ERA Radio News Bulletin (Aug.29)

News in English 29-8-13

Both Athens and Nicosia  reiterate, that they have not received an official request of assistance in a possible military action against Syria.
”I hope  those who make the decisions, consider very carefully the issue of a military intervention in Syria» said President of Greece, Mr. Karolos Papoulias.
Alexis Tsipras (leader of the opposition party SYRIZA), with a letter to the Chairman of the Greek Parliament, asked for an urgent convening of the Parliament, so that the Prime minister  informs all MPs for the government’s intentions about Syria.
The Standing Committee on National Defense and Foreign Affairs of the Parliament, unanimously decided to invite the Minister of Defense and Foreign Affairs so to be informed by him, on the issue.

Journalist Marios Dionellis ( TV Correspondent with SKAI news) and his cameraman, who were reporting near the Souda military base (Crete), were released today, after being arrested and charged with espionage yesterday.
While they were being transported from Chania police headquarters to the prosecutor, Mr. Dionellis did a phone interview with the ERA network, stating in the past, both local and national television stations had broadcast footage from the same area. The SKAI TV journalist considers that in all probability, the real reason for their arrest was their coverage of the local community’s reaction to the use of the Souda military base for the expected invasion of Syria.

A protest gathering and a march to the US Embassy, against the upcoming military intervention of the United States, NATO, and European Union in Syria, and the involvement of Greece into it, is scheduled  at 7.30pm by the Communist Party of Greece.
In their announcement about, the advance of the  military preparations against Syria, the Press Office of the Communist Party, states :
The Military preparation of the United States, Britain, France Turkey and the Gulf monarchs against Syria, under the pretext of the accusation, of use of chemical weapons by the Syrian armed forces, is accelerating and threatens to drown in blood all the people of Middle East and of the Eastern Mediterranean.
The Greek Governments, have major responsibilities, for providing the military base of Souda, and other military infrastructure, even units of the Greek Armed Forces, for imperialistic wars, exposing the country and its people in great danger.
The Communist party of Greece, calls upon all Greek people to react decisively, and condemn any involvement of the Greek Government in promoting the imperialistic plans and to demand:
The Base of Suda to be shut down now
No availability of infrastructure (like the military airport of Kalamata) located in our country, nor Greek units of Military forces to participate in the new imperialist war.
Not to facilitate the United States, NATO, an EU and their allies, in any military operation against Syria or any other country in the region.

The Anticapitalist Left Cooperation for Subversion (ANTARSYA) in their announcement state:
«Once more, the imperialists are preparing a military intervention in the area of Middle East. The war operation that is being prepared against Syria has nothing to do either with people’s rights or with the protection of civilians.
It is one more attempt to impose the hegemony of the United States and their allies, on the wider area of the Middle East, and in the context of competition with China and Russia, to safeguard the interests of the big capitalistic countries over the energy and natural resources, to establish regimes friendly to the West everywhere, to empower Israel against the Palestinians and other opposing regimes, like Saudi Arabia, and to halt the momentum of the people’s uprising as it was also demonstrated, with the American support to the military coop in Egypt.
The military intervention in Syria will not bring any piece whatsoever. Contrary, it is more likely to intensify the military conflicts,  lead to even more bloodshed and civil wars and destabilize the whole region.
Now is the time, for a vigorous Anti-war and anti-imperialistic movement to raise a «Tame less Tower» against the machine of the imperialistic wars by common anti-imperialistic actions of the Left, by initiative of the labor and popular movements, with massive and dynamic demonstrations. Under  a common front of the people against capital and imperialism.

Civil Servant’s Confederation ADEDY demonstrate at the time in front of the  Ministry of Administrative reform reacting to government’s planning concerning Public Services.
ADEDY denounces the” dramatic shrinkage of Public Services through» revocations or consolidations , especially in the areas of Hygiene, Education, Social insurance and Local Government.

