ERA Radio News Bulletin (Aug.20)


After the announcement of EBU for the discontinuance of the signal transmission of ERT, site, has decided to continue the broadcast of ERT’s program with its own means, as they have already done since the evening of June 11, when the black screen fell.
The 2.5 millions of Internet users, who until today have access to the program of ERT, ET3 and ERA, through the, will continue to receive uninterrupted signal after tomorrow, a day that according to the official announcement of EBU the transmission from ERT through the EBU satellite and via internet will cease.
In their announcement, the EBU, explains that this decision is based to reports that the transitional broadcaster DT, will this week, broadcast news program.
The employees of ERT and their supporters, started a collection of signatures, asking EBU to continue the transmission of ERT signal, through the site of and call upon all European Citizens to co-sign and share this initiative.

The extended meeting of the prime minister with 11 ministers, at Maximou mansion, concerning the prerequisites, that have to have been met, before the Troika control in September has been concluded.
At the meeting the Deputy Prime Minister Evangelos Venizelos was not present.
The focus of the meeting, was the issues of work availability and the work layoffs of the public sector, the privatization of state assets, as well as ways to raise the government revenue, in view of the evaluation. by the head officials of the lenders, that will be in our country in September.

A message of strict adherence to the timetable concerning  the work mobility of the health employees, sends the Minister of Health, Adonis Georgiades, while at the same time the employees respond with protests.
Tomorrow the employees of Salonica’s hospitals have announced a 4hour work stoppage, and a protest gathering at noon outside the offices of the 3rd and 4th health district.
The Panhellenic Federation of Employees of Public Hospitals POEDIN supports the struggle and protests that will be held on Friday, by the employees at the following hospitals, Sismanogleio, Polykliniki, Amalia Fleming, Spiliopouleio, and Agia Varvara.
In this protest and in support and solidarity with the hospital employees, will participate the employees of ERT as well.

Even in war zones, it is creepy and frightening when the Evacuation of Hospitals is mentioned.
Yet…. In Greece of 2013, the retired mr. Efthimiou, with the high guidance of the Troika Senior General, Adonis Georgiades, starts to evacuate 8 Hospitals the next days.
In fact, the military hospitals are enlisted in order to cover up the problems that will arise on September 1st by the lack of health needs coverage of call duty, in Athens and Salonica.
As it is obvious, neither the citizens, nor the health servants have yet realized the magnitude of destruction that will occur. The society lives in a state of shock.
If we do not reclaim our voice and our reflexes, the soonest possible, it is certain that soon we will find ourselves, in conditions of evacuating the country, stated the President of the Unions of Hospital doctors of Greece, Demetris Varnavas.

Determined to start strike mobilizations, appears to be the Federation of Servants at second grade education (OLME) for the new school year that starts at September  11th.
According to the president of the teacher’s federation, the teachers of public schools are in discussion with their collegues in  private schools for a common struggle front.
Two are the basic matters, that the unionists of OLME, highlight. The first is the «dismantling of the public schools» for   16.000-17.000 less teachers in public schools this coming year, in the second grade of education.
The second point is the disagreement, to the bill of law for the new high school, which is expected to be submitted to the parliament, by the government, early next week.

The opening of the international tender for the acquisition of 100% of the share holding capital of the Greek Company of Maintenance of Rolling Stock SA (EESSTY or ROSCO) that is now held by TAIPED, was announced by the fund, on Monday.

The probability, the Troika lenders to raise an issue, concerning TAIPED, during their visit of September, is left open by a top government source, according to the newspaper Eleftherotypia. The estimate, that the latest developments facilitate the handling of Berlin, are consistent, with the persistence of the Troika to bring up the privatization issue of the Fund, for the last two months.
The toughest line, the German, has suggested, for the full Fund project, to be given to a private company. Practically the lenders, had made clear their intentions back in June, when they asked the divestiture of all assets from the Greek State to private investors, , mostly foreigners, or even with the participation of Greek partners
For some time now they push to acquire full control, of the ability of fast track sales, for example, of public assets like the water companies EYDAP and EYATH, or DEPA, along with infrastructure, transportation, and all of the public assets that have been included in the portfolio of TAIPED

One man died and four others, were injured, when a private vehicle crashed on a bus stop, in the area of Oreokastro Salonica.
The incident occured at 10.30 am and according to the first information, dead is one of the people that was waiting for the bus. The injured were transferred to hospitals of Salonica.

A tragedy had occurred today in Heraklion Crete. A sixty year old woman, shortly after 8 in the morning, fell from the fourth floor of the apartment building at Idomeneos street in Heraclion.
At the point of the incident, an ambulance came immediately, and taken the woman to Venizelio Hospital, where she left her last breath. The police investigates if the incident was an accident or suicide.

Meanwhile, the support events at ERT’s premises in Agia Paraskevi continue every every evening.
Tonight, Aggeliki Papandreou, with the old group of ALEKTON of Kostas Kartelias, and her new friends, will present a performance «of love and protest»


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