ERA Radio News Bulletin (Sep.5)

News in English 5-9-13

The confrontation between universities and technical colleges and the Ministry of Education is being exacerbated over the issue of availability, with university and technical college administrators going on strike during the enrollment period of freshmen. The administrators’ union decided to hold rolling 48-hour strikes on 10-11 and 12-13 September, and a five-day strike from 16 to 20 September.
The deadline given by the Ministry for registration is from 11 to 27 September.
The Federation points out in a statement that «the ministry decided first arbitrarily the number of those who it considers redundant and then uses opaque procedures to single out the personnel it wants essentially to suspend.»

Anti-authoritarians have occupied the Town hall of Ioannina since this morning, in support to «Antiviosi» squat. The occupation of the town Hall was a symbolic action of protest,  that ended around noon today, against the intervention of the police, in buildings of Xatzikosta Hospital. The Town Hall of Heraklion is occupied since this morning too, by a group of young people, who protest against the evacuation operations of the police, in all squatted buildings nationwide.

Bulldozers of the Municipality of Agrinio, with the protection of strong police force, uproot trees since this morning in Papastratio park of the city. Residents of the area, that had established the «Open assembly for the Revitalization of the Park» have gathered at the area, in order to prevent the cutting of the trees.

54 work posts are abolished from Konstantopoulio Hospital (Agia Olga).
The employees of the Agia Olga Hospital, organize a protest picketing, in the streets of Nea Ionia, together with teachers and other institutions employees, on Friday September the 6th at 12 noon.

The process of work interest notice, for the coverage of 1754 positions, in health sector, starts today, and within 15 to 18 days, all 1641 employees that have been suspended will be placed in their new positions. The three member council of the Ministry of Administrative Reform, has already approved the related law draft, of the Ministry of Health.

Armed policemen, including riot police units, stormed the Hospital Panagia, yesterday, shortly after the employees had completed their scheduled assembly.
200 employees of the Hospital yesterday, received via e-mail, a notice that they are suspended, and they called an assembly to decide of their actions on this issue.
Great intensity  prevailed with the entry of the policemen in the hospital, as doctors were startled and asking the reason of this intervention, with the police answering by a variety of intimidations. It is worth to note, that while police initially reported they received a phone call, claiming the Hospital was supposedly looted, then they indirectly revealed to the employees that they received pressure to intervene by circles of the Agios Pavlos Hospital’s Director (in which Panagia hospital, belongs, administratively, after the merger). The employees decided in their assembly, to remain in their workplace, after the illegalities they discovered, on the procedure of their suspension. Specifically, solely for the Hospital of Panagia, the procedure of evaluation which would determine on which employees would be suspended was not followed, resulting to the Director of Agios Pavlos hospital to sign the suspension acts, suspending the ones he chose, according to their legal counsellor, Christos Mpakelas. Those illegalities are responsibility of the General Secretary of the Ministry of Health, as he sent a letter by which he asked for the suspension process for Panagia Hospital to be hastened. The legal advisor of the employees, stated at the site «alterthess», that he will proceed to a lawsuit against the Manager, for breach of duty. The doctors of Panagia hospital, despite the fact they have been suspended, operate the clinics, daily without disruption, and the nephrology department is in operation as well.

Riots occurred yesterday, outside the gates of the military camp Papapetrou, in Amyntaio Florina, during the protest of residents and bodies of the area, against the decision of the Ministry of Defence for the permanent removal of the camp from their city. Police forces violently pushed away the gathered people, ending up to the injury of the Mayor of Amyntaio, Makis Iosifides who was transferred to Mpodosakeio hospital for first aid. The mayor had stated that if the decision for the closure of the camp is going to be realized, his and his aldermen resignations, along with those of several regional servants, would be sent to the Prime minister.

