ERA Radio News Bulletin (Aug. 7)

The big fire that burst out last night burning low vegetation, in the area of Dervenakia of Argos is still raging .

In the fire firefighting effort operate 2 aircrafts, 22 vehicles, with 50 fire fighters and a group of hikers. 
Under full control  is the fire in Varimpompi.

A Strong earthquake, measuring 5.3 on the Richter scale and   of 10 kms  depth occurred in Fthiotida, near Amfiklia at 12:06.  Preceded at 12:02 by smaller – 4.2 Richter- earthquake in the same area. As announced by the Geodynamic Institute, the epicenter is located within 121 km northwest of Athens, 28 km west of Atalante. Mr. Makropoulos clarified that the earthquake has nothing to do with the rift of Atalante. No serious damage to houses has been recorded so far, except an old uninhabited brick house in the Village of Drimea and some minor damage recorded in the villages of Regkini and Komnina, and in the area of Amfiklea. Power outages have been recorded in villages near the epicenter of the earthquake

A legislative act that has been signed by the government, enables the state to enforce foreclosures, and confiscations on businesses that evade taxes and have a significant amount of cash confirmed of tax debt, even during the night of weekends and the days that the law excludes, as well as during August.

In work availability status, will be included on a second wave, several of the 2.000 university administration employees, according to the statement of the deputy Minister of Education, Simeon Kedikoglou, at Mega Channel television.

Open remains the possibility of taking new horizontal measures, in all ministries, due to the delay of the administrative reform

The immediate implementation of the decision of clearance and closure of all the legal procedures and cases, regarding thousands of contract workers, employed in municipal authorities, and in the wider public sector is asked by the Minister of Justice Charalampos Athanasiou.

The most intense environmental setback in our country, during the years of the economic crisis, is recorded in the ninth annual report of WWF Greece, under the title «Commitments to implement the environmental law in Greece». The report records a rapid environmental setback to times of a non existent environmental legislation

During his trip to the United States, and 24 hours before his meeting with president Obama, the Greek prime minister,Antonis Samaras, will have meetings with heads of big Greek-American investment groups, today in New York. 

Mr Samaras’ meeting with president Obama is scheduled for 10pm Greek time, tomorrow, and immediately after the meeting he will again visit New York.

“Europe cannot exist without solidarity”, said the German Philosopher Juergen Habermas, on his speech at the World Philosophy Congress that takes place in Athens these days. “Social injustice, caused by the economic crisis, in all countries that are affected and suffer by it, is outrageous” he added.The countries responsible for this injustice, with Germany first and foremost on the list, should take fully and officially their responsibilities, something that they have not done so far”, noted the German Thinker. Commenting on the closure of ERT, he said that “it was an action of the Greek Prime Minister,  that resembles at least to an action of political desperation.”

A Message of solidarity and support to ERT’s employees, sent the Greeks and philhellenists of Napoli and South Italy. The Greek community of Naples, and Campania, with the participation of the Greek – Italian Association «The star of Rhodes», created a video of protest for the closure of the Greek broadcaster.

The newspaper «Arkadiko Vima» has been released with head title » ERT the voice of Greece» NO to its silencing. The local broadcaster of Tripoli ERA Tripolis, has been broadcasting non stop, for 66 years now, and covers the needs of fast and valid information and entertainment of the local community

Pavlos Pavlides and the B-movies will sing today  supporting the fight so that ERT remains alive.  Today in our courtyard :

At 21.30 

Panguitar duo: jazz-fusion blues

Dimitris Zafirelis guitar– Steliow Friderikos guitar-vocals

At 10.30: Pavlos Pavlides and the B-movies

Apostolis Deliyiannis – bass

Alekos Spanides – percussion

Orestis Benekas – keyboards

Thanassis Jingovich – el. guitar


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