ERA Radio News Bulletin (Aug. 18)


A new provocative statement today by the Minister of Finance, Giannis Stournaras, against the Greek people that are struggling in great hardship in his interview in «Real» newspaper.
The Minister of Finance, speaks of a risk of bank collapses, if the issue of main residence auctions, is not reconsidered. «We cannot stay inactive, because if we don’t to something, the banks will collapse», claims Giannis Stournaras.

The Troika asks the Government to establish, the compulsory insurance, of all property assets for natural disasters, like earthquakes, floods and fires.
According to the newspaper «Ethnos tis Kyriakis» the lenders, will put this issue under discussion during the new assessment of Greek economy in mid September.
After this, a new fee “for natural disasters” is expected to be applied for all properties and new mandatory contracts with the insurance companies for the households, the owners of which have reached, if not exceeded, the limits of their tax paying ability because of the massive amount of taxes and fees that they are asked to pay for their households.

Under partial control is the forest fire that burst out yesterday in the area of Kouroupata of Kefalonia island, as well as the fire that burst out last night in Ano Gavrio of Hydra island.
Under full control is the fire that had burst out Friday noon in a forest area near the mountain village of Kalirachi in Thasos island, where more than 5.000 acres of pine forest and grassland were burnt.

The tragic death of 19 year old Thanasis Kanaoutis is still on the news. According to the expert report of Greek Police, the young man fell out of the vehicle, in his effort to release his foot that had been trapped in the door of the trolley. But the forensic report of the doctors, directly refutes this estimation since it states that no evidence of bruises were found on his feet.
A protest gathering has been scheduled for tomorrow in Athens at 12.30 noon, outside the Ministry of Transportation, while the support gathering, for the prosecuted ones that have been charged for graffiti crimes related to the death of young Thanasis, has been scheduled outside the Court house, at 11.30 a.m. in Salonika.

The freezing of the prices of the basic food products, demand the party of Independent Greeks (AN.EL) after the publication of the latest data of ELSTAT about the high costs of goods.

In response to the demands on a new salary reduction of 13% applied on the employees in private commerce, an announcement addressed to all workers of super markets and department stores by  the Association of Merchant Employees of Athens, highlights:
«Once again we are asked to take on our shoulders one more burden of the financial crisis they created! This time the National Confederation of Hellenic Commerce, ESEE, with the new provocative statements of its President, who – as another savior of the profits of big merchants and corporations-  tries to apply yet a bigger reduction of the salaries of a 13%. He even blackmails the merchant employees, that if we do not voluntarily accept the reduction in our sectoral contracts – after the end of the after-effect – there will be only individual contracts, with even higher reductions.
Also, through their statements to the Press, the National Confederation of Hellenic Commerce, ESEE, threatens that this is the best solution possible, otherwise work layoffs are ahead, since many shops and enterprises will shut down.
We demand the following:
1) Return of the sectoral contracts to 918 euros.
2) Permanent and stable jobs with full employment and social security rights.
3) The elimination of all kinds of «flexible working forms and conditions»

In their announcement – call to all citizens, the Board of the Union of the Employees at Sismanoglio Hospital, mentions the following:
«We appeal to all citizens, to the uninsured, to the unemployed, to all the impoverished Greek people, and we inform you as follows:
They abolish hospital beds
They shut down hospitals
They increase the fee of standard hospital care from 5 to 25 euros
They raise the participation fee of the insured to medication
The policies that are applied by Nea Democratia and Pasok with the blessing of EU, IMF and Troika, are sacrificing the public health, so to hand it over to the big businessmen and corporations.
In our area, after having shut down the 1st Greek Social Insurance Institute (IKA) and abolished all 140 beds, they now abolish another 150 beds, from Amalia Fleming hospital and the turn of Sismanoglio Hospital is next after, they will put in work mobility (in line for dismissal) 230 of our colleagues. In Attica, only a few Hospitals of «pre death» care will be left! They want to be rid of the financing of public health and social services.
The end will be one and only, THOSE  WHO HAVE  MONEY WILL BE ABLE TO SURVIVE!
All together, simple citizens, unions, institutions, associations, to resist and overturn the policies that lead us all, to complete misery. To claim free public health for all. Not to let any hospital bed to be abolished. No work dismissals on health personnel, but the extra recruitment of staff that is needed. Let us all unite, together in this struggle for life and dignity.

Their intention to take legal action express the Management of The Greek Basketball Federation, after the denial, as stated in a letter of protest, on behalf of the so called «public Television» to cover and broadcast, the games of the National Basketball team that started yesterday and ends today in Heraklion Crete.

A new hike, is being discussed, at the expense of all citizens, over the digital television, to be applied through the municipalities. In particular, the 275 transmission points of the original plan for the map of the digital frequencies, are reduced to only 156 so to lower the cost of investments of the network providers. Speaking at the site of, the former Technical Services Director of ERT, N.Michalitsis, estimated, that the cost the people will be called to pay for, in order to have access to digital television, mainly the ones living in the region, to the amount of 45 million Euros.

The evening tonight at ERT’s yard, is dedicated to the traditional music and songs. Panagiotis Sdoukos and his fellow musicians, Antonis Kaliouris with his clarinet, Christos Dalianis violin, Kostis Kalaitzakis lute, and Athanasios Lakkas percussion will play for us.

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