ERA Radio News Bulletin (Sep.4)

News in English 4-9-13

A very sad day today for the ERT family and those in solidarity. At 3 am this morning, Ahileas Panagoulis, a journalist for the “Ethnos” daily and a supporter in ERT’s struggle, was fatally injured by a car outside the broadcast facilities in Agia Paraskevi. Ahileas Panagoulis was born on November 1974 in Larisa. He studied in Thessaloniki and in 2003 began working at “Ethnos” as an evening shift copy editor. He participated in many solidarity initiatives, in alternative media ventures and in the ‘Take the Square’ movement.

The employees in the defence industries (EAS, ELVO and LARKO), are on war alert, after the rejection reply-letter of the European Committee, on the restructuring plans that were submitted by the Greek side. The developments on the issue, cause great concern especially to the employees of EAS and ELVO, who are unpaid for eight and four months now respectively, and who have proceeded to work retention, facing the spectre of unemployment. The issue of the clearance under operation, of the Defence Industry companies, has been jammed, as troika rejected the plans of the government. The representatives of our lenders, asked for the closure of the vehicle industry, and the dismissal of the total of its employees, without even being compensated. Troika, actually demands, the method of «sudden death», used in ERT’s closure, to be applied on the defence industry too, as well as on other State industries.

The general secretary of the Revolutionary Worker Party, Savvas Mihail, and the former Athens Technical University rector, Konstantinos Moutzouris have been found innocent by the single member misdemeanour court, with the prosecutor in agreement. They were on trial for “incitement to violence and mutual discord” – the former for a proclamation and the latter for allowing the operation of the Athens Indymedia station at the Polytechnic, after a lawsuit by the neo-fascist Golden Dawn party.

A meeting is currently in progress between Interior Minister, Yiannis Michelakis and school guard representatives, who held a symbolic occupation of the ministry protesting against layoffs this morning.
A protest rally is taking place at this time by school guards together with municipal police and municipal employee unionists, outside the Ministry of Administrative Reform.

Employees of the Greek Institute of Geology and Mineral Exploration (IGME) decided in their general assembly to strike and hold a protest at 11 am today at the Ministry of the Environment, Energy and Climate Change.
274 of the Institute’s employees remain after personnel redundancies, and they maintain further cutbacks are being planned. They also see an effort underway to alter the applied research character of the Institute, downgrading to the point of extinction the research into energy raw materials, minerals research, and the research technical support units.
Reactionary measures are also being promoted in disciplinary control issues to induce employees to violate the responsibilities and duties that are part of their office. The “evaluation” process is a stage for the preparation of redundancies, in other words, there will be layoffs.
The employees remain unpaid the last month and new wage cuts of up to 50% relative to 2011 are being promoted in an arbitrary interpretative circular of the state’s General Accounting Office. This circular’s findings should not be applied according to the Administration’s legal consultants.
The Institute’s retirees are being mocked since their legal allowances and entitlements have been for three years in arrears. Since the Institute is being downsized and discredited (its role effectively repealed), at the risk of losing 25 million Euros in approved National Strategic Reference Framework (NSRF) projects, some of which have already been initiated, it is necessary to retain all staff and to directly hire 125 scientific administrative and technical staff.

Employees in Public Hospitals have protested outside the ministry of health this noon. From 11 am to 3pm, a 4 hour nationwide work stoppage was announced in hospitals, welfare centres, emergency call centres, and Health centres.

The Association of employees, in the General Hospital of Western Attica, Agia Varvara», state in their announcement: Hospitals provide health services to all people, regardless of skin colour, and origin, and do not discriminate with racist criteria between Greeks and foreigners. Hence, people, in opposite ideological views, are not welcomed to support and participate in our mobilizations, held at the entrance of the Hospital.

The intention of the party of Golden Dawn to hold an open gathering in Plateia Georgiou in Patra, was answered, with two antifascist marches by the citizens of Patras yesterday and the day before. Finally the neo-nazi party, held its gathering in their offices in Patra.

The Piraeus Port Authority has signed a point of sale concession agreement with Duty Free Goods SA. The agreement concerns specific areas inside the Themistoklis, Miaoulis and Agios Nikolaos cruise liner stations. The agreement will initially be effective until the end of 2015 in exchange for a 5% payment on monthly sales.

In view the inauguration of the 78th International Trade Fair of Salonica on Saturday, Greek police starting from today increased police patrols and intensive investigations on main streets of the city. The scheduled protest demonstrations of all syndicates unions associations and institutions will be held on Saturday afternoon.

The minister of Finance Giannis Stournaras, in his interview to a private television station, stated that negotiations for citizens’ tax relief, will only start if 2013 revenues, closes with primary surplus. The minister reiterated, that there is no provision for reduction of the special duty on heating oil.

Not a cent for the Greeks if they don’t implement forms”, declared German Chancellor Angela Merkel. “Because otherwise it makes no sense, otherwise the solidarity goes to waste”, she said at the last plenary session of the current parliament before the elections on the 22nd of September.

In ERT’s premises tonight at 7.30pm there will be a discussion on «Addiction and Rehabilitation, during the economic crisis in Greece» with Mrs. Katerina Matsa, former director of the “18 Ano” rehabilitation community. Heraclis Gotsis, scientific counsellor of the “18 Ano”, Marios Atzemis, Evgenia Vasileiou, and Thanasis Vourvos, members of the collective group for social solidarity community action of “18 Ano”. The evening will continue with a theatrical performance of “Ploutos”, by Aristophanes, and end with a musical event, by the members of the community of 18 “Ano”.


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