ERA Radio News Bulletin (Aug.26)

News in English 26-8-13

An end to the reduction and compromises of the fines applied is being put for those who «forget» to submit the reports and pay their taxes as planned by the ministries of Finance and Justice. Direct property confiscation of the fraudsters, who will be led straight to jail, without parole, is included among the «draconian» penalties of the new law. The bill, which is in its final phase of process, is one of the basic prerequisites for the Troika evaluation in September.

The dice has been cast for 12.500 public servants, who are seeing the exit door, through the work availability process. The meeting of the Government council of Administrative Reform, chaired by the Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, with the participation of the Vice President of the Government and Minister of Foreign affairs Evangelos Venizelos, is completed. The first phase of the work availability concerning 12.500 employees, will be completed by the end of September. There have already been selected, 2.114 teachers, 2.234 school guards, and 53 employees of the Ministry of Administrative reform, since last July. Work availability in 15 other ministries is still to come.
After today’s meeting of the Governing Council, opens the way, for the signing of the common ministerial decrees, by which the job positions will be abolished. Today’s meeting focus, was the reorganization of structures of ministries, and organizations, and consequently the fate of 4.900 employees of the ministries, and other public organizations, who until mid September much be merged or closed. In terms of the wave of work availabilities of December, seems that administrative employees, cleaning staff, security guards, drivers, and technical staff, will be in the front line.
At the same time, the issue of unifying the defence industries, is advancing in fast pace, while possibly more employees  will be driven to dismissal. The consolidation of the defence industries, was a proposal that was submitted several months ago by the Economic team, but ultimately ERT was opted to shut down instead. The final decisions, will be made in Mid September, as the country is committed to TROIKA.

“It’s a shame” said Minister of Health Adonis Georgiadis about the protests of the people working at the Multi Clinic of Athens …. commenting that he represents the… private sector. In addition, speaking directly to them he said that they should have been fired so that they would have a good taste of what being fired means.
“The hospital is not closing, it is changing” stated Minister Georgiadis on MEGA TV channel. “It’s like when a store is being renovated. For a few days it halts its daily function. There will be some disturbance for a few days but people’s lives have nothing to fear” said Minister Georgiadis to the Vice President of the worker’s union at Multi Clinic of Athens, Mrs Christina Rapti adding that “the people working there have no idea of what the government’s plan is all about”.
In response Mrs Rapti commented that the ministry’s policy on health is criminal. She added that the union wouldn’t protest about a plan which would have been organized and based on good foundations concluding that the government simply does not want the public character of health in Greece.

A meeting with its  regional Federations is held today by ADEDY, so for decisions to be taken, about the escalation of protests against the ongoing – as mentioned- pogrom of job layoffs, of tenths of thousands public employees. It is reminded that it has already been decided for a general strike and protest march to be held on AThens this Thursday, while a day later, on Friday, the General Council of panhellenic federation of public servants (ADEDY), meets, in order to decide, demonstrations throughout the whole period of September.

A new  police intervention took place this morning , in the Valveiou Library building of Mesologi, which was being occupied, with the presence of judicial officer, and representatives of TEI Patras that are the owners of the building. No one was arrested.

Greece does not need a second debt haircut, because it can reduce its debt using other ways, like the easing of the terms of the existing packages of rescue, is pointed out in the German Newspaper Handelsblatt mr. Giannis Stournaras. As Reuters mentions, the minister of Finance, spoke of returning to the markets, in the second half of 2014, with a small version of bonds, so to test the market trends.

Akis Tsochatzopoulos, was testifying this morning  at  the Three-member Felonies appeal court, charged for political money laundering, which according to the indictments comes from Kickbacks from armament programs. Once again he attempted to give a political character to his trial, as he talked about a conspiracy against him, from «followers of the former Pasok leader, George Papandreou», who as he claimed, wanted his annihilation.

About secret aircraft dispatches of money, into Greece, so that the Greek banks do not run out of cash, speaks an article of the British newspaper «Daily Mail».  The newspaper reports that despite the threats of TROIKA, flights to Greece that carried billions of Euros, were done during the summer of 2011. According to «Daily Mail», Greece had significant cash shortage, as Greek citizens had massively withdrawn their money from their bank deposits, after the Threats of Troika to freeze the payment of the debt instalment of 12 billion euros. The report says, that even military aircrafts were used for carrying the money.

A bus full of tourists was engulfed in flames last night in Chania – Crete, at the area of Kalyvon, while it was in motion on the highway. Two fire department vehicles, as well as police force, operated so all the passengers were moved out of the bus in safety. The bus was completely ruined.

A little girl  fell off the third floor of an apartment building and in Lesvos today, and struggling to be kept in life. The unfortunate little girl, fell off without being noticed by her 20 year old mother.


More than 10 million Euros per year, is «pushed» now in private television Channels , with the closure of ERT, and the political operetta, of the transitional broadcaster, according to detailed data, of the first half of 2013, impeached in their announcement, the Movement of Professional Journalists.
This amount represents the share of the current advertising expenditure attributable to ERT, not including sponsorships, and royalties from television Broadcasting, and international athletic and cultural events coverage, a fact that increases the damage caused by the closure of ERT.
The Movement of Professional Journalists, speak about an issue of infidelity against the interests of the State, with the special manager of the ministry of Finance and his political superiors, being fully accountable for. To an amount over 2 million euros annually, is calculated by the same MPJ the «black hole» created at the insurance Fund of journalists (ETAP MME) because of the job layoff of ERT journalist.

AT 22.00 TODAY IN ert’s courtyard
Fide, the amazing Turkish singer, known in Greece and Turkey from her participation in “Bloody Lands” (“Matomena Homata”) and her cooperations with Mimis Plessas and Nikos Kypourgos, is singing to us melodies of her homeland and known Greek melodies in Turkish and Greek.

23.00: Greek jazz of the Interwar Years, by  Maria Kanellopoulou. First Performance Prize at the ITHACA Festival (1983). She has cooperated with many well-known artists in Greece and in Austria, where she released her first CD with songs of Hadjidakis, Hadjinassios, Kraounakis and others and participated in concerts, in the Austria center, Konzart Haus, Metropol, Reimund Theater. Musician and Journalist David Nahmia will be accompanying her on the piano.


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