ERA Radio News Bulletin (Aug.15)

News in English broadcasted by the Free Hellenic Radio Programme 15-7-13

Intense public reactions are caused by the death of  the 19 year old, Athanasios Kanaoutis, who was killed on Tuesday night leaping out of the trolley because he did not have a ticket. He will be buried tomorrow at 5 p.m. in Peristeri. A protest gathering for him was held last night in Peristeri, and another protest was held in the same place today around noon. One more protest is called tomorrow at 4 p.m. in the area. Meanwhile in Thessaloniki last night, 13 people were arrested for “graffiti crimes” related to this tragic death.

Τhe trolley driver and the ticket inspector that were arrested for his  death  on Tuesday night , were set free by the Prosecutor. However, the Prosecutor asked the Local Traffic Department, to proceed on a further investigation on the offense of manslaughter, collecting evidence and eyewitness’ statements.

Τhe Initiative «Transportation for All» in which a lot of local and political movements participate (SOS Traffic Crimes, Network for Political and Social rights, Oikopolis Haidariou, Friends of Nature, Metro Western, Mothers on he Road, Initiative for cheap public transportation, Citizens in Action, Ecologists Greens of Haidari) mentions in an announcement: “The 19 year old Athanasios Kanaoutis died, because he did not have  one trolley ticket. The use of the public transportation is a right – Stop the ticket controls. Anyone who can afford it… pays – Noone is using the public transportation just for fun. The system is murdering us. On Tuesday evening, 13 of August 2013, the 19 year old Athanasios Kanaoutis, according to witnesses, when the ticket inspector entered the vehicle, said: «I am unemployed, both me and my family, I don’t have money, not even for a ticket, nor for the fine»…. the rest of the story is known. Athanasios Kanaoutis, having used his right to move with public transportation was murdered by the system that is whittling the welfare state, and creates unemployment, poverty, desperation, misery, suicides, environmental and cultural degradation».

A new «electric shock» is ahead for the small electricity consumers, (those up to 800 kilowatt hours of consumption) and the farmers, starting from September, with the expected increase in electricity charges of DEI, as in the revised Memorandum, the elimination of all subsidies for low consumption and agricultural tariffs has been set out..

The works of restoration of the electricity power supply in Santorini are in progress. Last night new generators of a total power capacity of approximately 9 MW, have been installed, and the electricity power production of the station, is constantly increasing, as  new generators that were brought from Athens to the island, are being installed.

The Labour Center of Milos island, says NO to the gold mines. It is enough to turn your eyes to the rest of the world to realize in an instant, the magnitude of the crime that is going to be committed in Milos, if the plans of Ortac Resources for the establishment of a Gold mine are accepted and approved.

To the police intervention at a gypsy camp in the area of Paliampela, refer with their announcement, the Antifascist movement of Kalamata, and call the collectivities, the unions, city agencies, to mobilize and coordinate their action, against this policy of the municipality authorities, of the regional authorities and of the State.
They point out among others: «Once again we witnessed brutal state repression, against the gypsies, with leveling their encampment with the use of bulldozers of the municipality of Kalamata, accompanied by riot police squads, in the area of Paliampela. We do not tolerate, pogroms, against our fellow gypsy citizens, supposedly in the name of «city propriety» and «the fight against criminality», when we all know very well, that there is a refusal of the local authority to acknowledge reality and work with a systematic way for a solution away from the logic of creating Ghettos, and their demolition. The hunting of Gypsies was pretty much expected since the Prefect himself, Petros Tatoulis had stated a short time ago, that all the existing gypsy camps must be scrapped, and a few days ago, the Minister of repression and of the concentration detention camps, Nikos Dendias himself, has visited Kalamata, preparing the way for their expulsion. The same racist policies are followed here as well, with which they try to persuade us, that the only responsible ones, for all the suffering of the Greek people, and of the austerity crisis, are the immigrants and the gypsies, and not their governments, that with their memorandum policies, spread poverty misery and despair, ravaging entire sectors of the welfare state.”

Today, August 15, the French-German TV network ARTE broadcasts a tribute to Greek films and documentaries presented by Dimitra Kazi, filmed in Hydra and Athens. Among them are ERT’s international co-productions. The general title of this Greek-thematic day will be »wind of change» and the approach will be different this time. It doesn’t focus on the causes of the economic recession but to people’s daily life who try to face the adverse social and financial consequences with daring initiatives while they are tested hard. The tribute will begin at 9 a.m and will last until 4 a.m of the following morning. It includes totally 20 TV programmes, mainly documentaries, and two greek fiction movies.


Crews of private television stations and lots of people have gathered last night, outside the gates of ERT, which was closed for the first time since the beginning of the protests. The employees called the people to gather at the premises of ERT in Agia Paraskevi as there were intense rumours for a police operation. According to the newspaper Avgi, the prosecutor denied all rumours for an impending visit by the prosecutors, at the premises, while private television crews were outside the premises .

Following the publication of the names of employees hired at the transitional broadcaster, the journalists of ERT, emphasize, that the first sample actions of «transparency» and «meritocracy» of the government, are contracts that do not abide to the terms of the note of interest, with retirees, and managers, who were hired without following the terms of the process, despite the fact that their positions were included in the note of interest, as well as with contracts and agreements with private companies, that have not been disclosed in the site of «Diavgeia», as the law requires.

Τoday, Virgin Mary’s Celebration , there is a big feast scheduled in the garden of ERT. At 7 pm the vesper of Assumption will be held, The sacred sequence will be inaugurated by Archimandrite Dionysios Katerinas at ERT. After that  a big musical program will follow.

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