ERA Radio News Bulletin (Aug.25)


The minister of Health, visited the Hospital Amalia Fleming, and stated that the work mobility proceeds very well, «like a Swiss watch».
There was a confrontation between the employees of the hospital and the Minister, who stated once again willing to wager “that none will loose his job.”
Meanwhile, the evacuation of 8 hospitals that change «functionality» continues, and as the hospital doctors impeach, intubated patients  have been transferred, while their medical files still remain in the hospitals that change functionality and usage.
The military hospitals are not included on the emergency call duty list of hospitals, as it has been announced.
In fact, the system of intensive call duty of the rest of the hospitals, which were proposed by the national research health center, EKEPY, is not yet activated – despite any possible effect this may have on the public health.

The participation of the insured, at public health system, for non Generic Drugs increases.
Changes in the medication sector are promoted in the immediate future, so that the sales of generic medicines to reach 60% from the 19.8% that they are now.
As reported by Mega Channel, henceforth the people with medical insurance at EOPY will pay out of their own budget, the difference of the insurance price for hundreds of drugs, that are not generic and are more expensive –  as the coverage of the 50% of the cost by the insurance fund is eliminated.
At the same time, motives will be given to pharmacists to provide patients with generic drugs. For each generic medicine they sell, they will not pay rebate, while on any medicine that reaches 60% of sales  in generics it will be completely excluded from paying rebate.

No teacher’s job is at risk, and the schools will open normally, assures the minister of Education Konstantinos Arvanitopoulos, in his interview at the newspaper «Parapolitika»
He  admits, however,  that the new school year will start with 10.000 less deputy teachers, which is an effect of the fiscal policy of the government.
Meanwhile, the Federation of Secondary Grade Education (OLME) threatens the Ministry, with a long term strike. The final decision on the strike is expected to be taken from the regional unions ELME, which will hold a meeting on Tuesday August 27th.
In case teachers decide in favour of the strike, the government will again mandatory enlist them, is pointed out by sources of Maximu mansion  and estimate, that ¨the requisition will not create a major political issue, given the fact that society has been already exhausted and rejects these trade union practices.”

According to the newspaper «Proto Thema» which relies a confidential report by the European Stability Mechanism (ESM), dated June 11 of 2013, there is a plan by which all the property assets of TAIPED will be transferred to a new organization located abroad, and in which decisions will be taken by foreign managers. This new organization, will be able to make presales of assets of the Greek State, and  money will be  transferred directly to the account for the Greek Debt.It  will be able to create subsidiaries abroad, to which public assets  for sale will be transferred, without any participation of the Greek government.
This proposal of the ESM was delivered to the Greek government by the Troika last June, and will be an issue of discussion during their next visit in September.

The area of Issos in Corfu was transferred to TAIPED(Hellenic Republic Assets Development Fund).
This fact caused intense reaction of the residents which led to the creation of the «Commitee of Struggle of ISSOS» which has proceeded in many informative campaigns and protest events.
It is a protected area included on the NATURA network,The Lagoon of Korrision, covers an area of approximately 6000 acres, with sandy soils and dunes, where  126 different bird species have been observed and other extincted species are protected.
The oldest Paleolithic archaeological find of all the country, has been discovered in the area, which is exhibited at the Archaeological Museum of Corfu.
Today, at 8.30 pm in the area of Agia Triada of Argyrades a big gathering and concert are organized , against the sale of these precious public assets.
In the concert appear amongst others , the Corfiot composer Spyros Samoilis, and prominent singer- songwriter, Dionysis Tsaknis.
The committee of struggle in an interview in the Hellenic radio station says they want to turn it to a golf curt.

Under partial control is the fire that burst out around 1am last night, in a pine area in Alepochori.
Six vehicles remain at the spot with 15 firemen and a group 16 hikers.
Meanwhile, charged on of arson with intent, are two men of 40 and 59 years old that were arrested for the fires that occurred in Rhodes island and in Naupaktia.

Favourable criminal treatment for those accused of financial scandals and cases of public corruption, like violations of the law “pothen esches” i.e. the law that investigates how assets were acquired, money laundering, tax evasion, smuggling and fraud, are included in the new bill of the Ministry of Justice, which will be submitted to the parliament in September, as revealed in Kathimerini newspaper.
According to the newspaper, the requirement is for the accused to return the total amount of money embezzled from the state, before called to account on the court. The crime will be converted to misdemeanor and the penalty will be imprisonment up to 2 years.

Ert news

A job contract with ERT had signed Andreas Zoulas, which earned him 68.985,24 euros in a year (plus employer contribution), under the administration of Christos Panagopoulos and the Government of Nea Dimokratia – according to the newspaper «To Choni» which reveals today the specific contract. According to it, mr. Zoulas, was hired as a director of content for the ERT’s Archives.
Andreas Zoulas is  elected deputy chairman of the supervisory board of the so caled  “public television” and was appointed in the new transitional broadcaster DT by a minister not elected, but whom citizens living in Greece shall pay for his office, 451.000 euros per year!
On the other hand, ERT was shut down for reasons of economy on expenditures, and mostly in order to break the nepotism and family job recruitments! is noted in the newspaper article.

The events of support to ERT’s employees continue every night at the yard of ERT. Tonight, the well-known singer Theodosia Stigka will perform for us.


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