not be able to govern, since they have failed to ensure political alliances with parties of opposite ideological directions, and therefore the regulator for the formation of a government will again be the party of Nea Dimocratia.

The President of the European Parliament, Martin Schultz, notes in his interview to the Saturday edition of the Newspaper «Efimerida ton Syntakton» that «one, does not have to be an economist to understand, that with cuts only, you cannot increase state revenue, and that in order to improve the state income, development is necessary», and he adds, «The European Parliament, has repeatedly warned, that one-sided austerity, will not help us out of the economic crisis». This applies to Greece, Spain, Italy and the rest of the countries as well.»
Mr. Schultz expresses his opposition to the policy followed so far, concerning the European South, and stresses, that «Greece urgently needs program that will facilitate the access to Funds, of Small and Medium Businesses, in order to create new jobs, and thus restart its real economy»

An earthquake of 4.7 on the Richter scale, happened this morning, with an epicentre, 55 kilometres south of Heraklion – Crete, and was felt throughout the island.
At 8.24am another quake of 3.4 on the Richter scale occurred with the same epicentre. No damages have been reported.
One more earthquake today, of 4.2 on the Richter scale occurred in Thessaloniki, at 13.33pm. The focal depth is estimated at 10 kilometres, and there are no casualties or damages reported

Alexandros Avranas, won the «Silver Lion» at the 70th International Film Festival of Venice with his movie «Miss Violence», and Themis Panou, starring in the same film, won the Best actor Award.

Anastasia Moutsatsou will share with us today favourite songs from her personal 20-year-long musical journey in ERT’s courtyard.


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