ERA Radio News Bulletin (Aug.30)


A protest gathering of employees from public hospitals that are changing their operating status, is underway outside the Ministry of Health. The employees claim that the real plan of the responsible minister, Adonis Georgiades, is to permanently close those hospitals. The Panhellenic Federation of Employees of Public Hospitals (POEDIN) stated today that “the Minister for Health, wanders from television station to television station, exhibiting a new way of exercising his ministerial duties. He blackmails, intimidates, and threatens health sector employees, because they demonstrate against the dismantling of the national health system, and are against hospital closures and job cuts. The public right to health care is not his personal business, and public health employees and public servants are not his personal employees”.

A sit-in protest outside the office of the Deputy Minister of Development and Competition, Athanasios Skordas, is being conducted by the employees of the General Secretariat of Commerce and the General Secretariat of Consumers, who are protesting against their services being merged. The merger is being accompanied by an unprecedented contraction of hours and fields of responsibility, to such an extent that both merchants and consumers are being delivered as prey to the interests of major cartels and are completely defenceless – according to employees in both secretariats. In their General Assembly the employees resolved to continue their protest activities begun in early August.

The Athens District Court, handed down an important ruling, that the decision of the Greek Shipyards board to apply rotating work rosters to its employees was unlawful and constituted improper management. The court ordered the company to compensate the employees with their full wages from 18/4/2012 to 31/2/2013, which was the period contested before the court.

Minister of Development Kostis Chatzidakis announced on Mega TV yesterday, that talks with the Troika on the subject of property auctions are due to begin this November. «The provision will be submitted for parliamentary vote by the end of the year,» he added.

The Polygyros police arrested four people yesterday, while they were putting up posters for the upcoming protest events in Megali Panagia, Lerissos, and Salonica, against the gold mines. DNA sample was taken from one of those arrested, to be checked on suspicion of his involvement in other offences committed in the area of Skouries. They all have been released.

 Following a large meeting of the “Movement United against Racism and the Fascist Threat» with immigrant communities, trade unions, and local committees, a “Rally for Freedom» is scheduled for tomorrow  at 6pm  in the Square of Agia Triada in Menidi, with a protest march to the detention center of Amygdaleza.

 After police raided three buildings owned by the Chatzikostas hospital at Ioannina, the Minister of Public Order, Nikos Dendias stated that “certain groups of people have trespassed and are squatting in public spaces, turning them into centres of lawlessness.» The police raid took place at dawn yesterday, and lasted for about two hours. In a public statement, SYRIZA condemned the forced removal of the Antiviosi squatters. Numerous protests and marches have been taking place since Thursday, in Ioannina and in neighbouring cities.

A Reuter’s survey of 60 economists found there is a strong probability that Greece will require a new bailout package. There was near unanimous agreement amongst economists, which is to be expected, since there have been numerous references to it from members of the Greek and German governments.

in a roll call vote that was requested by SYRIZA 56 votes were in favour and 35 votes were against against the bill for granting the management of Government Lotteries to the private sector. 91 members of the parliament participated in the vote. Earlier, two members of the majority that had earlier stated that they would vote against the bill had been replaced.

Chairman of the Democratic Left party, Fotis Kouvelis is proposing the establishment of a third progressive pole that would coalesce all the forces of democratic socialism, social democracy, ecology and the new social movements.

 In an interview with a Norwegian newspaper, Stelios Stavridis praised privatisation as a godsend, attacked those calling for the old Athens airport to be turned into a park, and said that Greeks are not clever. “Greece would be better off if it was populated by Norwegians rather than stupid Greeks, privatisation is “a god’s blessing” and anyone opposed to it should go “f*ck” themselves, he stated provocatively. There were among the crude messages delivered by Stelios Stavridis, days before he was dismissed as head of the country’s privatisation fund TAIPED.

