ERA Radio News Bulletin (Aug.12)

News in English broadcasted by the Free Hellenic Radio Programme


Two immigrants have been arrested, out of the total of 10 that escaped two days ago from the «Hosting center of Amygdaleza», as it is called by the Ministry of Public Order , but which, according to many complains, it is more like Guantanamo, and resembles more to a concentration camp of undocumented immigrants.
The two immigrants have been found in Menidi, late Sunday night, while the police search for finding the rest is continuing.
Meanwhile, today, are led to the prosecutor the 14 foreigners that were arrested yesterday at the area surrounding the Detention Center.

41 undocumented immigrants are lead to the prosecutor for violent actions.


The next uprising will come by the police, stated the mayor of Acharnes, Sotiris Douros, who claimed that «the conditions are inhumane for the police themselves in the detention center of Amygdaleza.


“Illegal undocumented immigrants are not welcomed to Greece, and those who are held in the detention centers, will have to understand, that there is no need for them to protest and complain, nor to burn their mattresses, they only need to tell us which country they came from, so we can give them a ticket to return back to their homelands». Stated provocatively on Mega TV the Minister of Health, Adonis Georgiades


The contract of the concession of a 33% shareholding of OPAP (the country’s listed betting monopoly) to the consortium led by EMMA DELTA, is expected to be singed today

In the presence of the administration of the Fund, the representatives of the Greek-Czech investment group that outbid the rest with a 652 million Euros offer, at the relative tender invitation, is expected to sign the agreement of transfer.



A fire is underway, in the area of Klindia of Pyrgos Elias, the flames have burnt forest area, but no houses are threatened.
In his announcement the mayor of Pyrgos, mentioned that all evidence indicates it is an arson.
Under control is the fire in Andros island, where the firemen are now fighting for the extinction of small fire foci.
Strong firefighting forces have gone to help with the fire extinction effort, from Athens, Syros, and Tinos.
The fire burst out yesterday afternoon, in the area of Ano Pitrofo


A teacher from Agrinio, was found dead this morning, in the parking lot of a super market at the area AGriniou-Therou. The man, is reported to have earlier phoned his wife, to tell her that he will end his life. Next to him, a suicide note was found, in which he explained the reasons of his action. Those reasons according to the first information, are family and economic problems.


Four out of ten retailer businesses (42%) are «very likely or fairly likely» to close in the immediate future, according to a survey of the National Confederation of Greek Commerce, that was held between March and June, on a sample of 2.375 merchants


ERT News


The new public broadcaster NERIT, will have two television channels and some regional radio stations, said the deputy minister of Public Broadcaster, Pantelis Kapsis.
Speaking at Ant1 television, he mentions that the employees of ERT, will not have any extra points against other applicants, but they will get, like everyone else, the extra points from their working experience on a broadcaster.
He characterises as a “non important matter”, the way of hiring  DT’s employee  that covers the world Athletics Championship on the so called transitional organisation.

From the side of the ERT employees , their representative Machi Nikolara, with her intervention, commented: «things are done as they were always being done»
The same opaque ways of hiring people, that had been denounced by the employees of ERT, is still applied now, in the way people are hired to work, even for only one person.
The comment of Mr. Kapsis that the team that is in the premises of ERT in Agia Paraskevi, for two months now, are adjacent to Syriza, has raised the intense reaction of Mrs, Nikolara, who wondered, HOW? does the deputy minister know the political beliefs of the employees and hers?.
She commented that the employees, continuously  produce full television and radio program for a period of 2 months after ERT’s illegal closure by the government.


The events of support to ERT’s employees are continuing in the courtyard of ERT premises in Agia Paraskevi.
Tonight’s program will open with Theo Lazarou, and Loukas Panourias, with Greek songs.
The night will continue with Media, with her own, and other known Ethnic, and Rock songs and rhythms.


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