ERA Radio News Bulletin (Aug.10)


An operation has been in progress since yesterday, in order to take down transmitters one by one, that retransmitted analogically the programme of ERT.

They started from Styra at Evia, they moved on to Vitsi at Florina, then followed the transmitters at Mount Pelion and Lesvos, resulting in the Aegean ERA   being silenced too.

ERT TV  frequency  is hiked by the government’s TV – the so called  “DT” –  and   ET3  TV  ‘s signal   has been taken by the channel of the “Parliament.”

But we do not give up, we remain here and keep ERT alive, against all those who ask us to let it sink into the darkness and co-sign its death certificate.

After yesterday’s operation against the transmitters at Styra, today it was the turn of the broadcast centre at Vitsi, at Florina. There, initially the OTE (telephone) lines were cut and, when the ERT technicians attempted to restore the transmitter’s operation, they were stopped by men of the Air Force.

At the same time, a four- membered team arrived at Pelion from Athens, consisting of a judge, a technician, a locksmith and a police officer, with the mission to “take down” the signal emission there as well, something that they unfortunately succeeded in doing.

At the Mount Olympus of Lesvos, the closure of the broadcast centre was carried out at 11.30 in the morning, by the “good-willing” owner of a local radio station, who sent two private technicians escorted by police forces, resulting in the silencing of the Aegean ERA from most of its retransmitters at the islands.

“Our voice reaches now, through the 103 frequency on FM, to the southeastern part of Lesvos and through the internet, to all the world. We continue being near you, we produce a full programme and fight to implement the court decisions!!” state the station employees, who remain even more determined in their positions.

POESY (Panhellenic Federation of Editors’ Unions) in an announcement spoke of a barrage of attacks by the Samaras government aiming at the permanent silencing of the ERT employees’ voice. “We wonder, is this the government’s answer to the full coverage of the Greek Prime Minister’s journey to the USA? Were they disturbed by the professional efficiency of the ERT employees who, with purely journalist criteria, fight the battle of information?” wonders the Panhellenic Federation of Editors’ Unions.

ERT’s garden tonight will turn into a summer open air cinema.
At 10pm there will be a projection of the film by Nikos Mistriotis «»The colossi of love» and at 11pm the film «Sayiomi: directed by Nick Ntagiantas.

Two arrests by the police, for the arsons in Alsos Veikou and Geraki Ilias.
A 38 year old man was arrested for yesterday’s fire in Alsos Veikou, Athens, charged for arson with intent, while another man of 54 years of age, will be called by the prosecutor, to submit his defence on the charge of arson for the fires that occurred on 7th and 8th of August in the area of Geraki at Ilia prefecture.
Under partial control the forest fire that burst in the area of Chomata Aliveriou at Evia.


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