A series of protest activities, seems to be ahead for the teachers, as the meeting  between  their representatives with the Minister of Education, Konstantine Arvanitopoulos, came to a dead-end. The Teachers’ Federation, is expected to decide on what their stance will be, next week.

The deadline for filling the tax report of 2012 expires on Friday, and there is not going to be an extension, mentions the General Secretary of State Revenue, Haris Theocharis.
Those who will submit their tax reports later, will be considered overdue, and apart from the fine they will be charged with, they will loose their right of tax reductions through the receipts.
Those who already have submitted their report, can enter the TAXIS website, to check if their reports are cleared and be informed about their payment dates.

The representative of Commissioner Olli Rehn, denied today, publications of the Financial Times newspaper, and Reuters news agency, according to which, there is a proposal of the European Stability Mechanism -ESM, for the transfer of the securitization process of Greek public property assets, to a company based in Luxembourg.

About 400 immigrants who are held in Orestiada’s concentration camp have started hunger strike since yesterday morning .The occasion was the announcement of camp’s administration for prolonging their lockup from 12 to 18 months which caused the detainees indignation. Many of them have been held in the camp for more than a year without having committed any crime or without having been on trial. According to KEERFA’S (Movement against the racist and fascist threat) denouncement, an immigrant has been transferred to hospital because of his passing out while another has stopped eating as a form of protest since yesterday evening. In the denouncement is pointed out that »concentration camps are human soul’s infernos where tortures take place in a row and the inmates live under the most miserable and unacceptable conditions. That’s why on August the 10th we saw that grant riot in Amigdaleza’s camp.»

Under full control is the fire, in the area of Karakolithos in Viotia, near the city of Livadia. Dozens of people were taken to the hospital during the night, with breathing problems, while late last night  the nursing home of Mitropolis, located in Pera Chorio  on the outskirts of the city, was evacuated. According to the Mayor, Nikos Papaggelis, four houses  and sheep pens in Cheronia were burnt.

A family tragedy in the village of Antipernoi of Corfu, a 50 year old woman drowned her 7 year old daughter in the bathtub of their home, and then killed herself. The mother was German, and lived permanently on the island with her family.

The renowned fashion designer Michalis Aslanis, was found dead at his home in Kolonaki, yesterday afternoon. The coroner and police, investigate the causes of his death. No suicide note was found, but there was a notepad where Michalis Aslanis, wrote his pending debts, while recently he had revealed he was being blackmailed.

A large scale police operation, attended by a prosecutor was held today at dawn in the premises of the old hospital «Hatzikosta» in Ioannina against the «Antibiosi» squat. Several young men gathered outside the building in solidarity to the squat and marched to protest to the Labour Centre of the city. No clashes or arrests have been made. Another solidarity protest is scheduled at 7 pm outside the Prefecture of Ioannina. It is worth noting that in the last fifteen days of August in various parts of the country more than five buildings that were squatted have been evacuated by police forces.

Ert news

An example of undemocratic behaviour, and an attempt of silencing a Television station, characterizes the deputy minister Panelis Kapsis, the decision of Syriza and the other opposition parties, their representatives, not to participate in any broadcasts of the transitional Public Television.
I hope, he added, that there will be MPs that will maintain the independence of their opinion, and will not obey to such undemocratic instructions.
According to him, a question is raised, about why, while the government is attempting to fully reopen the Public Broadcaster, with the full support and legitimacy given by the EBU (European Broadcasting Union) the Opposition parties undermine the effort.

POSPERT UNION in their announcement, stress out that the «appointed  Deputy Minister for public radio and television, in great audacity, thinks that he can snub, all opposition parties over their decision to support the struggle of ERT’s employees.
A struggle for a real Public Radio and Television, for independent information, for Culture and for Democracy itself.”

The support events at ERT’s premises in Agia Paraskevi, continue every evening. Tonight with us, we have the group «MOUSIC SOUP» in their own Jazz compositions, and other famous jazz music, and the group «The hidden hours 66» with lots of good rock music.


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