ERA Radio News Bulletin (Aug.28)


The opposition parties in Greece do not recognize the newly fabricated public television. On the contrary, they support the ongoing struggle of ERT workers, and recognize ERT as the only true public broadcaster.
The opposition leaders, Tsipras, Kammenos, Kouvelis, and Koutsoumpas assured that their parties will not be represented in any broadcasts of the new Public Television.
Alexis Tsipras,LEADER OF THE SYRIZA, reiterated, its uncompromising choice to revert to the institutional framework of ERT, when his party will assume the governance of the country.
Mr. Kammenos specifically indicated that during his visit to the Thessaloniki International Fair, he will not allow journalists of PublicTV to attend the press conference. He said also that a TV crew rented by his party will be covering his visit to Thessaloniki International Fair, and afterwards this coverage will be broadcasted in Greece and abroad by ERT.
There should be a public broadcaster, with specific and clear rules, in the service of the people, pointed out Demetris Koutsoumpas, highlighting that the struggle of ERT’s employees is of high importance.

Issues concerning teacher postings, transfers, substitute teachers’ recruitment are  being  put on the table for discussion at the  meeting held at this hour between the Board of the Teachers’ Federation of Greece and the political leaders of  the Ministry of Education.
Members of the FEDERATION representing state secondary school teachers (OLME) are to convene at noon on Friday to decide whether or not go ahead ON STRIKING   later this month
Meanwhile, the Federation, has appealed to the Courts, and is calling all teachers, that were suspended, to be at their school units, on September 2nd.

In recession is the fire front at Markopoulo Oropos. The fire burst yesterday in a forest area inside a gully in the area of Mavrosouvála.
Meanwhile, to the Public Prosecutor of Piraeus, appeared to confess , the 45 year old man, charged on arson by negligence, for the fire that broke out on Monday in Kythera.

The new help package for Greece will amount approximately  11 billion euros, according TO  the German Minister of Finance, Wolfgang Schaeuble, while he repeated that there will be no new «debt haircut»
Mr Schaeuble rejected the claims of the Social Democrats, who estimate, the needs of our country, to 77 billion Euros by 2020.
They have to stop creating new doubts, every once in while, he added, so to serve their pre-electoral tactics.

The German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, tries to transfer the responsibility for the debt crisis to her predecessor, Gerhard Schroeder, stating that she should not have allowed Greece to enter the Eurozone.
Speaking at an pre-election campaign gathering, in the presence of 1000 of her supporters, she said, that the Chancellor Schroeder, accepted the entry of Greece to Eurozone, thus weakening the Stability Pact.

One person arrested during a large scale police operation in Eksarchea. After the attack with molotov bombs against a riot police squad, stationed at Harilaou Trikoupi street, Tuesday night.
The person prosecuted, according to the police report, had a molotov bomb in his possession, and there were other arrests of suspects for the attack to the riot police squad.

An occupation of the television station of Patras «Super B» was held Tuesday night, shortly before the main news program, at 9pm, by a group of anti-authoritarians, who protested for the evacuation of the former branch of the University, after a police intervention.
The antiauthoritarians, hung a banner at the entrance of the station, and as the newscast started, they broadcasted a video with their requests and their protest, on the evacuation of the former branch of the university.
During their occupation, no violent incidents occurred, nor there was any police intervention.

Golden Dawn MP, Antonis Gregos, had his gun license revoked following an incident at Salonica airport in which a serious accident was narrowly averted. The revocation of his license was to  the MP’s failure to prove he can guarantee the safe use of the weapon in his possession.
However, Mr Gregos has submitted an appeal, which is currently under consideration by the Department of State Security Headquarters of the Greek police.
Another Golden Dawn MP, George Germenis, is having his license to possess and carry a gun considered, after a lawsuit filed against him by the Mayor of Athens, George Kaminis.
A document released by the Minister for Public Order in the State Security Subdivision stated that the decision, which involves authorizing the police to revoke the gun license, depends on the outcome of the criminal court case being brought against him.

The trial of the 13 young people that were arrested on August 14,, charged for graffiti crimes related to the tragic death of Thanasis Kanaoutis, was held yesterday. 7 of the defendants were sentenced to 12 months imprisonment with a 3-year suspension period, while the rest were acquitted. Outside the court, a support gathering was held.

At 10pm, tonight, the unique George Psychogios, stands in support of ERT employees’ struggle, with his music. He improvises on the piano and never forgets how much ERT has supported and embraced culture and art through the years.!
At 11pm, the «first cousins» George and Demetris Aggelopoulos, from Nafpaktos, with their guitars and their songs, will give all of us beautiful rock moments!


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