ERA Radio News Bulletin (Sep.7)

Sketch by V. Papavasiliou (@EnetEnglish)

News in English 7-9-13

Thessaloniki is a besieged city today. Unions, civil movements and people, are in battle position today, inauguration of  the Thessaloniki International Trade Fair.

Strong police forces of the DIAS and DELTA groups increased patrols of the main roads of the city today, while riot police are deployed at key points around the Vellidio Convention Center, the heart of the exhibition.
The police operations involving more than 4,000 police officers from Thessaloniki, Athens and northern Greece.
ELAS helicopters are constantly in flight overseeing the development of mobilisations and advising the police operations centre.

In his address this morning to the 78th Thessaloniki International Trade Fair, Prime Minister, Antonis Samaras analysed data concerning the primary surplus – which the government side insists that will be achieved by the end of the year.
In a message to the troika, Mr Samaras said:
“Greece is adhering to its agreements. The lenders must do the same.”
Immediately after, the prime minister visited exhibition stalls and presided over a meeting with the city’s scientific officials at the Ministry for Macedonia and Thrace, and left the city straight after.

The opposition party of SYRIZA commented that, with an unprecedented delirious speech, the basic question that the prime minister allowed to remain unanswered was “which country he is in”. The statement continues:
Mr Samaras sees unemployment coming to a halt at a time when 1.5million of our fellow citizens are unemployed; ‘order’ in education and health care while hospitals and schools are closing; sustainability of public debt while it is rising; housekeeping in social security funds while they are collapsing; primary surpluses; and development in the ruins of recession and the social levelling.
In conclusion: The only thing that is certain is that Mr Samaras is a danger to the country and to its citizens.

The International Monetary Fund estimates Greece’s mixed fiscal-financial shortfall at about 47 billion euros for 2015-2020 according to sources of the German Press Agency.

Uniformed ranks will meet at the White Tower in the afternoon and march to the Ministry of Macedonia-Thrace.
There are four main rallies today at 6 pm.
The public and private sector employee unions and the Labour Centre of Thessaloniki are organising a gathering at the statue of Venizelos; the Communist Party, PAME, at Aristotle Square; the extra-parliamentary Left  in Kamara; and the citizen committees of Halkidiki opposed to gold mining at the square of Agia Sophia.
Alexis Tsipras, leading a large delegation of SYRIZA, will attend a rally at the statue of Venizelos.
At bulk of the rallies will consist of workers in the defence industry, the Thessaloniki water company, laid-off ERT national television and radio employees, teachers, employees of local government authorities, health care and of other sectors particularly affected.

More than 2000 people participated in the protest march against the memorandum, in the city of Patras.
Earlier, a protest rally was carried out, in the square of Ethniki Antistasi.
They sent a strong message to the Government.
Today at 10am, 3 buses with approximately 150 people, departed from Patras, for The International Trade Fair of Salonica, in order to meet and join with the rest of demonstrators from parts of all around Greece.

The President of Syriza, Alexis Tsipras, had a meeting earlier today, with the employees of ELVO, in Salonica.
He also met with the minister of culture of Bolivia, who is in Salonica having been invited by the movement «SOS for the WATER», which opposes to the privatization of the water provider company EYATH.
At 6 pm mr. Tsipras, will participate with other MPs and members of Syriza, at the demonstration rally, of the workers Unions, of GSEE and ADEDY, and the Labour Centre of Salonica.
Later he will give a press briefing at the news program that is transmitted by the dismissed employees of ET3 .

ET3 will become a meeting point of all struggling people, organizations, unions, and many others, tonight, immediately after the protest marches and demonstrations that are scheduled to be held in Thessaloniki, in protest against the predatory government policies, in various fields, like Education, Health, Culture, the Public and Private sectors, and the Local Authorities.
Amongst the artists who will participate in the big concert in ET 3 , joining their voice with the voice of ERT 3’s employees, and with all the citizens that have suffered the shock of the black screens are the following:
Agathonas, Giorgos Kazantzis, Panagiotis Karademetris, Christos Kolovos, Sakis Laios, Giannis Mitsis, Elsa Mouratidou, Demetris Nikoloydes, Paris Paraschopoulos, Demetris Sfiggos, Giannis Tsolakides, Maria Fotiou.

Achilleas Panagoulis, activist journalist-  member of the ERT family was buried today at noon at the Zografou cemetery.
Achileas, who  was in solidarity to the ERT struggle during these 3 months of struggle, was  killed in a tragic car accident in the early hours of Wednesday.
During his civil funeral service, a big crowd of people gathered, and short and very moving speeches about his life, his work, his ideas and his example to all, have been heard.
After his burial, many people remained for quite some time, around the place where Achileas rests in peace.

KEERFA – the movement ‘United Against Racism and Fascist threat’ – announced today that a mission consisting of SYRIZA and the organisation’s members visited yesterday the immigrant detention camp at Amygdaleza. One month after the detainee uprising, and after three of its applications to visit had been rejected, the Ministry of Public Order finally allowed the visit to take place. During the visit, KEERFA gathered the testimonies of prisoners who report serious violations of the rules of detention and human rights before, during and after the uprising.

A spontaneous Antifascist march and large scale of putting up posters, against the opening of the offices of Golden Dawn in Corfu, was held yesterday.
A new antifascist gathering against the same matter is scheduled for today at 5pm.

The regional unions of Secondary education teachers ELME, have given the green light to the proposal of their Confederation for strikes, immediately after the beginning of the new academic year.
However, the duration of their strikes is yet undecided, since the Confederation of Secondary education teachers, has not yet come up with a joint proposal. The decisions are expected to be taken on Monday.
By the side of the secondary education teachers, stand the elementary education teachers, and the private education teachers

Solidarity events are continuing at the occupied ERT broadcast headquarters in Agia Paraskevi.
Today we will have with us Nikos Papakostas with the Mediterranean music group ‘Canto Mediterraneo” in a musical journey to the east Greek arc extending from Constantinople to Epirus, with stopovers at Smyrni, the Aegean and Crete.
Tomorrow evening Anastasia Moutsatsou will share with us favourite songs from her personal 20-year-long musical journey.

Text to be posted soon…


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