ERA Radio News Bulletin (Aug.11)

News in English broadcasted by the Free Hellenic Radio Programme


The tension that was risen last night at the immigration detention center of Amygdaleza, came back to normal at dawn. Strong police forces remain in the premises.
Yesterday, a rebellion of the immigrants broke out, who protested for the the bad conditions of their detention, they set fire to the metal containers where they reside, in matresses and other personal items.
The rebellion broke out when, as reported, the detainees were informed after the end of their evening walk on the yard, that the time of their detention will be prolonged from 12 months that it is now, to 18 months.
The police reports speak of 10 policemen injured, there is a police research ongoing at the nearby area, for immigrants that might have been able to escape.

“The brutal behaviour of the police guards in the concentration camp of immigrants in Amygdaleza, has surpassed every limit, causing the burst of anger from the detainees”, states the announcement of KEERFA- United Movement against racism and the fascist threat. “They cut the power off for three days now, from two of the metal containers the immigrants lived in, because the immigrants turned the air conditioners on, to avoid the extreme heat.
The immigrants denied to enter the dark ovens, that had the metal containers they resided turned into. The police pushed them swearing in vulgarity, and beating them, while some policemen stepped on their food shouting «we don’t care if you die».
Then the tension risen, and spread, with fires and conflict, through the biggest part of the containment camp.”
The Movement against racism and the fascist threat «KEERFA» also speaks of injured immigrants and racist abuse in Amygdaleza.

Big forest fire broke out a while ago, in the Village of Polypotamos of Styra Evia, and burns large forest area.
Battle with the flames give strong firefighting forces, whose work is made difficult by the strong wind that blows in the area.
Another fire burst, in a rural area in the region of Efkarpia of Thessaloniki. The flames burn dry vegetation, and garbage.
At the fire spot, there are three firefighting vehicles, with 8 firemen. The fire has been already controlled.

An earthquake measuring 3.5 on the Richter scale happened at 9.02 am with an epicenter in the sea area western of Gavdos island. No damages have been reported.

The Municipality of Chios has launched a new protest against the high price of air tickets, informing the public about the inadmissible tactics of Olympic Air on the Athens-Chios line amidst the tourist season.

The immediate opening of the bank accounts, of 436 employees of the Ministry of Finance, that are being investigated by the Home affairs bureau, is requested in a letter, addressed to the Union of Greek Banks, by the Minister of Economics, Giannis Stournaras

Turmoil prevails in the Ministry of Defence, in view of the inclusion of 500 employees in the work availability status. Intense reaction by the employees of the National Meteorological Service which will loose 15 specialized executives.

The Voluntary Action Group of Pieria and The Medecins Du Monde Greece, announce the opening of the «Social Medical center» at the Tobaco station in Katerini on October 2013

Tomorrow at noon, the contract of the concession of a 33% shareholding of OPAP to the consortium led by EMMA DELTA, is expected to be singed.

On a daily basis, there are cultural events suporting  ERT in the yard of the premises.
Today the cultural program includes the String Trio from Vienna.
After that there will be a projection of the documentary «Sugartown – The grooms», by Kimonas Tsakiris, which won the first price for Documentary and the Audience award at the Film Festival of Thessaloniki in 2006.

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