ERA Radio News Bulletin (Aug.17)

News in English broadcasted by the Free Hellenic Radio Programme 17-8-13

The fire that burst out yesterday at noon  in Thasos Island, in the area of Kalirachi, is still out of control.
On the island there are fire fighting units from Alexandroupoli, Kavala and Drama. The municipality of Thasos, is in full alarm and ready if the fire expands, to evacuate the mountain villages of the island immediately.
Under partial control are the fires at Kato Koytroyfa Kinourias, and at Livanates of Fthiotida. In recession is the fire front at Katsimidi Attikis, south of the Hippocratic residence area, as well as the fire in the area of Mpala Achaias, near Patras.
A better image we have as well, from the fire that burst in the area of Malateiko Valtou of Amfilochia.

Meanwhile, three people were arrested accountable for the fires that burst last night: a 56 year old man was arrested on suspicion of arson for the fire in Katsimidi, one more man was arrested at Ippokrateios Politeia area for intent of arson, while a foreigner was arrested for the fire that burst out last night in Chios island.

Accusations  against the government unleashes the Public Power Corporation unionist’s  on account of the electricity supply problems in Santorini.
In their press release, they point out that «the discomfort caused to the residents of the island, after the fire in the electricity plant of DEI, brings out in the most intense manner, the great staff shortage, and the lack of improvement investments».
GENOP – DEI, accuses the government, that «they cannot convince anybody  saying that  they try  to develop tourism, and at the same time, completely ignore, basic infrastructure, like those that concern the electricity power production.»

Three thousand people, friends of Thanasis Kanaoutis, and simple citizens, filled the area of the cemetery where they funeral of the unfortunate young man was held in Peristeri. Earlier and during the course of a protest march of about 1000 people that were headed towards the funeral spot, a group of youngsters, attacked with stones at a bus ( of ETHEL – OSY S.A.transport company ).
The word «murderers» was spray-painted on the buses windshield.
Big crowd of people, after accompanying the unfortunate young man, to his last residence, held a protest march, from the cemetery towards the Town Hall of Peristeri. Minor incidents occurred and a riot police intervention, with use of tear gas.
To 30 arrests proceeded the police, during the minor incidents that happened in Peristeri. People gathered to the support of the arrested, outside the building of the Police Headquarters, where they were transferred.
In a telephone interview given to ERA radio, one of the people arrested last night after the funeral of the 19 year old boy, mentioned that there was no reason for their arrest, since everyone had their police identification cards with them, and characterized this action as «a kidnapping by the police»
Around 2.00 a.m., all the arrested, a total of 30 people, were released without being accused on any charges. Sole exception a young man that was accused for  carrying a sharp item, with a blade longer than the legal length, and he is expected to be indicted in flagrante delicto.

A shocking and subversive testimony, concerning the details of the tragic event , that are known so far, came to publicity.
The testimony of a woman passenger of the trolley, who describes, how they young boy, fell off the vehicle, after the scuffle with the ticket controller, which led to his fall.
The testimonies available so far, are less than the number of the passengers that were aboard the trolley, at the time of the incident.

More than 81 undocumented immigrants were collected by men of the coast guard, at the Northern beaches of Chios island. Many of them were entrapped in a hard to reach area, and for their release the help of the Fire department, and a Super Puma helicopter, was necessary.

A racist violence incident against two Pakistanis, in Heraklion of Crete, is reported and denounced, by Amnesty International. According to the report, about 20 men dressed in black attacked without any provocation and stabbed two Pakistani immigrants, after they asked them about their country origin.

The newspaper «Frankfurter Allgemeine» notes, that «the president of the Federation of German Industries, Marcus Kerber, stated about Greece, that: if the privatizations are progressing slow nationwide, why not transfer the State assets to the ESM(European Stability Mechanism) and turn that organization into a kind of European Treasury?»
The president of the Association of German Industrialists, Marcus Kerber said: «I am convinced that Greece is not going to recover, and return to growth, unless half of its debt is conceded» He also claims, that «we definitely need a solution for Greece after the German elections»
A rationale for a “ smart debt haircut, is necessary» as reported in the Newspaper of the Journalists.

«The debt write down for Greece is inevitable”, states Professor Jörg Rocholl, member of the economic advisory board of the German Federal Ministry of Finance, in Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. According to the newspaper article, Greece is considered to be the greatest risk when it comes to lending, since the debt is over 170% of the Gross Domestic Product of the year 2013.
The newspaper states also that the Federal Minister of Finance, Wolfgang Scheuble, hasn’t revealed the whole truth about the dangers of the crisis in Europe on the expense of the German taxpayers, a conclusion extracted from his speech given to the Committee on Economic Affairs of the German Bundesrat last week.

To the Fund of Privatizations(TAIPED), passes the Greek Company of Conservation of the Railway rolling stock according to the decision that was published today in the State Gazette. This is the company that provides maintenance services, repair and refurbishment of rolling stock and other railway means of steady track. TAIPED, has already proceeded to the issuing of a note of interest, for the acquisition of 100% of the shareholding of TRAINOSE.


POSPERT and Journalists of ERT, point out, answering to Pantelis Kapsis statement that there was no special favour to the process of point evaluation, of those who applied for the two month work contract in the transitional company of the so called «Public Television» DT in an announcement released yesterday:
“The repeated admission of the deputy minister for Public Radio and Television, for the opaque procedures of recruitment, to the supposedly transitional company, reveal the magnitude of unreliability of the so called, objective evaluation of employees, after the new revelations and the criticism they received from the media.
Mr Kapsis, Mr. Stournaras, Mr. Kedikoglu, Mr. Manalis, the partners of the coalition government and all those that work with them, should abandon, while it is still relatively early, such approaches, that solely aim to the cover-up of their real intentions, for the public broadcaster, which is the transformation of it, into a propaganda tool.
Those who decided the undemocratic and authoritarian shutting down with the black screen of June 11, are in no position to guarantee transparency and meritocracy and they prove it daily.
The employees of ERT, who for more than two months now, give their battle for dignity and the respect of the Constitution, reaffirm their adherence to the principles of democracy, of press freedom and the respect to the constitutional rights of the Greek people “, state ERT employees in their announcement.

«Keep up strong», said Lydia Koniordou, heartedly and with a fighting spirit, to the ERT employees of ERA Zakynthos, and their supporters, who last Tuesday night, were in the yard of the local radio station. The next day,  Vasilis Papakonstantinou, during his concert in the outdoor Municipal Theater of the island, send a message of support to the employees of ERT struggle, for the protection of the public broadcaster of the country.

Tonight’s events are dedicated to Greek Immigrants. The composer Dimitris Fotiades, will present songs about the immigration in verse written by Greek immigrant poets. A tribute to all the Greek immigrants that live in all parts of the earth, but also a call to all immigrants that live in Greece and face along with us the problems of a country in deep recession crisis.


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