ERA Radio News Bulletin (Aug.19)

News in English broadcasted by the Free Hellenic Radio Programme 19-08-13

The government is in conflict with the opposition concerning plans of the government to remove restrictions on the auctioning of homes, including main residences.
This issue, causes troubles to government’s consistency too because of strong reactions of both Nea Dimokratia’s and Pasok’s MP’s who state that they will not vote the obviation of auctions ban. According to information, the Ministry of Finance is seeking for a compromise that will protect those unable to pay.

Stelios Stavridis, the  chairman of the Greek privatization fund TAIPED,  was dismissed yesterday  amid reports that he flew on the private plane of a member of the consortium involved in the purchase of gaming firm, OPAP.
Stelios Stavridis after signing the agreement travelled to Kefalonia with the private jet of Dimitris Melissanidis, the businessman participating in the agreement concerning OPAP’s sale.
The review of all the acts and possible omissions of  Stavrides at TAIPED was asked by the parliament member of SYRIZA, Demetris Papadimoulis. If not examined, he said, «his dismissal is just an excuse – for communication purposes»

A week of protests against the closure of public Hospitals starts today, including  the employees of Sismanogleio Hospital, and  is expected to culminate, with the protest gathering of Friday the 23rd of August, outside the Ministry of Health.
The employees of ERT with their announcement, support the struggles of the employees of the public health sector, and will participate in the protest on Friday.

A crucial meeting that will decide on the future of General Mining and Metallurgical Company (LARCO), Greek Defence Systems, and Greek Vehicle industry, that employ a total of 2.250 workers, is expected to be held on Wednesday.
The Government, is obliged, according to the revised memorandum  to announce within a few days, the restructuring plan for all three industries. Based on what it was discussed in July the basic scenario, includes, the «clearance during operation» in other words, staff reductions and sale of individual assets.

Every afternoon friends and neighbours of Thanasis Kanaoutis are gathered in the place where he died in Persteri and  protest.
The family of 19 year old Thanasis Kanaoutis has preferred charges against both trolley’s conductor and driver for manslaughter with potential malice. According to family’s lawyers, who base their evidence on passengers’ testimonials there has been an affray between the conductor and the boy before the boy’s fall from the vehicle, which eventually caused his death, with the driver supporting the conductor’s views.Τhe crucial question of how the door opened remains unanswered. For this reason family’s lawyers have asked the police to examine the fingertips on emergency button.

A protest gathering was held today in Athens at 12.30 noon, outside the Ministry of Transportation, while a support gathering, for the prosecuted ones that have been charged for graffiti crimes related to the death of young Thanasis, was held outside the Court house, at 11.30 a.m. in Salonika. The trial was postponed for August 27.

Αccording to General Secretariat for Civil Protection there’s a high risk of conflagration today in Attica, southern Evia, Cyclades islands, Chios, Ikaria and Skyros.


“A Completely unconstitutional  decision, that is against informing the citizens and democracy itself» is according to opposition party, SYRIZA, the closure of ERT, and the establishment of a transitional company, “tailored to suit the memorandum austerity measures and purposes of the Government».
According to statements of the party of SYRIZA, «the blackmails of the Government towards the employees of ERT that keep ERT in operation   for more than  two months  , will not be accepted.

“Los Dos O Mas» will offer us tonight at 10pm an evening full of colours and scents from various different places of the world( latin, reggae, swing, cubano, funk…)by performing their own songs and their versions of others. “Los Dos O Mas” send a message of optimism, love, understanding and freedom to their fellow human beings. »We come from Aigio full of love and understanding in order to support you with our own way. The message we bring derives from our name that means “two of us or even more” which is an ideal for us. If you and me or all us and all of you unite our powers perhaps we could help each other to build more a prosperous future.


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