ERA Radio News Bulletin (Aug.23)


A protest gathering outside the Ministry of Health was carried out today, by the employees at the Health Sectors, who speak of the upcoming layoffs and the dissolution of Hospitals.
The Panhellenic Federation of Employees in Public Hospitals has announced a 4 hour work stoppage, until 3pm in all Hospitals of Attica,  protesting to the measure of work mobility.
The hospital employees protest is supported  by the Federation of Hospital Doctors, who speak of total deregulation of labour relations in the National Health System, through  work mobilization,  that will lead to thousands of job layoffs.
An actual presence of solidarity, was given to the gathering of employees of the public health sector, by employees of ERT, who participated in the protest march, and distributed pamphlets. With the motto «ERT schools, Hospitals, lets send Troika to Unemployment”, ”ERT will remain open – it will become the voice of every employee», «ERT is not shutting down, it will remain public» the employees of ERT and the employees of Public Health sectors, reinforced their solidarity ties even further.

Antonis Samaras and Evangellos Venizelos reached to an agreement yesterday on the matter of lifting the ban “under conditions” of the auctions for the first residence.
The issue however, continues to cause intense reactions by the opposition parties. “The two government partners, gain time, while they implement with blind obsession the criminal policy that leads more and more citizens, to unemployment and inability to pay their loans”, commented the party of Syriza.
”The couple, of Samaras – Venizelos, with fast track procedures, gives  the green light to the banks to proceed in  main residence auctions  of the impoverished Greek people”, state the Independent Greeks party.
”Amidst the period of austerity crisis, that torments the Greek society, the protection of the main residence should be a mandatory option of the Greek State, notes the Democratic Left Party.
“The government opened a new way for «alternative» solutions with a pretend social character on the matter of main  residence auctions, which is the protection of the socially weak ones, and those that can prove they are not able to payoff their loans. So this makes the prime minister’s profile, look sensitive, and brings up the stability in the governmental cooperation”, mention in a statement the Ecologist Green Party.
“The agreement of Samaras – Venizelos, is the first step opening a path in   auctioning houses of poor low class families”, state in their announcement  the Anticapitalistic Cooperation for Subversion.After the economic annihilation of vast social groups, the governmental moneylenders, and the EU come to punish the «bank borrowers».
The same time Mr. Schaeuble heralds the third memorandum package for 2014, his local partners  respond again by punishing all those that lost their jobs, or had their income and salaries and pensions reduced, literally  their  family budget planning  but  mostly their lives and the future of their children too, vanished into thin air.
The party of ANTARSYA, not only condemns the coalition government of ND – PASOK, and the Troika EU – IMF – and ECB, but we continue our struggle for the anti capitalist  reversal of this whole situation. We remind to the «crows of the government» that housing is a constitutional right, for which our country’s governments never had a social policy.
We call upon the people, the workers, the unemployed, the young ones, the people’s movement, and all the struggling groups and forces of the Left, to form a joint invincible shield of solidarity, resistance and subversion, that not only will prohibit any house of the people, to end up in the hands of the banking system, but will also send these policies, and their political lackeys   home”, as stated in the  announcement of the Anti capitalistic Cooperation for Subversion.

A protest gathering outside the ministry of Finance at Karagiorgi Servias street, was held  this morning by the tax company employees.
In their announcement, the Panhellenic Federation of Employees of Internal revenue services, sends a message, in coordination with all the Federations of the Ministry employees, and ADEDY .
”We will not accept not even one job dismissal and we will defend the public character of the tax services, is stressed out by the Federation.”

“The third support program for Greece, will be «a lot more limited» compared to the two previous ones”, states in a new interview, this time in Handelsblatt newspaper, the German Minister of Finance Wolfgang Schaeuble.
He also clarifies, that the prerequisite is the Greek Government, to comply with its commitments taken so far.
In response to the reactions caused by his statement about the need of a new package of support for Greece, amidst the pre-election campaign in Germany, he repeats: “The general public, has now, understood very well, what I am saying  since 2012 and  that next year we will have to evaluate and consider, new measures for Greece”

Under control is the  fire that burst out in an olive grove at Bubulinas street in Voula. At the spot operate  8 firefighting vehicles.

Two people were injured in explosions,  that happened this morning in a timber plant in Kalochori of Salonica.
According to the first information, the explosions occurred in liquid gas tanks.
The explosions caused a fire in the plant and vehicles of the fire department rushed at the spot.

Concerning the death of the 19 year old Thanasis Kanaoutis, and according to yesterday’s reportage of a private channel  the Administration of Athens Urban Transport Organisation, OASA, begins to take distance, from the coverage that so far has offered to the ticket inspector of the trolley, leaking that it is being investigated if he acted according to the regulation or not. A protest gathering and a concert will be held tonight at 7 pm at the Town hall of Peristeri.


The  trade union of ERT employees POSPERT   and the Panhellenic Federation of Journalists’ Union (POESY), filed a lawsuit – criminal complaint, to the General Prosecutor of the high court Areios Pagos, for a blatant violation of the employment and social insurance  legality, at the transitional broadcaster,  “Public television” – which is none other than the Greek State –  in employing people in a non transparent way and  under the state of undeclared «black» labour.

In Greece, a country were pensioners live on 300-500 euros, 1,5 million people are unemployed, workers don’t get their salaries for months and their bonuses for years,  shops are divided into two categories,  those that have already shut down and  those that will soon shut down.
In the country that a big number of the citizens are fed by the church, in the country that households are left without electric power because they cannot afford to pay the bills any more, in the country that the citizens are freezing in winter time, because of the high price of heating oil, in the country that the cars have stopped moving because of the high price of gas and because  tax fees for cars are too high, in the country where all these and many more, even worse, are happening and worsening daily, what do you think is the annual cost of the Minister’s office responsible for the New Greek Television? Well, just 451.250 euros!

Tonight in ERT’s Garden:
The  documentary “SULLEN STONE” by Filippos Koutsaftis – 12 years after its first screening, it comes –to prove again its timeless value- at the SUMMER CINEMA at the ERT BUILDING in Aghia Paraskevi. The documentary has been awarded with: First State Prize for Documentation Film 2000, Best Film Prize of PEKK (Panhellenic Union of Film Critics) and the Audience Prize at the Salonika Festival. The creators have been filming the sacred town of Eleusis, for 10 years, paying tribute to the town that the deindustrialisation policies, not respecting even its sanctity, have destroyed with irreversible consequences for the area and its archeological sites, sinking its residents in unemployment and misery. The “Sullen Stone”, is a beneficial breath of self-awareness and awakening.


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