ERA Radio News Bulletin (Sep.1)

News in English 1-9-13

The Prime Minister, Antonis Samaras in his interview to the Newspaper «Eleftherotypia» stated that there will be no release of auctions for primary  residencies. Mr Samaras, assures that control of the state  property and  the fund for the privatizations of state assets, TAIPED, will not move abroad, citing a relevant refutation of the European Commission.

The minister of Education, stated in his interview to «REAL NEWS» newspaper, that the Government will not proceed to requisition of teachers in case they decide to strike, at the beginning of the academic year. He points out, that no more teachers will be included to the second wave of work mobility, in the public sector.

Alexis Tsipras, speaking at the meeting of the central committee of Syriza pointed out that our country should not be involved in a war (concerning Syria) under the pretext of humanitarianism, or human rights. Mr. Tsipras unleashed a fierce attack against the government and especially against Evangelos Venizelos and Simos Kedikoglou speaking of a pathetic gang of willing and submissive people, and asked for elections, so that  the government of destruction to be gone.

The Independent Greeks [ANEL] party chairman, Panos Kammenos  has requested an official parliamentary briefing on Syria and a meeting of the Foreign Affairs Council. The Democratic Left stressed that «Greece must support the political solution to the issue of Syria, and the implementation of international law in any intervention.» Greece’s Communist Party stated that «For the Greek people there will only be new adventures from the country’s participation in the intervention against Syria.»

The employees of Panagia Hospital, call all citizens to a protest gathering on Monday, at 7.30am. The doctors have decided  to remain in the hospital until they receive a written order for their dispatch, despite the fact that the abolition of their positions has been already announced.

According to the Minister’s of Health Adonis Georgiades statement in Vima Newspaper, the Government  considers the transfer of 6000 doctors from EOPYY to ESY, so that  the number of 12.500 employees that have to be redeployed or dismissed from the public sector  is achieved, and for the second wave of work mobility to be completed  by the end of the year.

The Association of employees at the General Hospital of West Attica «Agia Varvara» states that “the Ministry hides the truth from the people, that the hospital is shutting down, and that it will be replaced by a new institution, which will be consisted by the morning and afternoon clinics, a medical clinic and a Artificial Kidney unit. The surgical departments are abolished, and all the rest shrink into one clinic. There can be no Cardiology clinic without an anesthesiologist, or  an Artificial Kidney unit  without a surgery department, as there can be no Hospital without an emergency duty call shift, stress out the Association of employees at the General Hospital  «Agia Varvara» in their announcement.

The assembly of the fifth ELME teachers union  of Salonica, decided to proceed in occupying  the vocational schools (EPAL) of Evosmos and Stavroupoli tomorrow, September 2nd. In their announcement they call all teachers from all schools and sectors, either working or under the state of availability, to participate in their protest actions.

The parents and residents of the communities served by the Primary School of Chaikalis in Achaia, started the occupation of the School today. In their assembly, yesterday, they unanimously decided to proceed to the occupation of the school in order to prevent the transfer of documentation of the students to the nearby school, which is sixteen kilometres away. They also issued a protest resolution addressed to the MPs of Achaia, the Perfect of Western Greece, the regional director of education and the mayor of Western Achaia, asking them to state their positions.

56% percent of Germany’s business management set, consider the Greek debt ‘haircut’ to be a move in the wrong direction, while forty-nine percent feel it would weaken Athens’ motivation to put its budget in order. The statistics were derived from research conducted at regular intervals among 200 senior managers -members of the «Leaders Parliament» group, by consultants «Roland Berger» in cooperation with German newspaper «Die Welt». 16% favour an easing of the debt because they feel a third bailout package would increase Greece’s debt obligations.

The authorities of the region of Western Greece are considering the establishment of a “seasonal land labourers” camping site in the Ilia region, in order to offer solutions to the critical issues that face  land producers and labourers, especially in the Manolada area of Ilia, as announced.

The «Movement 136 – Citizens united for the WATER» of Salonica, announced that their struggle will not end with the completion of the tender for the water company, but it will be continued, with several non profit cooperatives of local municipalities of Salonica, taking over, and claim the water supply and drainage, as «alternative water providers» relying especially on the regulatory framework of the European Union. The representatives of the Movement 136, Lazaros Aggelou, Kostas Marioglou and Kostas Nikolaou, stated, that the European regulatory framework provides, that a public monopoly (like water provision) cannot be turned into a private monopoly.
For the time being, they are preparing the formation of a team against the privatization of the Water Company of Salonica, who during the 78th International Fair of Salonica, they will inform the political leaders that will be in Salonica.
They impeach, that The Fund for privatizations of state assets, TAIPED, does not promote the privatization with terms decided by the Parliament, but the privatization that illegally excluded from the tender, an organization like the Movement 136.
Their appeal to the  Court of Athens, by which they ask, the Fund to hand to them all the data of the participants at the first phase of the tender, so to use them in order to proceed with a lawsuit against the decision of their exclusion from the second phase of the Tender, and ask for the annulment of the privatization Tender of EYATH,  is still pending. They call upon the Government to withdraw the privatization of EYATH, from the medium term program, and to cancel the tender of concession of the 51% of the company, as the European Commissioners Michel Barner, and Olli Rehn have stated that the privatization of EYATH is not a memorandum obligation, but a choice of the Greek Government.

POESY (Panhellenic  Federation  Of Journalists’ Trade  Unions), stress out, that they will support the actions of ERT and ET3 employees, with all their powers, pointing out that on September 7th, the day of mobilization of all the social and public institutions and unions, in the International Fair of Salonica, the premises of ET3 will become the epicenter of initiatives to restore legitimacy. The Panhellenic Federation of Journalists, answers to the call of the chairman of the Supervisory Council of NERIT, Themistoklis Fortsakis, about the criteria of the recruitment of journalists in NERIT, that there will be dialogue only with ERT open and properly functioning, and its employees back to their positions.

The cultural events of support to ERT’s employees, continue on a daily basis in the premises of ERT in Agia Paraskevi. Demetris Mitsotakis and the group Evdaimones, will offer this Sunday, September 1st, a special evening, to all friends and supporters of ERT.


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