ERA Radio News Bulletin (Aug.27)



The opposition parties in Greece do not recognize the newly fabricated public television. On the contrary, they support the ongoing struggle of ERT workers, and recognize ERT as the only true public broadcaster.
This emerged from the meeting that ERT journalists had today with the President of the Democratic Left, Fotis Kouvelis, at the party’s headquarters in St. Constantine Street, and another with the Chairman of the Independent Greeks, Panos Kammenos at the Parliament.
Mr. Kammenos specifically indicated that during his visit to the Salonica International Fair, he will not allow journalists of PublicTV to attend the press conference. He said also that a TV crew rented by his party will be covering his visit to Salonica International Fair, and afterwards this coverage will be broadcasted in Greece and abroad by ERT.
ERT journalists will now meet with opposition leader Alexis Tsipras in the Parliament, and at 4.30 pm with the secretary of the Greek Communist Party, Dimitris Koutsoubas.

Summer Cinema at Radiomegaro ERT is hosting today the  documentary  «Τhe greengrocer». This excellent movie was directed by Dimitris Koutsiampasakos and  Harris Faros was on charge of photography. Last week it was projected in the Festival of Sarajevo and  it is going to be on screen in the garden of ERT tonight. After the movie there will be a discussion in which the director Dimitris Koutsiampasakos will be participating.

A new tax invasion is announced for 2014 by the International Monetary Fund.
As disclosed, the new Medium term planning,  that is being drawn up, foresees, tax increases by 12.4% applied  for the income earned in 2013.
Regarding the direct taxation, an increase of revenues will  mainly come by the elimination of tax exemptions, the elimination of tax credits for children, the increase of taxation over income from rent fees, but also by the increase on the taxation of self employed and freelancers.
In this context, the tax statements of 2014, will be particularly high, a development that will further inflate the unpaid debts to the state.
At the same time, households will continue to bear the burden of the temporary (which has become permanent now) contribution of solidarity, as well as the really high property taxes.

The announcement of the mandatory transfers of 4.600 teachers from secondary to primary education fields throughout the country will take only a matter of hours.
Already 5.750 transfer application, have been submitted.
About 1000 teachers will be posted.
The Ministry of Education, will hire very few permanent teachers in schools, this year, and representatives estimated that the recruitment of deputy teachers, will not exceed 2.500 people.
The employees in Education for the next days have scheduled events, assemblies and meetings, in order to plan  their protests and   mobilizations  for the new academic period  that starts in a few days.

The protests of the employees in Health services against the plans of the government, continue with general assemblies, in all hospitals of the country, and protests in those which are shutting down or change use.

A survey is warning that some 40,000 small businesses in Greece are likely to close in the second half of 2013 at a cost of up to 90,000 jobs despite a major bank rescue program implemented before the summer.

Explicitly opposed to the possibility, of a new haircut of the Greek debt, reaffirms once more, the German Chancellor, while she doesn’t reveal her papers, for the third package of help, in order not to weaken, as she mentions, the reform efforts of Athens.
There will be no more bailouts like the Greek one, pledged the German Minister of Finance Wolfgang Schäuble, if the party coalition of Angela Merkel wins the elections.

With protest marches today in Peristeri and Volos, and interventions in almost all around the country, continue the protests over the tragic death of 19 year of age Thanasis Kanaoutis, that died because he did not have a bus ticket
Meanwhile in Salonica, the trial of the youngsters accused for grafitti crimes in regard to Thanasis death, is in process.

With a common announcement , the Movement United against racism and the Fascist Threat and the Pakistani Community in Greece «Enotita» impeach an assault against an immigrant.
As pointed out in their announcement. A racist attack from a group of about ten fascists, was launched on Sunday night the 25th of August, at 6.45pm against Mohamed Zaman, a pakistani immigrant, while he was crossing Antigonis street near the bridge of Kolokinthous, on his way to the gas station where he works.
The perpetrators, stopped Mohamed, and started hitting him punching and kicking him.
He tried to escape but in vain.
When the police came a short while later, the perpetrators had already disappeared.
Mohammed was beaten all over his body, had a broken nose, and he was transferred to the hospital of Pamakaristos to get first aid care.


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