Ert news

 New Democracy deputy, Gerasimos Giakoumatos requested that ERT’s electricity be cut in order to end the occupation of ERT’s Agia Paraskevi premisies in Athens. Mr. Giakoumatos specifically asked: «There is an occupation of the building of ERT. The state pays for the electricity bills, doesn’t it? The Greek taxpayer  pay and the government cannot enforce the law? I’m not saying to get the police to raid the building and have bloodshed. Can’t  they just cut the power?” wondered Gerasimos Giakoumatos. Pantelis Kapsis rejected the proposal, arguing that «the reason the power cannot be cut is technical, as there is sensitive equipment in the archive.»

 The Panhellenic Federation of Journalists’ Unions (POESY) welcomes the struggle of ERT’s employees who insist on «keeping ERT alive» for three consecutive months after ERT’s signal was cut by the Samaras-Venizelos coalition on 11 June, sending 2000 employees to the unemployment fund, including journalists, technicians, and administrative personnel. Not succumbing to the blackmails and dilemmas, in a «journalism market» that is sinking into unemployment, they insist on airing television and radio programs, as well as news programs that are an example of professional competence, and journalistic ethics. A program that is way ahead in comparison to the one broadcasted by the construct euphemistically called Public Television, and has the backup of the entire state apparatus. According to POESY, the issue of ERT is not yet closed. They say NO to the new public television entity, the function of which is full of irregularities: recruitment offers that are cancelled by those who announce them, recruitments of people not included on the lists of the ones applying the criteria, and «black» undeclared labour from the «public organisation». The Federation will do everything in its power to support the activities of the employees of ERT and ET3, who struggle with limited technical means after the decision of the European Broadcasting Union to support the new transitional Public Television entity. The premises of ET3 will become an epicentre of all kinds of initiatives to restore legitimacy on Saturday, 7 September, when all social movements will be mobilised at the International Fair of Salonica. POESY, on the occasion of a call for dialogue addressed by the Professor of the Law University, reiterates its readiness to engage in the dialogue for the reform of ERT, only with ERT in operation and its employees resuming their jobs. Finally, we deem unthinkable, the establishing of a committee for the reopening of public broadcaster in the General Secretariat of Public Media.

 The case of ERT remains open in the eyes of Justice, the Parliament and throughout the whole of society, says chairman Board of ESHEA (Journalists’ Union of the Athens Daily Newspapers) ,  Dimitris Trimis in a letter – answer to the invitation of the chairman of the supervisory board of Nerit. ERT – notes Mr. Trimis – remains alive and protected by its heroic workers across Greece and the millions of citizens who view its daily program which in spite of the circumstances is a free integrated and a quality program.

 The Workers Solidarity newspaper is staging an event on the subject: The Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation ERT, Schools, Municipalities, Hospitals: On-going Strike, later today, Friday, at the forecourt of Radiomegaro. Speakers are: Irini Foteli – working at ERT, Emi Athanasiadou – working at Sismanoglio Hospital, Giorgos Tsironis – hospital doctor at Thriasio General Hospital Elefsinas, Kostas Fininis – working at Vrilisia Municipality, Dimitris Polichroniadis – teacher, Alderman at the Municipality of Marousi, Panos Garganas – Managing Director of Workers Solidarity newspaper.

 Summer Cinema at Radiomegaro,

at 10:00pm «Afghanistan». A journey through today’s Afghanistan, from Islamabad, Pakistan, passing through Jalalabad – one of the Alexandria cities that Alexander the Great built in Afghanistan – all the way to Parwan province in the north, and finally arriving in Kabul. The documentary is full of images that create food for thought about the political and social situation in the country, from issues of education, the economy, the role of the Taliban, the position of women and the most discussed burga. The documentary runs for 30 mins and was produced by Idea, Story, Direction, Cinematography and script by Kostas Vakkas.

 at 11:00pm Taksisinidisia: Greek American Radicals – The Untold Story. Kostas Vakkas’ historical documentary brings to light a forgotten chapter in the history of Greek migration to America. The presence of Greek migrants in the radical labour movement of the USA and the story of the Greek-American Left from the beginning of the 20th century up until the prosecutions during the McCarthy era. The film takes a close look at the mosaic of a multicultural radical movement which is made up of writing, letters, songs, newspapers, photos and unique archival footage, by following in the footsteps of the migrant workers on the path of “Taksisinidisia” as they called their class consciousness.


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