ERA Radio News Bulletin (Aug.14)

News in English 14-8-13

After intense pressures coming from all across Europe, once more the Commission, declares with the most unequivocal manner that they do not  push the Greek Government on the matter of the privatization of water services,  refuting, thus, all the government officials that blame their decisions, on the european lenders. The Greek Government has now all political legitimacy, and all legal means to stop this crime against the public interest.
It is a sole decision of the Greek Government to sell the water companies of Athens and Salonika (EYDAP/EYATH), answers the Commissioner OF THE EU, Olli Rehn, in a relevant question by the European Parliament member of Syriza , Nickos Choundis. «There is no policy whatsoever, to force the Member States to privatize their water services», and he continued, that «the management of water resources is a sole responsibility of each of the Member States.»

Hunting of the taxpayers that are indebted with amounts over 10.000 euros to the state, or to IKA – the largest social security organisation in Greece-  starts the Ministry of Finance. The command is: either inclusion to the relative arrangements for the overdue debts, or seizure of assets.
The Secretary of Revenue, Haris Theocharis, has already sent to the responsible departments, lists with the details of about 150.000 taxpayers, asking to move on with the cross reference of the data.
This process should be completed by the end of August.

Mass mailing of tax clearance notes within the next days, by the General Secretariat of Information Systems, regarding the clearing of taxes for 2012 and the tax on the assets for the same year.
The goal is to cover the «hole» of 1 billion euros, that has been recorded in state revenue, before the representatives of the Troika come to Athens in September.

An 18 year old boy, has lost his life, when he jumped out of the trolley, during a ticket check, in the area of Peristeri last night.
Information according to which, the young man, quarrelled with the ticket controller, are being investigated.
The driver and the ticket controller have been arrested.

The Amnesty International, expressed their deep concern, for the prolonged periods of detention of immigrants, that seek asylum in Greece, as well as for the «very bad living conditions in various detention centers» and in police stations in Greece.
«Police guards have cut off the electricity, in two of the container camps, that are used for sleep and detention of immigrants, after they had turned on the air conditioners to avoid the heat. Some of the detainees have been beaten, and verbally abused by the police guards, when they refused to go back into the containers» denounces the Organization. It is further noted, that even after the visit of the representatives of Amnesty international to the detention center of Amygdaleza, in April and July 2013, «the detainees have expressed their desperation, for their prolonged detainment, and reported among other things, the bad quality of food, bad hygiene conditions, and restrictions and difficulties to contact their families due to the limited access to telephones.

A similar announcement, has been issued by the Greek Ombudsman claiming that there is a need to reduce the administrative detention of immigrants, «to the minimum necessary time span, relative to their pending deportation procedure».
The police is unable to ensure conditions that abide to the fundamental rights of detainees, because the police detention premises for the immigrants, have turned into a kind of  prison, given the continual rising of the number of detainees, held in detention for many months» is stated among other in the announcement of the Greek Ombudsman.

Chio’s First Instance Court accepted the application of School Guards of Chios Municipality concerning the publication of a temporary order .According to this, employees will remain in their positions until the injunction hearing on September .
This decision is another “slap on the face” for  the unconstitutional choices of Samaras’-Venizelos’-Mitsotakis’ coalition and it’s basically another defeat to the policy of dismissals in Public sector,as the workers’ association OTA (local authority) in Chios’ Municipality state.


577 names of those who applied for working to the transitional operator of the so called Public Television have been published. The following days further names and points for the second proclamation will be announced.

ERA Agean’s  employees mention in their announcement that a radio station owner in Lesvos was chosen by the government as »executioner» with a recent first instance sentencing for intimidation .The Broadcasting Centre’s facilities in Olympos in Lesvos were broken in and the frequencies turned »black» in the entire Northern Aegean by this man who’s notorious for his illegal actions to the small society of Lesvos and is also sentenced for crimes of the penal law. As he was leaving he put a padlock to ERT’s facilities and took the keys as if ERT was his store. The highly valued and important public property is in  the hands of him.
His C.000V. includes conviction by the National Council of Radio and Television – ESR- and the National Telecommunications and Post Commisions –EETT- concerning broadcasting cases.
ERA AEGEAN’ s employees state in their announcement that everyone wishes the machines will be in the position and the condition that ERT’s employees  sustained them.

On Wednesday at 10 Giorgos Konstantinidis,Maria Rempoutsika and Lydia Palla will perform on stage of the courtyard. Giorgos Konstantinidis-vocals, piano, Maria Rempoutsika-vocals, Lydia Palla -vocals.


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