The Central Union of Municipalities of Greece has decided to bring the issue of school crossing guards and municipal police layoffs before the Council of State. Yesterday, laid-off employees from these two sectors held protest marches in downtown Athens. They converged on the Ministry of Administrative Reform, and also met with the Minister of the Interior G. Mihelakis and the Minister of Administrative Reform K. Mitsotakis. In his meeting with crossing guards, the Interior Minister was reserved, stating that “All options for the employment of crossing guards are being examined. However, we are not yet in a position to make an official announcement. The school crossing guards demanded that the minister allow employees to cover job openings in adjacent municipalities, or to be transferred to positions in ministries. Representatives of the municipal police officers met with the Minister of Administrative Reform K. Mitsotakis who told them that he is expecting demands by public bodies until the end of September in order to absorb all those who have been fired.

The General Confederation of Greek workers, the labour centres and the Federations along with workers, pensioners, and unemployed, based on the common problems of Greek society, will give a new dynamic response, with their gathering and their protest rally, on Saturday September the 7th, at 6pm at the Venizelos Statue, in Salonica.

The minister of Culture of Bolivia, Pablo Cesar Groux Canedo, will be in Salonica on Friday, having accepted an invitation by the Coordination group of citizens and institutions «SOS for the Water». He will participate in a large event, dedicated to the controversial issue of water privatization, under the title » From Cochabamba to Salonica, the struggle for water is close to victory». The Bolivian minister of culture, will present a press conference at 12 noon at ET3, and he will speak at the event, which will be held on Friday at 19.30pm, in the City Hall of Salonica. «His presence in the City of Salonica, is very important and supports the struggle of the citizens against the privatization of water, and the selling of the water company EYATH, which is promoted by the Greek Government, contrary to the will of the majority of city residents. In Cochabamba of Bolivia, the residents of the area, have managed through great struggle, to cancel the concession of drinking water, their government was promoting, in a context similar to the Greek privatization program, as noted in the announcement of the movement «SOS for the Water».

In its communication, the Anti-Capitalist Left Cooperation for the Overthrow (ANTARSYA) demands that: «The EAS, ELVO, and Larco defence industries remain open through concerted struggles and permanent strikes.
The government announcement in essence of the closure of three industries (EAS, ELVO Larco) by invoking mail from the Troika is indicative of the punk troika-government policy against the working class and the people.
Three industries from the few remaining factories left in this country, will be closed! One of them, the historical Larco exploits nickel deposits unique in the world!”

The German newspaper “Bild”, in an article mentions, that a funding gap of 6.5 billion euros, results for 2015 in Greece, while the need for financial aid, towards Greece for the period of 2017-2022, is highly likely. The newspaper relies a relative letter of the German deputy minister of Finance, to the responsible of budgetary matters, of the Social Democrat party.

Up to 2 euros per litter, is expected to climb the price of unleaded gasoline.
According to the Fuel prices observatory, gasoline, is almost 3 cents per litter more expensive than it was the last 15 days. In the islands the price already reached the 2 euros per litter. Cefalonia, Samos, Cyclades and Dodecanese island, are proven champions in high fuel prices.

The Regional Federation of people with disabilities of Western Greece, denounce with their letter to the prime Minister mr. Samaras, and to the Minister of Tourism Mrs Kefalogianni, the exclusion from the programs of social tourism of OAED and EOT of people with disabilities. They ask them for a solution that will help the disabled people and their families, to benefit a short vacation, through the Programs of Social tourism.

Rhythm, emotion and interpretation meet in a musical project ritual.
Songwriter, Apostolos Rizos presents a musical show where his charismatic performances, collaborate with the unique artfulness of bassist Apostolos Kaltsas, creating a comprehensive sound and rhythm landscape. Songs from the last album of Apostolos Rizos, like «Don’t go» and «It’s Never Too Late» along with unreleased songs by artist, meet with the «What to remember,» the «Let’s be together» and «Bubble» of Nikos Zoudiaris. Our favourite songs by Hadjidakis, Loizos, Mikroutsikos, Kraounakis, Vamvakaris, Sidiropoulos and other major artists are revealed to us anew through the charismatic interpretations of Apostolos Rizos.


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