ERA Radio News Bulletin (Aug.13)

News in English broadcasted by the Free Hellenic Radio Programme 13-08-13Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund –TAIPED- announced the signing of the contract of selling a 33% share of OPAP (Organisation of Football Games Predictions) to Emma Delta, for the total price of 652 million Euros.
According to the agreement, the 622 million Euros will be paid in cash and the remaining 30 in 10 equal annual payments. After the transaction approval by the competition authorities in charge, the sum will be paid and the shares will be transferred to the buyer

The president of TAIPED, Stelios Stavrides, stated in a television interview that the next targets on the program of privatizations, are the Piraeus Port Authority S.A. and Thessaloniki Port Authority S.A.
He emphasized, that the privatizations «must proceed fast» since «we need the developement» and «that the country cannot wait any longer»
A call for expression of interest, will be issued not later than September, for the privatization of the Piraeus Port Authority S.A. and Thessaloniki Port Authority S.A, while the’ ve set a goal , by the first quarter of 2014 to have the sales process of the two organizations completed. Next public assets, on the list “for Sale” are The Water company of Salonica, and public train company Trainose. S.A

Finance Ministry threatens debtors with seizure of assets in bid to collect dues. Some 60 billion euros in unpaid taxes and social security contributions is owed to the state. The ministry’s notices will inform recipients that if they do not arrange a payment plan within 20 days of receiving the letter, their assets will be seized. This will apply to those who owe more than 10,000 euros.

On the other hand with an urgent Circular , Members of the parliament and mayors, increase their pensions. At least provocative can be characterized, the extremely urgent Circular, that was signed by the management of IKA at August the 8th of 2013, and with which, members of the parliament, deputy ministers, and ministers, community presidents, mayors and prefects, even those who had been appointed before Callicrates scheme was applied, gain recognition of fictitious service years, so to be able to raise their pension income.

Greek Government and deputy Minister of Finance, Christos Staikuras,
insists on his success story yesterday that “ the State budget has had a primary surplus of about 2.6 billion Euros, compared to the target for a primary deficit of 3.1 billion Euros at a central government level. The data do not include the local government organisations’ (regions and municipalities) and the social security funds’ budgets, or the interest for public debt servicing.

A shrinking of Greek economy at a rate of 4.6% was recorded in the second trimester of the year, according to the preliminary, not seasonally corrected data published by the Greek Statistics Authority. This is being interpreted as a slowing of the recession, given that in the first trimester of 2013, GDP had been decreased by 5.6%.

A vertical drop of 50% was observed in construction activities in May due to the extended downturn affecting the construction industry.

The Greek state proceeds today, with the issuing of three-month Treasury bonds amounting up to 1 billion of Euros.

According to german’s newspaper, Süddeutsche Zeitung, the provision of new aid to Greece is «just a matter of time». The newspaper estimates that the issue will re- enter the agenda of discussions after the German elections since the growth rates are too low and the goals too ambitious, while the debt is too high, as they note.

Deadline of 15 days have the employees to indicate in which body they whould like to be transfered, while those who won’t appear at the new services will be dismissed.
The decree that determines the selection procedure for tranfer or movement of employees, the staff selection criteria, the classification procedure and the points-system was signed yesterday.
Kiriakos Mitsotakis heralded the mandatory exit of Public Services of about 15.000 employees by 2014 even in occasions of organisations’ deletions if they cannot be absorbed or merged with others

According to a reportage, published in the Newspaper of Journalists, as of last Sunday, letting the detainees at the detention center of Amygdaleza, out on the yard every day, has been banned, resulting for the immigrant detainees, to already count 48hours of constant detention into the metal containers, with high risk of heatstroke.
In most of the containers there is no electricity, and the air conditioners are not working, while in some the water supply is cut off, too, with the atmosphere on the area still being suffocating from the use of tear gas.

During yesterday’s inspection, the physician responsible at the detention center, mrs. Elpida Efthimiatou, found bruises to many of the detainees, from blows, during the riot police intervention, and as it appears, the police released all their grudge to any detainee found in their way.
There are unconfirmed reports of gunshots, during the police intervention.

Ert news

The 589 successful candidates that have applied for positions in the transitional public broadcaster will be notified today. They will be hired in the next 15 days. On Monday, the Deputy Minister for Public Radio and Television, Pantelis Kapsis, declared that he will take into account the list of social criteria, «as delivered by the company that assessed the data».

The announcement of ERT’s journalists, speak of certificates of political beliefs, issued by the Minister of Public Radio and Television, Pantelis Kapsis. As they claim, the intentions for transparency and meritocracy, is not enough to be declared, but it needs to be applied through actions too, especially when the first indications of actions taken, are contracts signed unofficially, with retirees, and managers that have been hired without abidance to the legal procedure. We call upon the Minister of public radio and television, to let the employees of ERT away from petty political games, that are none of their concern, and to proceed with at least one proper process» emphasize in their announcement the employees of ERT.

Mystery screening at ERT’S Garden tonight!

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