ERA Radio News Bulletin (Aug.24)


Police set up roadblocks and thoroughly searched warehouses, stables, and houses in Tympaki, Crete. A strong presence of more than 60 police and a riot police squad are active in this operation, and have made dozens of arrests. Information indicates that many of those arrests are expected to lead to prosecutions.

Despite the reductions and cuts, of salaries, pensions, and public expenditures, the public debt of Greece has reached the amount of 321 billion euros, recording an increase, at the end of the first half of 2013. It has reached higher numbers than these of 2009, greater than these recorded before the crisis started.

The public debt, burdened by 16 billion euros in 2013, and is higher by 18 billion euros, compared to June 2012, when it was amounting to 303 billion euros.

At the same time, there is a divergence of views, between the International Monetary Fund, and the European Comission, regarding the Greek economy, which is shown in the new study of the Fund, according to which, our country has «sank» in even deeper recession because the growth prospects have been overestimated in 2010.

Meanwhile, Syriza speaks, for scandalous operation of TAIPED (the   greek  privatization fund) , which accumulates debts in the country, in their detailed note concerning this organization.

Syriza mentions about opaqueness in the functioning of the FUND, reminding that the board of directors meeting minutes, are confidential, that the fund does not subject to parliamentary control, and does not submit the quarterly reports as it is required by law, or  submits  them with extreme delays.

Finally, assessing specific decisions of TAIPED, the party of SYRIZA, states that up until now, complete privatization procedures on behalf of TAIPED give out a strong odor of corruption, and highlights the need to investigate further.

Turbulence caused in Germany, by the Greek debt and the possible further help to our country.
The German Minister of Finance, stated that the discussion for a new aid package to Greece has opened, so he will not, be accused later for concealing the truth.
The 3rd package of support for Greece, will be very limited compared to the two previous ones, stated the German Minister, while he clarified that, a prerequisite is the abidance of the Greek government to the memorandum commitment they have undertook.

With temporary Court orders, returned to their jobs, the 2 school guards of Agioi Anargiroi and Agia Varvara schools, who had been under the state of job availability.
In their appeal to the court , the above school guards, plead irreparable harm, suffered by the state of work availability in which they were forced. As stated by their lawyer, the judgment of the Court, is positive, and will help other employees who have been driven to work availability, like teachers, municipal policemen etc.

Repealed with an amendment submitted to the parliament by the ministers of Finance and Labour, are the double pensions that could be received by ministers, deputy ministers, as well as the elected presidents of districts, mayors and prefects.

An immigrant who was detained, in the immigration detention center of Corinth, jumped from the second floor of the building, where he had climbed to protest against the extension of his detention time from 12 to 18 months.
He was transferred with serious injuries to the General Hospital of Corinth, where he is hospitalized in critical condition.

To the Misdemeanors Prosecutor of Samos, are referred the employees of the island’s Hospital, for preventing the voluntary blood donation, that was scheduled on April 27 by the party of Golden Dawn, calling its members to a nationwide blood donation «ONLY FOR GREEKS»

The employees, blame the hospital’s management, and the prosecution authorities of Samos, for having opened the prosecution procedure against those who defended the true character of voluntary blood donation, as stated.

The blood which is used for transfusions, will not be tested and safe any longer, since from Monday August 26th  the tests stop. according to the announcement of the Greek Federation of Thalassaemia.

The reason for that, as stated by the federation, is the problem that ocurred with the process of provision of the reagents used for the molecular testing of blood (for HBV, HCV and HIV) for the next three months.

The order given by the Minister of Health Adonis Georgiades, on August 13th, to the administrations of the Hospitals, where the nine centers of Molecular Control belong, to proceed signing the three-month contracts (September – October 2013) cannot for the time being be materialized.

A bag giving out a strong odor, that contained a human member, was spotted at 7.30pm, Friday, next to a trash can, at Prasinou Lofou & Stefopoulou streets in the area of Rafina.
The bad smell, intrigued a resident of the area, who approached the trash can, and shocked he found out the bag that contained a human foot!
The police has been called and a coroner is going go to the spot, so to do the necessary inquiries.

Two more cases of child pornography , have been cleared  by the Cyber and Economic crimes, police department.
According to the Greek police, the offenders (25 and 28 years old) had contacted minors via social networking websites, and had persuaded them to record videos with pornographic content. In both incidents, the mothers of the children played an important role helping to solve the cases.

Around a thousand of people gathered last night at the Town Hall of Peristeri, in a protest gathering that was followed by a concert, over the death of Thanasis Kanaoutis.
Meanwhile, all across Greece, the protests continue with interventions at mass transportation media, asking for free transportation for the unemployed.

10.815.197 people counted as resident population of the country, according to the Census of population of 2011. 49% of them which is 5.302.70 are men, and 51% which counts 5.512.494 are women.
In a relative announcement the Hellenic Statistical Authority, notes that the methodology of the 2011 census differs significantly in several respects from those of previous censuses, both as to how the census was done, as well as to how the data collected were processed.
Therefore, According to the Hellenic Statistical Authority the results of the 2011 census and those of previous years, are not entirely comparable.


“A NEW YENED , which was the army radio and television services of the junta period, is the memorandum television DT  of mr. Samaras, said  the president of Syriza, Alexis Tsipras, during his visit yesterday noon, at the premises of ERT in Kerkyra island.
He characterized the closure of ERT a crime and emphasized  to the  interruption of the transmission of national programs of Radio and Television to the remote areas of the country, which now recieve the signal only from stations in Turkey, Albania and Italy.
Mr. Tsipras, speaking to the employees, made it clear, that when Syriza, takes office, he will reinstate the padlock-coup, by returning to the institutional framework, and the brand name of ERT.

More than 10.000 signatures of support to the employees of ERT within 4 days ask from EBU, not to interrupt the transmission of ERT’s program.
The employees continue to broadcast the program through the internet all over the world, without the support of EBU any more.
The collection of signatures is done via the website
For greater convenience you can enter the site, and click on the special icon labeled «Sign Here».

Tonight, at ERT’s yard, we will listen to «Songs for the difficult times that come and go, so to come back, and go again, trying our faith». Vocals and piano Kostas Levadas, with the participation of Marianna Polychronidis.


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