ERA Radio News Bulletin (Aug.16)

News in English broadcasted by the Free Hellenic Programme 16-8-13

Intense public reactions are caused by the death of  the 19 year old, Athanasios Kanaoutis, who was killed on Tuesday night leaping out of the trolley because he did not have a ticket.
The funeral of Thanasis Kanaoutis will be held today at 5 pm, in the cemetery of Agios Vasilios of Peristeri, while at this hour, the Open Citizens Assembly of Peristeri, calls all citizens to a protest gathering at the City Hall Square, and to a march towards the cemetery.
A Sworn Administrative inquiry so to investigate the actions of the trolley driver and the ticket inspector, during the tragic incident that led to the death of the 19 year old boy, was ordered by the managment of the company of Road Transportation. Today morning there was a re-enaction at the Trolley, where the tragedy happened.
A special group from the Greek Police, and experts were present, to check the vehicle, and mainly the procedure of opening the door, in emergency situations, so to have a full picture of what exactly happened on Tuesday night.
According to information, today morning, two ticket inspectors, were forced to move away from the train wagon of Agios Eleftherios, after having tried to conduct ticket inspection in the wagon
The inspectors tried to react, but the fierceness and the wrath of people was so intense, that they were forced to ask the driver to close the door and left the wagon so to avoid the worst.
A woman was shouting to them: «The body of the child is still warm and you are out to hunt for money again?»

Four fiery fronts in Thasos island, Arcadia, Amfilochia, and Fthiotida are undergoing at this hour, In Thasos, the fire has burst into a forest fire at the area of Kalirachi. 37 firemen, with 14 vehicles and aircrafts operate at the spot.
In Arcadia, the fire front is at the area of Kato Koytroyfa, and to the firefighting efforts are conducted from both land and air.
This hour there are forest fires in the areas of Malateiko Valtou Amfilochias, and in Livanates of Fthiothida, burning forest and farmland.
In Amfilochia operate, 25 firemen with 10 vehicles 8 hikers and two aircrafts

Last night a new black out left the greek resort island, Santorini, without electric power.
The works of restoration of the electricity power supply in Santorini are in progress after the  blaze at electricity plant that left the  island of Santorini without power on Tuesday.

A census for almost 4 million persons covered by members’ insurance in the Greek Social Insurance Institute (IKA) will be conducted in September, in order to pinpoint cases of false insurances in the system.


The Deputy Minister of Public Radio and Television, Pantelis Kapsis, affirmed that news will be broadcasted by the transitional Public Television channel in a few days.
POSPERT as well as the Journalists of ERT point out in an announcement that the list of the 577 “successful candidates” of the first round of applications in order for the new Public TV channel to be staffed is yet another proof of the government and Mr Kapsis’ idea of transparency and meritocracy. They note that on that list, one can see blatant cases of cronyism as well as infringements of the criteria stated in the hiring details. They also mention the examples of colleagues already working in other TV channels; of a co-worker of the Minister, Simos Kedikoglou, who is to be hired as a political correspondent;  of people who worked  for ERT and with  200 points’ bonus are finding themselves lower on the list than “special acquaintances” lacking in skills and/or social criteria factors. In addition to that, a music producer tops the camera operators’ list and there are also cases of people that are under juridical investigation.

POSPERT and the Journalists stress that the heart of the real Public Radio and Television beats at ERT. ERT has 10 million unique online viewers and 1,7 million unique online listeners over the past 63 days. “This ERT should be the one everybody embraces”, is the conclusion of the above-mentioned announcement.

“All of us, members of the BBC Symphony Orchestra, were seized with horror, when we were informed about the drastic proposals to completely close the Greek public broadcaster, and along with it the Music Ensembles of ERT Radio, which are a vital part of the musical culture of Greece.
It is beyond comprehension to us, and we send you all, our support, hoping the Greek Government, to reconsider its decision, and allow all of you, to continue your operation” is stated in the announcement issued by the BBC Symphony Orchestra.

The events of support to ERT’s employees are continuing in the courtyard of ERT premises in Agia Paraskevi.
Tonight’s program will open with singer and songwriter Eystathia under conduction of maestro David Naxmias, playing greek songs.
After that Nasos Matrakas and his sister Despoina playing songs of their own discography.


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