ERA Radio News Bulletin (Sep.3)

News in English 3-9-13

The Ministry of Education’s bill for the restructuring of secondary education has been accepted by parliament’s Standing Committee on Cultural and Educational Affairs, yesterday, with the votes of New Democracy and PASOK. An official hearing is held today, followed by a discussion of the articles. Opposition parties submitted their objections to the bill’s content. Meanwhile, 143 teachers, 34 preschool teachers, and 73 other teachers were redeployed to administrative posts, as announced by the Ministry of Education. The redeployments leave many gaps in schools. These are partially covered by substitutes. Nonetheless, redeployments are also pending in other institutions, such as universities and colleges.

On the occasion of bringing to trial high school student council members of Alexandroupolis for the occupations of October 2011, the board of the First Regional Teachers’ Union of Evros condemns the attempt to criminalise the struggles and terrorise students. Their statement demands an end to any prosecution of students and to a repeal of the “special criminal offence” charges, against the students. These allow the public prosecutor ex officio prosecution of cases of occupations.

A protest gathering and a march towards the Ministry of Macedonia & Thrace, is underway, by the employees at the Greek industry of Vehicles, while they prepare dynamic demonstrations during the Interational Trade fair of Salonica.

The Panhellenic Federation of employees in Public Hospitals, are gathering outside the  Amalia Fleming hospital today. On Wednesday  they have announced a 4 hour nationwide  work stoppage, from 11 am to 3pm, in hospitals, welfare centres, emergency call centres, and Health centres.

The Panhellenic Union of Hospital Doctors, “POEDYN”, has announced a 24 hour strike in psychiatric hospitals of the country today.  They held a protest gathering outside the Ministry of Health at 11.30am.
In their announcement they point out the following:
1) The shrinkage and privatization of the Public Sector for Mental Health, and the Psychiatric Reform.
2) The underfunding of Psychiatric reform.
3) Work availabilities, and layoffs of health employees.

A protest calling for the reinstatement of a sacked employee will be held at 5:30PM tomorrow at the Eleftherios Venizelos Athens International Airport. According to a statement by the employee union, “the baggage handler was fired because he asked an air crew for a glass of water.”

Great number of people have gathered today outside the courthouse, in support and solidarity to the former Rector of the National Technical University of Athens, Constantine Moutzouris, and the Secretary of the Greek Revolutionary Workers Party, Savas Michael
that are indicted  after a lawsuit by fascist Golden Dawn party members in May 2009 for «defamation», «inciting citizens to violence and mutual discord» and «disturbing the peace». The trial has been interrupted because of the end of the court registry’s shift, and will be continued tomorrow at 9am. Intense reactions against this persecution has been expressed by political parties, trade unions, Greek and foreign intellectuals, organizations and institutions and by many citizens.

The “Hellenic League for Human Rights” expresses its unconditional support to Savvas Michael and  Constantine Moutzouris, as well as its strong concern regarding their trials. “We feel strongly that an ever more hermetically introverted criminal justice of extreme conservative reflexes is one thing. Criminal assistance to neo-Nazism is quite another, though.  The former may be deemed to be officially unhealthy. The latter is unthinkable given the state’s democratic-liberal character.”

The trial of the general council of POE-OTA( Federation of workers of all specialisations in the Municipalities and local communities of Greece ) for the strike they held in October of 2011, against the new payroll, has been postponed.
On this matter, there was a three hour work stoppage today, organized by ADEDY, and a protest gathering outside the Court building.

The border crossing between Greece and Albania at Kakavia was closed for almost an hour at noon, yesterday, due to a protest held by the neo-fascist Golden Dawn party. In a speech, MP Christos Pappas described the borders of the two countries as “artificial” and also spoke of the “liberation of Northern Epirus”.

The protests in Amyndeo of Florina continue, with residents and local authorities and institutions, protesting against the possible closure of the military camp,» Papapetrou» of the area.

Posting a declaration on the Internet, the group “Conspiracy of Cells of Fire”, claimed responsibility for a letter bomb  that exploded on Sunday evening in the home of anti-terrorism prosecutor, Dimitris Mokas, in Holargos.

Excessive levels of arsenic “reaching concentrations of 28 mg/l were detected in a well supplying the village with water”, while the highest allowable concentration is 10 mg/l, according to what the mayor of Aristoteli has confirmed to the daily newspaper “Efimerida ton Sindakton.”
From details that emerged, water samples were tested by the Centre for the Environmental Upgrade of Water Pollution Control Units (KEPAMAH). 70% of the company’s shares belong to the local government. The remaining 30% is privately held, of which 5% belongs to “Hellas Gold SA” according to the Centre’s official website.

The three responsible ministers, presented yesterday, at the Citizens Service Center, KEP, of Tavros, the “Health voucher” for those who have lost their insurance capacity.
The beneficiaries are estimated to be 230.000 and they have to formerly had been insured on health sectors that are now included in  the national social security organisation, EOPYY, and have an individual annual income up to 12.000 euros, or a family annual income up to 25.000 euros.
The Health voucher lasts for four months, and covers three visits to doctors, and one diagnostic – biochemical laboratory test.

German Finance Minister, Wolfgang Schaeuble said Greece may require additional funding of at least four billion euros by the end of 2014. However, he rejected once again the possibility of a new «haircut» of Greek debt, and retroactive recapitalization of Greek banks through the European Stability Mechanism.
«Based on today’s assessment, we are talking about 4 to 4.5 billion euros,» said CDU budget spokesman Norbert Barthle. His remark followed a briefing by Mr. Schaeuble, held at the request of the opposition Greens.

The president of Syriza, Alexis Tsipras, after his meeting yesterday, with the president of POE OTA, sent an invitation to organizations, social institutions, and the whole Greek society, for the creation of a large coalition front, that will force the government to proceed to elections.
Currently there is a serious issue of sovereignty of the country, after the discussions with Germany over the new loan for Greece, which will be accompanied by a new Memorandum, and the sale of all public property, added the president of the opposition party Syriza.

The Democratic Left party will submit, according to their announcement, a draft law for the introduction of the proportional representation electoral system, which in all cases will eliminate the advantage of the first in votes party  to benefit the 50 extra MPs seats.

The new law for the settlement of illegal constructions, has came to effect, along with the relevant ministerial decision that determines the procedure of inclusion to the electronic system registry of the Technical Chamber of Greece (TEE)
The ministerial decision contains specific provisions for the rescue of the building code violators, who had finished the settlement procedures under the previous law, (4014/2011) which, however, and according to leaks, has been declared unconstitutional by the State Council.

At 10pm today, Makis Seviloglou comes from Kozani, in ERT’s premises, to share his songs and traditional remakes, with us. Songs included in his last CD, with the title, «Open Window».
With him, Maria Papanikolaou from Salonica, known from her participation in Sokratis Malamas’ concerts, both in Greece and abroad.


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