ERA Radio News Bulletin (Aug.22)

News in English 22-8-13

In progress is the «evacuation» of the Polykliniki hospital in the center of Athens, as ambulances of EKAV were instructed to «distribute the patients, to other hospitals. The ERTOPEN has been there, recorded and photographed the ambulances, while, as the employees impeach, if something happens, especially to the more severe cases, who is going to take the responsibility?
This hour, the employees of Polikliniki, appeal to the Manager of Evangelismos hospital, who did not respond to their invitation to go to Polikliniki, and discuss about their employment future.
Tomorrow, Friday, the employees of Polikliniki, along with employees of other public hospitals, and with the support of the employees of ERT, will attend the protest gathering for the defence of Public Health…today in Melissia at 7.30 in a special concert  for this reason and tomorrow , at 11am protest gathering  outside the Ministry of Health.

All the health services are in a state of alert, over the appearance of the West Nile virus, after the first death of a citizen from the disease.
It is an elder, with overburdened health history, who was hospitalized with a central nervous system infection in a hospital of Athens.
According to the Data of Keelpno, the number of the incidents of patients with the virus is up to 35 so far, with most of the occurrences recorded in Attica.

Uncontrollable is the forest fire that burst, in a forest area of Karouza Cefalonia. Three aircrafts and strong land forces of the fire department. operate at the spot
The fire fronts on Rhodes island show a better image, after the overnight battle given by the firefighters, in the areas of Kalabarda, and Salako.
Finally, under control is the fire in the area of Ano Kallithea of Patras.

All students and two of the three immigrants that were arrested during the police intervention in Polytechnic School of Athens were set free. According to web pages the third one was lacking legal documentation and he will be deported soon

The German Chancellor Angela Merkel, does not deny the possibility of a third bailout package for Greece, but stresses out that she cannot determine the exact amount of assistance.
Similar statements preceded, by the European Comissioner, Olli Rehn, who also noted that the lenders, also consider other possibilities, for the continuation of the program
«I cannot determine what amount, if necessary, could be required. We will be able to speak about it, by the middle of next year» said mrs Merkel, in her interview on the german private television station TV Sat1

In Several districts of Athens as well as in many other cities of the country, many protest actions and events, are ongoing, on account of the death of 19 year old Thanasis Kanaoutis, with the demand of free transportation of unemployed people with the public transportation.
Today at 6pm a protest march will be held in Salonica, and tomorrow, a concert and gathering will be held at the Town Hall Square in Peristeri.

Speaking to the private station of Skai, today, the responsible deputy minister Pantelis Kapsis, repeated that if the assessment of the applications had proceeded  and  the announcement of who meets the qualifications, came after – concerning  for the admittance to the transitional broadcaster- the newscast would have been aired at least a month later.
He also added, that it will be investigated weather false details have been submitted.
Mr Kapsis, noted, that up to last night, only 50 people were hired to work in the transitional broadcaster.
As he claimed, the commitment is to recruit, 2000 people, but first DT has to be able to transmit from the premises of Agia Paraskevi.
He once more called the employees of ERT to stop the occupation, since, as he claimed, it is of no real use, and it only has political expediency.

In reply to these statements, representative of the employees of ERT Machi Nikolara, pointed out that the employees in the premises, are there and work on a 24 hour base and produce news and information program, and they have never exposed their personal political views
Meanwhile, more than 8.500 signatures of solidarity and support to the employees of ERT that continue to produce a full program, broadcasting worldwide through the internet, despite the fact that they do not have the technical support of EBU any longer.
The collection of signatures is done via the website EBU TO KEEP ERT ALIVE, and can also be reached through the link at the website of
The employees point out that the programs of ERT can be watched by millions of viewers, and listeners, through, and through the sites as it has been done for 72 days now.

In the meantime, at the premises of ERT in Agia Paraskevi, the cultural events of support continue.
Tonight The Boys of Pireus will be with us, a group that will travel us, with old folk songs, with rebetika, and lots of great quality music.


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