ERT Radio News Bulletin (Aug.8)

A new record high for the unemployment rate in Greece in May 2013, reaching a 27.6% against a 23.8% of last year, and a 27.0% of April 2013. This rate is the highest ever recorded, and more than double high of the average Eurozone percentage, whish was at a 12.1% in June.

A Criminal prosecution for the felony of arson attempt was applied to the 60year old man, who was arrested near Varimpompi yesterday, having in his possession cans with flammable liquid, and lighters. A little earlier a 34 year old man was arrested in the village of Promachous of Aridaia, for arson with intent, where 20 acres of forest were burned. The forest fire in Ermionida is subsiding and the fire in Dervenakia is underway. Both regions are in Argolida municipality. The forest fire that broke out today in the area of Roupakia in the municipality of Erymanthos of Achaia is out of control. Three aircrafts one helicopter and 30 firemen with 13 vehicles, and a hikers’ team are operating on the fire site.

The seismologists, are reassuring for the ongoing seismic activity in the region of Amfiklia. The number of the aftershocks has exceeded 60, of which, only two were over 4 on the Richter scale. Damages have been recorded in more than 300 old houses in the area of Fthiotida. A team of state officials  is already in the area to check on the situation and today a new team of the Damage Restoration Service, is expected. Since early this morning municipality vehicles remove fallen rocks from all points of the road network.

After 118 closures of primary schools and kindergartens the Ministry of Education proceeds in closures and merges of schools in secondary grade as well. According to the ministerial decision, which is co-signed by the Minister of Education Konstantine Arvanitopoulos and the deputy minister of economics Christos Staikouras, 15 school units are merged and another 13 are abolished.

Τhe Dialysis Kidney Unit in the island of Lemnos reported that it is trying to operate with five damaged dialysis units and without any maintenance contracts.

Financial Crime auditors who tried to carry out an investigation of the financial records and papers of a tavern in Archanes of Crete, were forced to leave the place after facing strong reactions from the people.

The system of heating oil distribution is reconsidered by the government. Deputy Minister of Economics, George Mavraganis, declared that the final decisions will be taken in September, stating that «the issue of the heating oil, is under consideration and the final decision on whether to raise the allowance or reduce the special consumption tax, will be announced in September».
In an interview to a German newspaper, the former Head of the International Institute of Finance, mr Charles Dalara, criticizes the handling of the crisis by the IMF, stating, that the debate about the level of debt in Greece, leads to the wrong direction, criticizing the austerity policies, and asking for up to 20 billions euros to be given to Greece for investments. The former top executive of the International Institute of Finance, in his interview in the Neue Zurcher Zeitung newspaper, proposes the establishment of an investment fund for the countries of the European South, pointing out that Austerity, is not the only solution to the crisis.

A committee of struggle, was established, by residents and friends of Galissa, in Syros island, in order for them, to express to the responsible authorities, their strong opposition, and to raise awareness to the public, against the decision for the transfer to the Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund of all the foreshore of Galissas, under the pretext that it is state property.
The Committee of struggle, assisted by all the relevant entities of the island, will ask the redrawing of the old foreshore of Galissas.

Greek public debt and energy issues, will be discussed today, during the Greek Prime Ministers’ meeting with the American President, Barack Obama, at the White House. ERT, will cover, step by step, the contacts of Antonis Samaras in the United States. Interviews and analysis, live from ERT’s studios, will transfer the pulse from Washington, with Fanis Papathanasiou and Stavroula Christofilea, monitoring the latest news. The broadcast will be transmitted online from the website of ERT ( as well.

Having failed with the first note of interest, to persuade the unpaid workers, which illegally are characterized as dismissed from work, and after the fascist, unconstitutional, illegal, black screen on ERT, the Ministry of Economics, issued a second note, for a ghost organization that is nonexistent both institutionally or legislatively, is mentioned on yesterdays’ announcement of POSPERT.
The announcement of POSPERT reads as follows. The government continues with the same blackmail, and with the same illegal way, so to staff a transitional ghost organization! At the expiration of the previous note of interest for the 589 staff positions, they issue a new note of interest, for 1453 staff positions, so to mislead the workers, copying the specialties needed from the organization chart of ERT!
We, the unpaid workers of ERT answer as follows:
We continue to work so to keep ERT alive and we WILL keep it so.
Through worldwide Internet broadcasts and analogue TV broadcast in many areas of the country, with information programs, culture and entertainment programs.
We will not betray this struggle.

Tonight, in ERT’s garden, our struggle is supported by the 50 member Chamber Music Orchestra of Siero, «Ocas», with a performance of classical music and traditional sounds from Northen Spain and in particular, from the autonomous community of Astouria. The program will continue with Tsoutso, who will beam us up in Cuba, with Latin rhythms and lots of dance.


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