ERA Radio News Bulletin (Aug.21)

News in English 21-8-13

A police intervention at the Polytechnic building took place this morning, without any clarification on the reasons yet.
It is the first time that police forces invaded the Foundation’s premises without prior violent incidents having occurred.
Six people were arrested , while crowbars and a tank with flammable liquid have allegedly been found.
Police  riot squads have blocked the streets all around the Polytechnic University  and places inside the building, that were occupied by antiauthoritarian and anarchists.

The Prosecutor of Appeals, Virginia Sakellaropoulou, has appealed to the law, against the decision of the Three-Member Criminal Court, with which the four police officers were acquitted, for the manslaughter of the 24 year old student, Nicholas Sakellion, in 2008  in the center of Athens.

Intense political character  have taken the reactions after the death of Thanasis Kanaoutis. Views   considering  his unfortunate death to be a «political murder» were  dominant   at  the discussions held  during  yesterday´s gatherings   outside the ministry of Transportation.
Members of collectivities have gathered outside the main entrance of the building, asking for a full investigation of this case and
free use of public transport means for  students , unemployed and other vulnerable groups of people, but also against the State repression methods that were followed after the young boy´s  funeral.

The Extension of the «assets control, to the doctors that prescribe medication, for the National Organization of Health Services, as well as the census of the people insured under EOPYY, within September, was announced by the Minister of Health. Referring to the raise of the cost for public hospital admission from 5 to 25 euros, Adonis Georgiades, stated that it is the application of an older law, but it will be brought to discussion with the Troika Representatives in September.

The minister of health remains consistent to the homicidal memorandum obligations, comments Syriza, speaking for antisocial policies in the health sector, which directly threaten the right to life itself».

A letter to the municipality of Santorini, was sent by Adonis Georgiades, according to which, the Ministry of Health, is unable to bear the cost of operation of the Hospital of Santorini. He  proposed , that the direct responsibility for the operation of the City hospital  has to be undertaken by the municipality of Santorini, either alone, or in cooperation with other authorities, but as prerequisite, for the implementation of this proposal is the commitment of an amount of at least 6 million Euros to a special bank account, since this is  the estimated cost of the partial operation of the Island’s Hospital for one year.
As a second solution, it is suggested to the municipality, to accept in writting, and with the decision of the City Council, for a tender to be held, for .a collaboration of public and private sector under specific terms which will be entered in the announcement of the tender.
Otherwise, after September the 16th,, the immediate transfer  of the equipment of the hospital, to other Hospitals  will begin and the building will be transfered to TAIPED so that  the procedure of its privatization can progress.

With a new aid package threatens our country, mr, Schauble, while confessing that they have failed and  want to save us once again.
While the minister Giannis Stournaras, has undertaken the role of the «optimist Minister of Finance» so to convince us that the end of the sacrifices done by the people, is close, and those sacrifices are effective, his German colleague, whom he highly admires, has announced a new program of assistance, with a view to further profit for our lenders.
The need for a third program of support for Greece, was pointed out during his electoral campaign, by the German minister of Finance Wolfgang Schaeuble, who at the same time, denied the posibility of a new haircut of the debt. The potential new haircut, was also ruled out, by the German Chancellor, in her interview to the German press.

In Athens, Gergk Asmousen, member of European Central Bank,  is meeting at this hour with the Greek Minister of Finance, Giannis Stournaras, and will next meet with the president of the National Bank of Greece.
According to information, mr, Asmousen, asked to meet with the president of SYRIZA, Alexis Tsipras, who is away on tour in Corfu, so according to the same reports, the meeting with the European official, will be probably attended by the parliament member of SYRIZA and vice president of the House, mr Giannis Dragasakis.

A new power blackout today in Santorini.
According to the mayor of Thera Anastasios Zorzos statement, the problem occurred, after a short circuit in the power network, outside the power plant of the island.

Tοurists don’t worry
The August fullmoon will illuminate tonight our sky.
More than 100 archaeological sites, monuments, and museums, across the country will be open and without entrance fee, and they invite visitors, to attend music concerts, theatrical plays, film projections, star observation, and tour visits.

In the premises of ERT there will be a FULL MOON PARTY
At the decks Giorgos (captain) Papazachariou.


The first live newscast program of the so called Public Television, was transmitted today at 8am and ended at 10am. It was presented by  former collegues Giannis Troupis and Odin Linardatou.
«It is good to compare ourselves with them for a while. So to make clear of the differences to the quality of work produced» stated in the «newspaper of the journalists» Machi Nikolara, the representative of NET’s journalists

A Complaint to the special secretary of the Labour Inspectorate, Michalies Kandarakis, was sent yesterday  by the board of ESIEA, stating that there are journalists that work in the TV channel of DT without signed work contracts. In their complaint, that is notified among others, to the Minister of Labour, Giannis Vroutsis, its is pointed out that, DT does not comply either with the labour or with the public insurance legislation.
Meanwhile, a complaint to the Labour Inspectorate was sent yesterday  by POESY, ESIEA and POSPERT, indicating that there are people that there who work without having signed work contracts, in the TV channel of DT, which does not comply either with the labour or with the public insurance legislation.

EBU in a new announcement, under the title, «EBU looks ahead and not behind», explains the reasons on why, they proceeded to the decision to discontinue the technical support to ERT, that was offered since June 12.
EBU has committed to provide satellite signal and signal transmission of the former ERT, until there is a terrestrial signal from the side of the public broadcaster that was about to be set up.
This committment has been kept, is pointed out, in the announcement, adding, that, «an intermediate broadcaster has been established, and the Greek Parliament, has voted for a new law concerning the public broadcasting media, which will lead to the creation of an independent broadcaster»
In the announcement of EBU, the attitude of the employees of ERT is applauded, for providing a high quality service, throughout all this period. On the matter of ERT, however, they state, » it is the audience of Greece that will judge and decide upon this matter, it is considered a purely national matter».

The employees of ERT consider it their professional duty as public media employees, to keep the public broadcaster alive. Thus responding to the call from Greek society for a free flow of information.
According to the EBU data, since 12 June 2013, when the Greek government abruptly cut ERT’s signal, the EBU has delivered 8.5 million live streams for a total of 4.4 million hours of cumulative viewing and 2.5 million unique visitors. In Greece, only The Press Project, Greek news agency and media service provider has reported 2.6 million unique visitors during this two month period, and a total of 7.5 millions streaming connections.
It is telling that the first day the government transmitted the amateur and draft signal of DT, a 25% increase in visits was recorded. In the height of summer, when audience numbers typically plummet, ERT has been recording 190 000 daily unique views, not including the many broadcasts of ERT’s programming from other web sites, quite apart from and the regional television and radio stations.


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