ERA Radio News Bulletin (Aug.31)


The coordinating committee of Federations in Solidarity with ERT , state that they support the struggle of ERT’s employees, and do not legitimize the illegal institution of the new «Public Television». «The employees of ERT, broadcast a strong signal of resistance and struggle, representing all employees, against the ongoing disastrous memorandum policies of the Governement, against layoffs, and work availability, against the dismantling of labour conditions both in private and public sectors, against the selling of public and social property, against the obsolescence of social services, and against the violation of democracy. The coordinating committee invites all workers, unions, all social movements and collectives, to keep on supporting this struggle of the employees, with their presence at Agia Paraskevi and their participation at the events organized daily in ERT’s premises.

POSPERT union , in an announcement yesterday, has accused the deputy Minister, Pantelis Kapsis of taunting ERT employees who are continuing to broadcast via the internet, and ridiculing their struggle, in an insidious and unethical manner. The Minister is being accused of using tactics such as: attempting to undermine the ongoing ERT occupation to achieve his goals and justify his substantial salary, despite evidence that exposes wrongdoing. The response of POSPERT is singular: It is the very same answer that the Prosecutor of the Supreme Court, Efterpi Koutzamani gave, when she ordered an investigation into the undeclared job recruitments at the new public television, after the complaint filed by POSPERT. Those complaints will be supported by a large number of other irregularities that have emerged and continue to emerge, in the Greek government’s attempt to illegally operate new public television entity.

The Central Committee of SYRIZA, today and tomorrow, will be forming the answers to the questions «with which alliances will be formed a majority political movement to overthrow the government » and «which powers would support a leftist government that will have SYRIZA as a centre core, inside the parliament and within society». The president of SYRIZA, Alexis Tsipras during the course of his speech expressed the certainty that there will be early elections, perhaps at the urging of the “lenders”. Furthermore, he lashed out at the Prime Minister’s foreign and domestic policy, calling Mr Samaras’ “to listen to the feelings of the Greek people and to defend the interests the country, instead of playing the sad role of willing and obedient student in every direction». Alongside Mr Tsipras announced that the SYRIZA government «will put an end to MP’S immunity for those who succeeded in legislating the indemnity for their decisions» adding that those responsible for the “economic genocide of this country» will be brought to justice and will be held accountable.

A thousand people a day joined the dole queue in May, bringing the total number out of work to 1,381,088.Greece had the highest rate of unemployment in the European Union with 27.6 percent in May, according to data released on Thursday by the EU’s statistical authority Eurostat, confirming data compiled by the national statistics agency ELSTAT, adding that youth unemployment was also at a record high in May of 62.9 percent. The second-largest number of jobless people in the EU in May was recorded in Spain (26.3 percent), which also has a youth unemployment rate of 56.1 percent, Eurostat said.

The General Council of ADEDY, has decided the escalation of their protest action, with a peak point the big rally scheduled to be held during the International Fair of Salonica. Thus protesting against the work availability status, and the layoffs. In this context, ADEDY, has announced a 48 hour strike for the 18th and the 19th of September. Many rallies and other forms of protest activities will be held through all the Public sectors of the country, specified on each area by the local federations and unions covered by ADEDY.

At the same time, the Panhellenic federation of employees in Public Hospitals, decided lasting protest actions, against the change of use of Hospitals that leads, as mentioned, to their closure, and to layoffs of personnel. On Monday protest gatherings at Hospitals that are affected by the change of operation are scheduled, while on Wednesday the Federation of Hospital Doctors has announced a 4 hour work stoppage in all the country’s hospitals, in social services, and Health Centres, from 11am until 3pm.

A protest gathering on September 6th in Salonica, on the occasion of the opening of the International Fair, will be held by policemen, in a series of nation wide protest actions of the uniformed employees in security and safety .

The employees of Panagia Hospital, call all citizens to a protest gathering on Monday, at 7.30am, a decision taken this morning at their union assembly. The doctors, have decided, to remain in the hospital, until they receive a written order for their dispatch, despite the fact that the abolition of their positions has been already announced.

A group of about 50 young people, attacked and damaged cars parked, outside the hostel owned by the district commissioner of Epirus, Alekos Kachrimanis, last night in Ioannina. According to information from local media, this attack is co-related with the evacuation of the “Antiviosi” squat , by the police a few days ago. Many were arrested, during the large police operation that followed the attack, but none was prosecuted.


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